Free Birthday Food at Steak ‘N Shake

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  1. Steve G says:

    As we mentioned in your post about Chili’s discounts my wife and I found your site by looking for Restaurant coupons. We are currently stuck at home because of COVID-19. Fortunately, we do not have the virus, but, the lockdown has really prevented us from visiting our favorite eating spots. What resource your website is, we have never seen so many different varieties of discounts on one site. Most discount sites offer only a few opportunities, yours has offers the most variety that we have ever seen. Didn’t know that Steak ‘N’ Shake had a variety of home delivery options.   For someone who is trying to ride this pandemic out, your site is extremely helpful. Again, how have you been able to pull together in one place so many discount opportunities?

  2. Lucky Thomo says:

    Majority of people like the free stuff including myself, and this post is revealing what we are looking for. We are going to sign-up for the Steak ‘N Shake eNewsletter to receive the annual birthday gift, as you are saying I will receive a FREE Double ’n Cheese ’n Fries and/or FREE Specialty Milkshake?

    Thanks for sharing what we want with this post.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Lucky, I’m not sure if you can use more than one offer at a time, but yes, you get a free food offer for signing up and a free birthday milkshake on your birthday too! Enjoy!!

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