The time spent at college is often considered to be the best time of your life. College students are studying in their chosen field of interest while meeting new people who share their same passions. It’s not only a time for learning and making best friends, but also the first taste of independence and the ability to fully embrace self-expression.

Best Gifts College Students
Best Gifts College Students

While college student life can bring amazing fun, it also comes with plenty of challenges too. Students are figuring out new life skills like cooking (and cleaning) for themselves, household budgeting, interpersonal skills (life with roommates), time management, and balancing personal health and wellness.

There is no shortage of things that a college student needs (and wants), but they often have very little cash to spend on things. Continue reading to find ideas for fun gifts college students and a wide range of college student gift ideas.


Fun Gifts for College Students

These gift ideas are just fun and something that should bring a smile to a busy student!


“Adult In Training” Socks

This fun pair of socks is the perfect way to let a student know that although they do have many new responsibilities, they aren’t expected to fully “adult” at all times.


Dinosaur Memo Holder

This fun memo holder is something that will both get years of use and bring lots of smiles. Dino holds important reminders in his mouth while also keeping pens handy to make additional notes!


Plush Squirrel Travel Neck Pillow 

This adorable travel pillow brings a little more fun to a roadtrip, train ride, or flight home. Snuggle up in comfort with these adorable squirrel design neck pillows.


Snack Box Sampler with Candy Bars, Cookies, Chips, and Candy

This snack box should have something for everyone — and plenty of options to share with friends and study groups!


Practical Gifts for College Students

Practical gifts may not have always been appreciated during youth, but college students will often find they have a new appreciation for practical things. Check out these great practical student gifts that can make life a little easier!


Redi-Tag Tabbed Divider Sticky Note Pad

These highly-rated sticky notes help keep “tabs” on each subject with color-coded ease. Over 2,500+ ratings!


Power Strip Surge Protector with 6 USB Charging Ports and 6 Outlets

In today’s modern world, there never seem to be enough power outlets for all the gadgets in our lives. Add surge protection and extra outlets with this 6 foot heavy guage extension cord and keep all devices fully charged.


Backpack Laundry Bag with Drawstring Closure + Mesh Pocket 

This highly-rated laundry bag has a inside pocket to stash a wallet and keys, and an exterior mesh bag to carry detergent. Plus, the smart backpack design makes it much easier to carry a load of laundry to and from the laundromat!


Adjustable Phone / Tablet Stand (Cradle Dock Compatible)

This adjustable stand is small but sturdy and versatile enough to hold smartphones, tablets, and more in either portrait or landscape orientation. Smart design also allows device to be plugged in for charging while it’s sitting on display!


Plastic Bathroom Shower Organizer Tote / Caddy

An essential for anyone sharing a shower space, this plastic shower organizer makes it easy to carry bathing essentials to / from the bathroom. Separate bins keep things organized, the holes in the bottom of the container allow for proper water drainage, and the sturdy handle makes it easy to tote.


All-Purpose First Aid Kit

Be prepared for minor injuries with this 299-piece first aid kit with all the essentials!


LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, 4 Lighting Modes and 5 Brightness Levels

This slim desk lamp has different modes for work, study, reading, or relaxing. The flexible arm allows light to be directed to where it’s needed. Plus it includes a convenient USB charging port!


Kitchen Gifts for College Students

As this could be the first time a student spends time in the kitchen, they are about certain to need hard-working tools to get things done easily. Invest in smart products now that will be easy to use and last for years.


Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender / Food Processor 

This Ninja blender is a versatile appliance that is built to last and is perfect for frozen blending, food processing and Nutrient and Vitamin extraction. Blending healthy smoothies directly into a portable to-go container to saves valuable time every day.


Microwave Popcorn Maker (multiple colors available) – Use Any Kernels, Salt, Oil

This BPA-free silicone microwave popcorn maker is an amazing way to make a quick bowl popcorn — the quintessential student snack! Simply add kernels, stir with a small amount of oil, and in a few minutes enjoy a perfect bowl of popped corn! The bowl is dishwasher safe and folds down compactly for easy dorm room / small apartment storage.


Gifts for Female College Students

These gifts are sure to be a welcome addition to the arsenal of tools that the female students are sure to love!


Caboodles On-The-Go-Girl Cosmetic Case

These cosmetic cases have been around for decades and are not showing any signs of losing popularity points. Multiple compartments and a portable design allow ladies to easily keep track of and carry their skincare and cosmetic essentials for wherever life takes them!


Plus, in addition to the specific gifts above, there are lots of ways to delight a student with a special gift whether large or small.

  • tablet
  • laptop
  • phone
  • backpack
  • sleep aids (whitenoise, lavender, pillows, sheets)
  • fidget spinner
  • pens & notepads
  • field notes & moleskine


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What were some of your favorite things that helped make student life easier?