Some products and services are so amazing that they command attention — even when they don’t qualify for special offers! These favorites are so off-the-chart with high value that I consider them to be resources.

Once in a while, they may qualify for rewards programs or special discounts, so you’ll definitely want to pick them up on those occasions. However, even without a bonus incentive, these are still highly recommended favorites for their top-notch quality.

Favorite Products and Services to Love
Favorite Products and Services to Love!

I’m happy to share and recommend these tools that make my life so much easier!

Favorite Products & Services / Resources

Below I’ve broken these great resources out into categories. Find great items for your wardrobe items, household, kitchen, office, and more!

Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories

Even in today’s world of fast fashion, there is no substitute for enduring style. These items are wardrobe staples and perform like champs!

Coach handbags
Coach handbags

Handbags, clothing, & accessories by COACH 

Classic designs paired with high quality materials and workmanship means these luxury items will last a lifetime. Coach is best known for their handbags, but they also have an impressive line of jewelry, watches, and even clothes for men and women!

Sneakers by ASICS

Gel insoles make these the most comfortable shoes for exercise or everyday casual wear. Great style and top-notch technology make these an easy choice.

Socks by THORLO

These functional, comfortable, and durable socks come with a guarantee that “your feet will feel better or your money back.”

Sunglasses by MAUI JIM

My go-to brand of polarized sunglasses for over 20 years. They are built to last, but on the one occasion when I broke a pair, their customer service happily and quickly repaired my shades.

Sunglasses by KAENON

Another favorite brand of polarized sunglasses with the most vibrant view of life through rose-colored lenses. These high quality glasses hold up and continue to look great after more than a decade of wear. Protect your vision and look fantastic!

Watches by WITTNAUER

My two-toned (gold & silver) Wittnauer diving watch has been a wardrobe staple for decades. This watch is always my go-to when traveling since it can go from the beach to a dressy dinner and still look great.

Waterproof boots by TEVA

These stylish and supportive boots feel fantastic for everyday wear, yet somehow they are also sturdy enough to wear on a hike. The waterproof styles mean they can be worn in almost all conditions! I love them so much that I purchased a pair in every color available!!


Take advantage of the latest technology and smart solutions for your home. Whether it’s a quality couch or smart voice controlled lighting, there are so many easy ways to upgrade your experience at home!

Philips Hue Starter Kit
Philips Hue Starter Kit

Appliances (Washing Machine and Dryer) by SAMSUNG

Smart features and a wide variety of settings make laundry day so much easier. The washer’s “Night Wash” feature (possibly discontinued?) will wash and dry 4 garments in one single cycle that runs overnight (6 hour cycle).

Elide Fire Ball Self Activated Fire Extinguisher

The innovative Elide Fire Ball is a fire extinguishing device that weighs only 3.5lbs and has an effective extinguishing range of up to 50 sqft. It can withhold heat of up to 200 degrees F. Install in areas of fire concern and it will self-activate in the event of a fire. This short video demonstrates it’s unique design in action:

Learn more about the Elide Fire Ball Fire Extinguisher on Amazon.

Furniture by LA-Z-BOY

Their comfortable and stylish reclining and sleeper couches have held up to years of abuse from children that stress-test everything.

Lighting: LED lighting strip for HDTV

Bias lighting reduces eyestrain during nighttime television viewing.

Lighting: PHILIPS 60-Watt Equivalent SlimStyle LED Light Bulb, Dimmable

These bulbs have it all — a slim shape that fits into almost any fixture, dimmable functionality, a soft warm light, and LED efficiency that should last over 20 years!

Lighting: PHILIPS HUE App Controlled Multi-Colored Light LED Bulbs

Smart color-changing light bulbs controlled via app! Works with Alexa, Cortana, Google Home, IFTTT, and many more!

Pet Hair Removal Brush

I love both of my pets, but their fur has a frustrating way of getting everywhere. This natural rubber brush uses electrostatic to attract the hair, lint, and fuzz off of the furniture.

Pet Hair Removal Sweeper / Broom

To get the pet hair off of the floors, this larger natural rubber broom also includes a squeegee side that is super helpful for cleaning liquid spills! This popular product has over 5,000 reviews on Amazon!!

Security by Ring Doorbell

Smart security — see who’s at the door and monitor your home when you’re not there with this video doorbell. The 2-way audio lets you listen and talk to anyone on your property, right from your mobile device!

Security by SimpliSafe

This wireless home security system is a breeze to set up and also offers remote monitoring. App access allows you to arm the alarm from your phone. An added bonus is that the wireless system is so easy to setup, that we were able to remove it from our old house and take it with us to the new house when we recently moved!

Speakers by SONOS

Great sound and easy wireless setup fills your home with the same music (or something different) in every room.

Streamlight ProTac HL 750 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight

These amazing tactical flashlights are small, tough, and brighter than many automobile headlights. They feature multiple settings to for a variety of uses (and to save battery life) and are made to last. I have purchased many, many of these flashlights to keep handy in my home, cars, and to give as gifts. Surprisingly, this is always a favorite gift and is perfect for a housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift. Read more about it’s quality from over 7,500 Amazon reviews!!

Vacuums by ORECK

Powerful and lightweight — a must have for any home with rugs or carpet.

Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switches

Power on your lamps, computers, and electronics from across the room with the ease of a remote control.


Make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable with quality products that combine form and function.

OXO Pop Container Kitchen Airtight Storage
OXO Pop Container Kitchen Airtight Storage

Coffee (kettle): Pourover gooseneck digital electric kettle

The digital presets on this kettle make it easy to get the perfect temperature for brewing coffee or herbal teas. The gooseneck pourover spout design ensures that the coffee or tea receives the proper agitation to release the full flavor. Chic stainless design looks great on the countertop.

