National Cinnamon Roll Day Promotions

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious cinnamon roll on the annual National Cinnamon Roll Day on October 4th. Whether you enjoy these tasty baked treats for breakfast, dessert, or as a complement to your chili, this is the day to indulge!

What is National Cinnamon Roll Day

What is National Cinnamon Roll Day

Read more below to find where to get in on the cinnamon roll love for National Cinnamon Roll Day!


National Cinnamon Roll Day

National Cinnamon Roll Day (also known as National Cinnamon Bun Day) is celebrated each year on October 4th. Whether you prefer cinnamon treats from your local bakery or from one of the country’s largest restaurants, it’s easy to celebrate the occasion with BOGO offers and other unique cinnamon roll specials.


What is National Cinnamon Roll Day?

What is National Cinnamon Roll Day?

What is National Cinnamon Roll Day?

In the USA, National Cinnamon Roll Day is on October 4th each year. Be looking for restaurants and businesses to offer sweet promotions to mark the occasion!


When is National Cinnamon Roll Day?

What National Cinnamon Roll Day

What National Cinnamon Roll Day

Like birthdays, National Cinnamon Roll Day is celebrated each year on the same date (October 4th). Since the holiday date remains constant, the day of the week will shift each year. For the 2023 National Cinnamon Bun Day, the 10/4 holiday falls on the first Wednesday of October.

Mark your calendar now and plan to revisit this page on October 4th for the most current list of National Cinnamon Bun Day promotions!


National Cinnamon Roll Day 2023

What kind of offers can you expect for the 2023 National Cinnamon Roll Day? Check with your favorite local and national bakeries for special deals valid for one day only (October 4). If you can’t find a local place with a fun offer that suits your taste, you can always opt to make them at home!


National Cinnamon Roll Day 2023 – National Offers

National Cinnamon Roll Day 2023

National Cinnamon Roll Day 2023

Celebrate with your choice of these great National Offers for National Cinnamon Roll Day 2023 (note that additional offers for the current year are expected to be announced the day of the food holiday):

  • Carvel
    • Buy one, get one FREE Classic Sundae on any available Soft Serve flavor (including the new Cinnabon Soft Serve) on Wednesdays (ongoing offer)
    • Enjoy limited-time ice cream treats in collaboration with Cinnabon
      • Cinnabon Soft Serve featuring the iconic flavor of Cinnabon’s classic cinnamon rolls blended into Carvel’s creamy Original Soft Serve
      • Cinnabon Scooped combining Cinnabon ice cream with caramel and Cinnabon Crunchies
      • Cinnabon Sundae Dasher layering Cinnabon Soft Serve, caramel, and Cinnabon Crunchies, topped with whipped cream and Cinnabon Crunchies
      • Cinnabon Deluxe Flying Saucer featuring Cinnabon Soft Serve sandwiched between two Flying Saucer chocolate wafers and rolled in Cinnabon Crunchies
  • Cinnabon
    • reward members get a buy one, get one FREE baked good offer between 10/2/2023 and 10/8/2023
    • enjoy Cinnabon’s new Secret Menu starting 10/4/2023
      • TurtleBon: Topped with drippy caramel, rich Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and pecans, TurtleBon is a sweet and nutty treat
      • Caramel Lover: Caramel frosting and caramel sauce make this bon irresistible for the serious caramel lover
      • OREO Bon: Rich Ghirardelli® chocolate sauce and OREO pieces make for an insanely chocolatey, crunchy treat
      • Cookie BonBite Sandwich: signature cream cheese frosting is sandwiched between two Cookie BonBites to satisfy your cookie and frosting craving with one deliciously perfect treat
    • enjoy the limited-time ice cream treats collaboration with Carvel (see details above)
  • Cinnaholic: buy one get one roll FREE in-store on 10/4/2023 from 12 to 4pm
  • IKEA: reward members get 20% off of KAFFEREP frozen cinnamon buns at the Swedish Food Market through 10/4/2023
  • Kolache Factory: get a Buy One Sweet, Get One FREE w/ code SWEETS on 10/4/2023
  • Krispy Kreme: get FREE delivery on $15+ orders through 10/5/2023
  • Panera Bread
    • reward members get Double Visit credits on $10+ orders between 10/1/2023 and 10/7/2023
    • reward members get $0 Delivery Fee on $10+ orders between 10/1/2023 and 10/7/2023
  • Schlotzsky’s: reward members get a Buy One, Get One FREE Cinnabon Baked Good between 10/2/2023 and 10/8/2023

Note that national chain restaurants may be owned by individual franchisees who may not participate in national promotions. Always verify local participation of your preferred offer(s).


National Cinnamon Roll Day 2023 – Local Offers

Support your local bakers and celebrate Cinnamon Roll Day with your choice of 3 great local offers for 2022 (stay tuned for current local offers as the food holiday approaches).


Cinnamon Roll Recipes

If a single day to celebrate cinnamon rolls is enough, consider upping your home baking game with these cinnamon roll copycat recipes!


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What is Cinnamon Roll Day

What is Cinnamon Roll Day

More Great Food Offers

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Where will you enjoy a cinnamon bun for National Cinnamon Bun Day 2023?

4 Responses

  1. LineCowley says:

    I love cinnamon buns and reading this made me wanting to get straight to one of the places where national cinnamon day is celebrated. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls to take me straight back to my childhood and family holidays. 

    It is great to see that you are sharing some recipes too. Do you have a favourite recipe that you can recommend for cinnamon buns? I don’t live in the USA, so am thinking of trying the Ikea cinnamon buns if I cannot make them. Have you tried them and are they worth it? Thank you. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hello, Line! I love the IKEA cinnamon rolls – it’s almost impossible to resist them in the stores! If the take-home cinnamon rolls are half as good as the ones in the cafe, you’ll definitely enjoy them! 

      Bon appétit!!

  2. Steve says:

    I just have to say “thank you” for your bringing to my attention cinnamon roll day. These offers are going to a good use. Even though I don’t live in The United States, a good friend of mine does, and I am sending him your page. “C.J.” Loves his sweets, pastries and buns and he will think all his Christmas’s will have come at once. If you send these offers out regularly, let me know, and I will get him to send his email address.

    Now, if I could only get them shipped to Vietnam, you will have made my day too. Actually, I will check to see if there are any local offers as we do have a few American “chains” too.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Steve, Thanks so much for sharing with your sweet-loving friend! Best Rewards Programs shares lots of great offers throughout the year that C.J. may enjoy. One example is that today (Oct 4th) is also National Taco Day and there is another post dedicated to lots of great specials on tacos!

      I think that the IKEA offer may be an international offer, so if there is an IKEA near you, check to see if they have the same promotions available.


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