Free Birthday Food at Chipotle

Have a Happy Birthday with this free item choice offer at Chipotle!

Chipotle Mexican Deals Birthday

Chipotle Mexican Deals Birthday

Every trip to Chipotle is a delicious opportunity to enjoy custom-built burritos, bowls, salads, tacos, and more. Plus, on your birthday, you can get a little extra treat! Read more for details about the Chipotle current offer of FREE Topping or Regular Side of Guac for your birthday (with advance signup).

For your birthday, enjoy a FREE Topping or Regular Side of Guac with a $5 purchase at participating Chipotle locations.

  • Sign up for the Chipotle Chipotle Rewards loyalty program to receive your annual birthday gift
  • Annual birthday gifts are sent via load to account (advance registration required)
  • Current birthday gift (free item) details
    • Birthday gift is FREE Topping or Regular Side of Guac with a $5 purchase
    • Birthday gift is valid for 30 days
    • Redeem your birthday gift by requesting redemption online or at restaurant
Chipotle Promo Code Birthday

Chipotle Promo Code Birthday

Chipotle Social Media

Learn more about Chipotle and its Chipotle Rewards loyalty program at their website ( or on social media:

  • Facebook: Chipotle has 3,300,000+ likes
  • Instagram: Chipotle has 1,200,000+ followers
  • Twitter: Chipotle has 1,300,000+ followers


Chipotle Delivery

Have your Chipotle custom order delivered directly to your home or office. Check below to see if local restaurant delivery is available in your area (delivery services are provided by third-party vendors including DoorDashGrubHubPostmates, and Uber Eats).


Chipotle Recipes

Learn how to make your favorite Chipotle dishes at home with copycat versions of the famous restaurant recipes. Browse Chipotle recipes at the Top Secret Recipes website along with a large selection of favorite recipes from other restaurants and brands.

Chipotle Recipes Online

Find Chipotle Recipes Online


A highly-rated restaurant copycat cookbook is a great way to find meal ideas and cooking inspiration! The featured cookbooks below include copycat Chipotle recipes as well as popular menu items from nationwide restaurant chains!


Additional Offers

Be sure to check out the full list of 100+ free birthday food offers for more great restaurant deals. For more great freebies in other categories, visit these pages and sign up for your birthday gifts today!


Sign up today for Chipotle Rewards to receive your annual birthday gift each year!

21 Responses

  1. Mary Ann says:


    I must say I have never heard of Chipotle but living in Mexico, this has intrigued me. I love guacamole and it is practically a staple in our house. I love the idea of giving a treat for someone’s birthday as well as providing a rewards program to get loyal customers.

    I will definitely check out the website and social media. I have family outside of Mexico that would love to try this.

    As for me, I think the recipe book is also a great idea as I bake often.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Mary Ann, Chipotle is well-known in the states and has a cult-like following among some people. I have always enjoyed my meals there, as I can be a picky eater and I really appreciate that it’s so easy to customize an order at Chipotle! Enjoy!

  2. Geoff says:

    Thanks for sharing this great offer.

    Everyone loves something for free, so free chips and gauc certainly hits the spot.

    It certainly is worth receiving a few promotional emails during the year, to get this benefit.  And we don’t even have to read them, as we can delete them straight from the inbox.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Geoff, A lot of people create special folders (or even special email addresses) for these birthday email offers and will only check them near their birthday when they can cash in on the Chipotle birthday offer. It’s a great way to manage free birthday offers for anyone who doesn’t want to see too many extra emails throughout the year. Hope you have a happy birthday and enjoy the Chipotle birthday rewards!!

  3. Nuttanee says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information at Chipotle! My birthday is coming up Next month and I will be sure to go and get the free food, who doesn’t like free chips and guacamole? I am going to sign up right away. I will have to share your post to my friends! 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Nuttanee, Chipotle is a great place to have a birthday lunch with friends — and even better when you can cash in on the Chipotle birthday rewards for the free chips and guac! Happy birthday!

  4. Cogito says:

    we have one of those recipe copycat books at home and I must say it is amazing! We are form Europe and American style grilled stuff is so much fun to make and it tastes delicious. Of course, ingredients at time can be difficult to find but recommend that book to everyone! I never new there are more of those though.. worth researching..