Coffee (French Press): Stainless Steel Insulated French Press

This french press is beautiful and functional and always yields a perfect pot of coffee. The double-walled design keeps coffee hot inside while the outside stays cool to the touch. The elegant design fits in with any decor.

Dinnerware by CORELLE

I grew up with a set of these plates that were decorated with avocado green flowers. Although I sitll get nostalgic when I think of that pattern, my set of choice today is the classic “dazzling white”. These pieces are lightweight yet sturdy and the white set looks great for both everyday usage and special occasions.

Storage Containers by OXO Pop Containers

These storage containers containers are beautiful, stackable, easy to open and close, and seal foods absolutely airtight.

Tea by REVOLUTION (Dragon Eye Oolong)

A favorite tea with flow-through bags to fully release flavor. The Dragon Eye Oolong is always stocked in the pantry, but other favorite flavors include Sweet Ginger Peach Black tea, Tropical Green, and Golden Chamomile.


For those like me who still indulge the rock and roll dream, these products are solid investments. Check out my music at and see these products in action.

Mesa WalkAbout Amp Head
Mesa WalkAbout Amp Head

Amplifiers by MESA BOOGIE

My Mesa Boogie Walkabout bass amp was certainly not a cheap purchase, but after 12 years, I still love how powerful and thumpy it is! When you also consider that it has a compact design that almost anyone can carry (and find room for in the house), it’s an easy purchase to make!

Guitar picks by DAVA

These are the most comfortable guitar picks I’ve ever used and they seem to last forever!

Music Stand by MANHASSET

The Manhasset M48 Symphony Student Music Stand is an industry standard by which other music stands are judged. The “Magic-Finger” Clutch permits easy height adjustments. Made in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty.


You may spend more weekday time at the office than you even spend at home. Make sure your office space is comfortable (lots of ergonomic solutions below) and set up for the most efficient ways to work.

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair
Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Computer Mouse: ShhhMouse Wireless Silent Mouse

This mouse eliminates the constant clicking sound from a computer mouse for a much more pleasant work day. It’s also got an ergonomic design so that it is comfortable to use (for right handers). You’ll thank yourself for this purchase and wonder how you ever lived without it.  P.S. This makes a great gift for co-workers who sit close to you! 😉

Computer Keyboard: Wireless Comfort Keyboard and Mouse

Avoid a clutter of cords on your desk with a wireless setup. This ergnomic keyboard has a designated number keypad for easy typing and programmable buttons so that you can quickly open your most frequently used apps and programs.

Desk Chair: Aeron by HERMAN MILLER

The gold standard of office chairs, this stylish, comfortable, and highly rated office chair includes lumbar support, adjustable tilt, & adjustable arms. It’s an absolute must have for my office!

Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer

This ergonomic foot rest includes an energy-efficient heater to keep toes warm — great for offices that don’t allow space heaters. Includes 2 settings so that your toes are toasty whether you are wearing socks only (low setting) or heavy boots (high setting).

Paper: Engineering Computation Pad

I fell in love with this paper in college and still use it to this day! These notepads have a grid printed on back side of the light green paper which allows for both easy note taking and diagramming!

Pens: Pilot Precise Liquid Ink Rollerball Fine Point .7mm

The smooth flowing ink in these pens and the vivid blue ink color makes it a treat to take notes (or make another list…).


These products are great, inexpensive tools that solve some of modern life’s most challenging issues!

DropStop Car Seat Gap Filler
DropStop Car Seat Gap Filler

DropStop Car Seat Gap Filler

Ensure that important small items don’t fall between your car’s front seats and your console. Makes your ride safer by not distracting you with things that have fallen into that abyss!

Portable Charger & Flashlight

Useful in power outages or situations when devices need to be charged and you are not near a power outlet. Stores power to charge your phone and also doubles as a flashlight!

VisorMates car visor extender

Extends the reach of your car’s visor to keep the sun out of your eyes. These should be standard in every car, but until they are, do yourself a favor and purchase a set for your vehicles.

Waterproof Smartphone Case

Take underwater photos or simply protect your smartphone while using it at the pool. Comes in multiple colors and makes a great inexpensive gift!

Online Services

These online tools are worth the investment.

1Password Password Manager for Multiple Devices
1Password Password Manager for Multiple Devices


Finding this service was the result of a New Year’s Resolution to get a hold of frustrating password situations… now I can’t imagine modern life without this tool! 1Password manages digital passwords, credit card numbers, loyalty program information, PLUS includes space for custom notes which I use to record padlock combination locks, business Tax ID numbers, and other “offline” information. Syncs with computers, tablets, and phones!

Amazon Prime

Marketplace for shopping and 2-day shipping on most everything a person needs. Includes music and video streaming services too.


Cloud file storage to protect files and share access across multiple devices.

Get a free trial to get access to the government surplus and auctions around the country for homes, cars, and more.


Search, find, and register website domains for around $9 each.


Make money from your online endeavors with simple website integration and thousands of affiliates in this single network!


This software is essential to upgrade your PrintScreen / Screen Shot game.


Enjoy free access to millions of streaming songs for every mood. Go pro to remove all advertisements and interruptions for a small monthly fee.

Tony Robbins

Learn ways to live your best life with the tools Tony shares and live events. And YES, I have actually walked over a bed of hot coals!!

Wealthy Affiliate

Easily build your own FREE wordpress-based website with no coding or previous experience required!

I hope these help to make life a little easier! What are your own personal indispensable items? Can you recommend something for readers that will be a solid investment or make life easier? Please share your favorites in the comments!