Free Birthday Food at Fazoli’s

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  1. wilson kume says:

    Wow🤩 what is it with birthdays and free food everywhere? 😂.

    For me, join this program is a nice idea as it helps every individual see that day as a memorable experience, especially with spouse. I’ll take advantage of this Fazoli’s Reward program by joining it for my lil bro so it will be another surprise for him

    Thanksfor this information, it’s extremely useful! 

  2. Abel says:

    Hi! I like Fazoli’s and I’ll go over and sign up for Fazoli’s loyalty program. 

    One of the things I enjoy the most at Fazoli’s are pizzas. Everything is good. Even the crust (Italians call it the cornicone). My favorite pizza at Fazoli’s include pepperoni topping. Yeah, they’re delicious. My mouth has just become water!

  3. evans says:

    Italian meals can be so fascinating and refreshing, I could remember a business trip of mine I had to Mexico, I had to lodge in an hotel close to a restaurant cos I was famished after a long flight, so I had to located a hotel close to a restaurant for easy access to good meal and I wasn’t disappointed cos the meal i had was just as good as what is being reviewed I’m this article, so delicious and home taking. I must say Italians has got taste for their kitchen because they cook extremely well.

  4. Riley says:

    Well, I have never he’d Italian delicacies before but with this opportunity popping up now, I think I will really enjoy eating the good tht I will be getting here. For a very small price I can enjoy the food and also get it delivered to my doorstep too which is very good because I don’t know any fazolis around here. I hope the nearest is participating though.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Riley, I do think you’ll need to live somewhere near a Fazoli’s restaurant to be eligible for delivery, but you may as well check to see if delivery is possible… you might be surprised to learn that there is a location in your area!

  5. Ella says:

    Fazoli’s too isn’t really that far from my street and that is a great thing. I might end up perking around on my birthday by moving from one restaurant to another just to get my free foods from all of them. Thank you for sharing this too. Theirs is even relatively cheap but still worth it

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Ella, Fazoli’s has a fun concept for fast Italian food… and of course it’s great to also share a free birthday treat for your birthday each year!

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