Although Amazon has quietly done away with their “Add-On” program (which required a minimum purchase of $25 or $35 before an order would ship), there may still be occasions when you are looking for items with a low price and free fast shipping.

Amazon Prime members are familiar with fast free shipping on thousands of items, but often these products have a higher price tag than many grocery and drugstore items. However, there are some great affordable surprises to be #FoundOnAmazon!

Cheap Amazon Prime Items Under $2 with Free Shipping for Prime Members
Cheap Amazon Items For $2 or Less with Free Prime Shipping


Whether you want a low-cost way to surprise someone, are using up a balance on a gift card, or have some other reason for needing quick and cheap items, your list is below.

Enjoy the variety of great Amazon Prime values! If you are not already a member of Amazon Prime, click here for a free 30-day trial offer of Amazon Prime.


70+ Amazon Value Items Under $2.00 Each

This collection of Amazon Prime products for $2 or less can help you to get the most out of your Amazon orders.


Skincare & Makeup Items from Amazon for $2 or Less

Enjoy glamour and beauty on a budget with these Amazon beauty items under $2 each with free Prime shipping!


Moisturizing Sheet Mask

This sheet mask from ELF is infused with coconut water to provide hydration and nourishment to the skin.


Blistex Lip Balms

Protect and soothe your lips with one of these highly-rated lip balms from Blistex.


Breakup-Proof Eyeliner

Create dazzling looks with the Mega Last Breakup-Proof Retractable Eyeliner in Blackest Black by Wet n Wild.


High-Shine Lip Color

This high shine lip color is cruelty-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free, and is formulated to be long-lasting.


Dual-Sided Brow Pencils

These ELF brow pencils feature a built-in comb for easy grooming and shaping. Multiple colors are available.


Dual-Pencil Sharpener

This ELF pencil sharpener features two sizes for the ultimate convenience!


Silk Sleep Mask

This natural mulberry silk sleep mask is adjustable for maximum comfort while you rest.



Hair & Nail Products from Amazon for $2 or Less

Enjoy the latest trends in hairstyles and nail fashions with these Amazon products for $2 or less.


Hair Styling Tools

These hair styling tools will help achieve a wide variety of stylish looks!


Hair Conditioning Treatment

Treat your locks with this affordable conditioning treatment from Pantene.


Nail Color

Glam up fingernails with Hard as Nails color in “Cold as Ice” or one of the other on-trend shades. Multiple colors are available.


Mani-Pedi Tools

These affordable mani-pedi tools will keep your hands and toes looking great!



Personal Care Items from Amazon for $2 or Less

Stay fresh and clean with these hygiene items for $2 or less from Amazon.


Body and Hand Lotion

This popular Jergens hand lotion has over 10,000 reviews and a very high user rating! The 3-ounce size is perfect for travel.


Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Keep your hands clean on the go with a portable pack of antibacterial hand wipes.


Dental Products

Use these toothpaste and mouthwash products to help fight cavities and promote good oral hygiene.


Sugarfree Gum

Keep breath fresh between brushing with this pack of 5 Gum “spearmint rain” flavored sugar-free gum.


Soap Bars

Keep germs away with healthy habits like washing hands for 30 seconds after sneezes, trips to the bathroom, or after touching public surfaces.


Cocoa Butter Cleansing Bar

Gently moisturize skin with the 3.5 oz Cocoa Butter Ambi Skin Care Cleansing Bar.


Men’s Shaving Products

These shaving products offer affordable ways to get a clear, smooth face.


Baby Oil

This 3-ounce bottle of the original Johnson’s baby oil is the perfect size for travel.


Scented Pantiliners

These pantiliners include baking soda to absorb odors naturally and a stay-put adhesive to keep liners in place.



Accessories from Amazon for $2 or Less

These fashionable finds are available for $2 or less on Amazon.


Cooling Bandanas

Stay cool on warm days with these cooling bandanas available in different patterns and styles.


Magic Scarf

This “magic scarf” can be worn in 12 different versatile ways! Available in multiple color patterns.



Easily secure drawstrings with cord-lok. Set of 2.



Novelty Items from Amazon for $2 or Less

These affordable novelty items make a big impact with a small investment.


Heart-Shaped Cork Coaster Set

This heart-shaped set of Kate Aspen “Love” cork coasters are simple, chic, and functional!


Mommy to Bee Soap

These cute soaps make a sweet gift for a new mommy to “bee”.


Small Photo Frames / Placeholders

These mini frames are perfect for formal place settings or for framing special memories. Multiple styles and colors available.


Washi Chopstick Rests

These cute chopstick rests are made from Japanese washi paper and help keep utensils off of the table.



Pet Products from Amazon for $2 or Less

Spoil your furry friends with affordable pet products under 2 dollars on Amazon.


Catnip Toys for Cats

These three plush mice are spiked with potent catnip to be irresistible to your cats.


Crunchy Cat Treats

Bribe your way into your kitty’s good graces with treats that they can’t resist!


Dog Treats

Show your good girls and good boys some love with these highly rated dog treats!


