Free Birthday Gift at Panera Bread

Have a Happy Birthday with this free birthday gift offer at Panera Bread!

Panera Bread Near Me

Panera Bread Near Me

Enjoy a FREE pastry or sweet treat for your birthday at participating Panera Bread locations. Follow the enrollment steps below to qualify for the annual free birthday gift from Panera.


Panera Bread Birthday Gift

Panera Bread Menu

Panera Bread Menu

For your birthday, browse the Panera Bread menu for your favorite pastry or sweet and pick it up for free (max value $5)! Act fast because this free birthday gift is only good for a week!

  • Click HERE to sign up for the Panera Bread My Panera loyalty program to receive your annual birthday gift
  • Annual birthday gifts are sent via load to account
  • Advance registration is required
  • Current birthday gift (free birthday sweet) details
    • Panera Bread birthday gift is your choice of a FREE pastry or sweet treat (discount valid on muffins, cookies, pastries, sweets and bagels) 
    • The Panera Bread birthday gift is valid for 7 days
    • Redeem your birthday gift via your MyPanera account


Panera Bread Social Media

Learn more about Panera Bread and their My Panera loyalty program at their website ( or on social media:


Purchase Discounted Panera Bread Gift Cards

While many restaurants only allow one promotion per table, it is often still possible to squeeze in an extra discount. Gift cards spend like cash at a restaurant, and when you can buy gift cards for less than face value, you can add more savings to your night out! Visit online gift card discounters like to browse the current selection of discounted Panera Bread gift cards.


Panera Bread Delivery

Have your Panera Bread custom order delivered directly to your home or office. Use the online tool to find if your favorite Panera Bread near me offers delivery, or check for delivery services from third-party vendors:


Panera Bread Recipes

Learn how to recreate iconic Panera Bread recipes at home with copycat recipes of the famous store version. Browse Panera recipes at the Top Secret Recipes website along with a large selection of favorite recipes from other restaurants and brands.

Panera Bread Recipes Online Top Secret Recipes

Panera Bread Recipes Online Top Secret Recipes

Learn how to make copycat versions of your favorite menu items from popular restaurants (including Panera Bread) in this highly-rated book!


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Clicke HERE to sign up for the Panera Bread My Panera to receive your annual birthday gift each year!

2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Hi there Alyce, 

    This is awesome!

    I just signed up for My Panera and I look forward to getting my annual gift.

    I can’t wait to see how it’s going to be like.

    Also, since I use Uber eats a lot, I think the delivery with it works for me well.

    I feel happy to have discovered this website. 🙂

    Thanks heaps for this!

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