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Cogito, We have cut out dining in restaurants this past year due to COVID-19 precautions, so it’s been a fun hobby to try to make some of our favorite copycat recipes at home! Some of the books are better than others, but I really love the Top Secret Recipes website where you can purchase an individual recipe instead of buying an entire cookbook! Bon appetit! 

  5. Shalisha Alston says:

    I tend to not like fast-food chains, but chipotle is kind of good.  I like their guacamole and chips. For a fast-food chain, I think their food is delicious. Thank you for giving us a resource to get coupons. There’s a Chipotle near my job and I’ll be happy to use these coupons.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Shalisha, I hope you enjoy the Chipotle rewards program and free guac on your birthday. I’m not aware of any traditional Chipotle coupons, but your rewards account should be loaded with all of your available offers.

  6. Julius says:

    Very nice, helpful and informative post. I had no idea that also burritos and chips are having their own rewards program. But I think it is a great idea. The reward program overall is bringing the satisfied customers back, as they are getting some rewards back for their purchase. At the same time, the owners are getting those customers back, as they are offering value to the customers. Win-win situations for everyone in the end. I am guessing this particular company is operating just in the U.S, right? Thank you for your suggestions.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Julius, Chipotle is known as a nationwide US company, but there are also currently a handful of locations in Canada too!

  7. Joy Talukdar says:

    Happy Birthday with this free item offer at Chipotle! Enjoy custom-built burritos, bowls, salads, tacos and more on each of my trips. With my current offer of free chips and guac, I’ve got some extra treats for your birthday. I’m giving my friends birthday presents from now on. They have many items. As-
    Present birthday gift (free item) details.
    A birthday gift is a $ 5 purchase with free chips and guac.
    A birthday gift goes into effect on the birthday month.
    Free your birthday gift by requesting a restaurant release.
    Dine-in only w / $ 5 purchase.

  8. jaison123 says:

    Thank you for a wonderful article about Chipotle Birthday reward programme. Chipotle Mexican Grill (often known simply as Chipotle) is Building a better world, one burrito at a time! They also have a Rewards program that will help make your birthday better too —But You Have To Eat A LOT Of Chipotle To Get Any Free Food. So what’s better than free food on your birthday?! Not much if you ask me! 😍 If you’re part of the Chipotle Rewards program, you’ll get a special gift on your birthday.

  9. Hmilmee26 says:


    very informative and useful site! You just pull together all useful information about lots of offer in terms of available discount programs. I’m fitness freak person doing yoga right now and the of your discount programs and special occasion offers is long and important for me.

    Thanks is a small word for you because you work hard to pull up this information, I appreciate it. Good job! Keep sharing.

  10. Nicole says:

    Hey there,

    Your birthday special from Chipotle is short, sweet and to the point. The birthday offer image had the effect of 1000 words!

    2 things stood out for me:

    1.  your social platforms linkages are better poised on the side, over the text at the beginning of the post didn’t work for me. I felt like more importance was being placed on following you. While I know that has value, it felt like a push versus feeling like an invitation.

    2.  the second statement of the 1st para re burrito bowls etc., if read quickly could almost imply that those are included in the birthday reward. I had to read it 3 times to get it. I would recommend  the move of that 2nd sentence as the last sentence for the paragraph or a slight adjustment to remove any doubt. 

    Looks good.

  11. Taufique Ahmed says:

    Hi, I would like to give thanks to this website. It’s an amazing idea that you shared. All the things which you shared it really helpful. I saw all the prices are cheap. I think this helps me to save my money and time if I want to gift someone. It helps me to choose my desirable gift.

    Thank you so much. Great work and keep it up!

  12. Nathaniel says:

    Hi Alyce – What a great idea.  I personally make a great deal of my birthday as I am thankful for every year that I am blessed with.  This is fun for anyone who wants to celebrate their birthday with treats that they are fond of.  I am a fan of Chipotle’s.  Their dishes are quite flavorful.  I will be signing up and also looking at the list for other offers.  Thanks for this opportunity.

  13. Stephen Peter Jones says:

    Hi There,

    Reminds me of a program in UK called Dragons Den with two guys launching a voucher company online and they got some good reviews and could of made a whole lot of money. This a great Idea not many people seem to be doing it these days. I’m up for free gifts so enjoyed looking at you website to find some. Great Idea.


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