Free Birthday Gift at Antonym

Give yourself plenty to look forward to each year by signing up for free birthday gift offers like these free reward points from Antonym.

Collect 200 reward points for your birthday when you sign up for an account with Antonym.

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Antonym Birthday Gift

For your birthday, take advantage of 200 reward points from Antonym.


Antonym Birthday Offer

  • Create an account at Antonym online and include your birthday details
  • Your free birthday reward points from Antonym are automatically deposited into your account each year
  • The current birthday gift is free reward points
    • Get 200 reward points on your birthday
    • The Antonym birthday gift is valued at $2
    • Redeem points for your favorite Antonym beauty products
  • Antonym is a Cruelty-Free brand

Antonym offers Free Shipping on purchases of $50 or more.


Antonym Savings

Be sure to sign up early to ensure you get your birthday offers.

Once you have signed up, watch for more Antonym coupons and email offers throughout the year including Antonym Black Friday offers, Antonym Cyber Monday offers, and holiday bonus offers.


Antonym Social Media

Learn more from the Antonym official website ( or follow social media channels and relevant hashtags for the latest news and trends.

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  • Instagram: Antonym has 50+ followers
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  • Twitter: Antonym has 2,200+ followers


Additional Free Birthday Gift Offers

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Sign up now for the Antonym loyalty program to receive your annual birthday gift.

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