Free Birthday Food at Zaxby’s

Have a Happy Birthday with this free items offer at Zaxby’s!

Enjoy a tasty birthday treat with this free birthday cookies offer from Zaxby’s (advance signup required). Read below for details on how to get this freebie offer PLUS other offers just for signing up!

Zaxby's Birthday Gift - See 100's more Free Birthday Gifts at #zaxbys

Zaxby’s FREE Birthday Gift

For your birthday, enjoy 3 Free Cookies at participating Zaxby’s locations (your coupon is printed with your favorite location and the coupon is only valid at that one location).

  • Sign up for the Zaxby’s Zax Mail Club (and/or Zax Text Club) loyalty program to receive your annual birthday gift
    • You’ll also receive a Free Sandwich Meal with link sign-up!
  • Annual birthday gifts are sent via email and advance registration is required
  • Phone number is required to redeem birthday gift
  • Current birthday gift (free items) details
    • Birthday gift is 3 free cookies
    • Redeem your birthday gift by redeeming offer at the restaurant


Zaxby’s Free Kid’s Birthday Food

  • PLUS… Join the Zax Kidz Club (for kids age 10 and under)
    • Free Cookie Card for joining
    • Free Kidz Meal Card on their birthday
    • Mail or fax the entry form postcard to sign up


Zaxby’s Social Media

Learn more about Zaxby’s and their Zax Mail Club loyalty program at their website ( or on social media:

  • Follow @Zaxbys for updates on Facebook
  • Follow @realzaxbys for updates on Instagram
  • Follow @zaxbys for updates on Twitter
  • Follow @ZaxbysVideo for updates on YouTube


Zaxby’s Delivery

Have your Zaxby’s custom order delivered directly to your home or office. Check below to see if local restaurant delivery is available in your area (delivery services are provided by third-party vendors including DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, and Uber Eats).


Additional Free Birthday Gift Offers

Be sure to check out the master list of 100+ free birthday food offers for more great restaurant deals. For more great freebies in other categories, visit these pages and sign up for your birthday gifts today!


Sign up today for the Zaxby’s Zax Mail Club (and/or Zax Text Club) to receive your annual birthday gift each year!

8 Responses

  1. edahnewton1 says:

    Hey nice article you have there, birthdays comes ones in a year ,and it is worth celebrating. Having a nibbler as a birthday gift in this year’s birthday will be awesome. After signing up to zaxby a week to my birthday, am I still qualify to partake on the free birthday gifts, what is the maximum time it takes  Postmates deliver present ?.

    • Alyce says:

      I’m not sure that you would receive your free Zaxby’s birthday gift for the current year if you signed up only a week before your birthday. These mailing lists are often prepared weeks in advance — true even for email offers but as this one is a mailed postcard, you should sign up with at least a couple weeks of advance notice.

  2. Lisa says:

    I think this is a great offer for your Birthday I’m sure a great many others will take up the deal. how long in advance do you need to apply for it? It’s good there is no expiry date on it. I love all of the information available on your pages.

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks Lisa! 

      In general, companies can create marketing lists for email and direct mail anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks in advance. While it’s hard to know exactly how far in advance that Zaxby’s creates their list, it’s best if you allow at least a few weeks to make sure you receive your free birthday gift.

  3. Andre says:

    Hi Alyce,

    A very detailed description of the Zaxby experience and the food looks SO DELICIOUS!!  

    I absolutely loved your article on the pet adoptions. My son and I are doing pet sitting for people as well, and it gives you the opportunity to meet with all kinds of animals. Beautiful cat! Family of the Bengal Tiger?

    Your website consists of excellent content. Well done!

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks so much Andre! 

      The Zaxby’s birthday deal is great and so simple to sign up for. 

      How nice that you and your son are pet sitting! Adopting our bengal cat has been such a rewarding experience. Bengals get their beautiful markings from their Asian Leopard Cat lineage.

  4. Rolex4real says:

    Wow, this is an awesome way to celebrate a customer’s birthday, not every businesses has this mind of celebrating their customers by making them feel special on that day. I won’t be surprised if after this program their sales increases. 

    Thanks for sharing this with me, I will give it a try

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