Mini Tennis Balls

These miniature tennis balls are the perfect size for smaller dogs.


Car Magnet

Show some love for the grandog with this cute car magnet.


Pet Food Can Covers

These pet food can covers make it easy to store opened cans of wet food.


Pet Lead / Leash

This 5′ leash is the perfect size for training small pets.


Pet Travel Bag

This waterproof bag keeps pet supplies in one place for easier travel.



Hobby & Craft Items from Amazon for $2 or Less

These cheap hobby and crafting items are $2 or less on Amazon and include free Prime shipping.


Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes with these affordable blue safety glasses.


Utility Storage Box

This storage box features 8 separate compartments to keep small items organized and easy to find.


Heavy-duty Steel Spring Clamp

This versatile spring clamp is a handy addition to any tool kit.


Fluorescent Flagging Tape

Mark boundaries with this “extra high visibility” roll of pink flagging tape.


Eyeglass Repair Kit

This affordable eyeglass repair kit includes a small flat-blade screwdriver, tweezers, screws, nose pads, and rubber rings.


Dual Carabiner

These S-biners come in a variety of sizes and colors to solve connecting and hanging problems. Connect water bottles to bags, hang grocery bags, clip keys to a handy place, and much more!


Safety Gloves

These gloves are made with a carbon-infused conductive material which makes it easy to use touchscreen devices while the inner microfleece lining traps warm air to keep hands warm.


Iron-On Hem Adhesive

This double-sided adhesive easily and permanently hems garments and home décor without any sewing!



Office Products from Amazon for $2 or Less

Keep productivity up with helpful, affordable office supplies under $2 each!


Pencil Sets

These high-quality pencils include erasers and are ideal for working out complex math problems or for sketching the world around you.


Retractable ID Card Holder

This retractable lanyard includes a cute character design to add fun and style to wearing an ID badge.


Mobile Phone Stand

Foldable phone holder adjusts to allow for easier reading and charging. Multiple patterns are available.


Protractor Ruler

This extra-wide ruler includes a protractor for even more utility around the home and office!


Donut Reinforcement Labels

Add some style to basic reinforcements with these donut printed designs!


Business Card Holder

Keep business cards on display with an attractive business card holder.


Permanent Markers

Encourage creativity with brightly colored permanent markers from Sharpie!


Tab Binder Dividers

Keep documents organized with these tab binder dividers.


Hanging File Folder Tabs

Keep papers and files organized with these hanging file folder tabs.


Split Key Rings

Organize keys with a package of split key rings in assorted sizes.


RFID Credit Card Protector Sleeves

These credit card protectors are lined with electromagnetic RFID shields that protect cards from digital skimming and high-tech identity theft.



Household Items from Amazon for $2 or Less

These household products are affordable and ship free for Amazon prime members.


Baking Soda

This product is useful both in the kitchen and for cleaning and deodorizing throughout the house.


Brass Art Hooks

Set of brass hardware hooks to easily hang art for display.


Plastic Spatula Set

This spatula set is easy to clean and can be used for mixing ingredients or scraping bowls.


Toasting Forks

Roast marshmallows, hot dogs, and more with these 20″ toasting forks.


Egg Holder

This sturdy egg holder is made of unbreakable plastic that won’t crush — ideal for travel and camping!


Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Easily add a refreshing scent to your laundry with these fabric softener sheets from Purex.


Toilet Cleaner Cubes

Simply drop these duo-cubes in the toilet tank and enjoy the cleaning and freshening benefits for up to four weeks!


Air Freshening Oil Warmer

This Glade PlugIns air freshener is adjustable and provides up to 50 days of fragrance. Scent refills sold separately.


Cord Management Organizer

These silicone adhesive hooks help corral charging cords and keep them right where they are needed.


Performance Masking Tape

This 180-foot roll of performance masking tape is a light-duty tape that is great for holding, labeling, and bundling tasks.


Removable Mounting Putty

These highly-rated mounting putty tabs can mount items to multiple surfaces around the home, at school, and at the office!


Light Bulbs

Enjoy a soft, warm light with these dimmable 40-watt incandescent A15 light bulbs.



Health & Wellness Items from Amazon for $2 or Less

Take care of loved ones with these affordable health items from Amazon.


Aleve Tablets

Portable size of 220mg Aleve Tablets with Naproxen Sodium.


Cherry Honey Throat Drops

These highly-rated throat drops provide soothing comfort to dry, irritated or sore throats.



Kid Products from Amazon for $2 or Less

Entertain kids with these affordable items all under $2 each!


Glitter Slime

This blue glitter putty slime is packed in a mermaid container and makes a great sensory play toy and stress reliever. The plastic container cover is a blue color with mermaid silhouettes design.


Colored Pipe Cleaners

This pack of 100 pipe cleaners includes assorted colors for all your crafting projects.


Glue Stick

This handy glue stick is washable and non-toxic, making it a perfect option for crafting with kids.


Blunt Tip Kids Scissors

These scissors for kids are designed with safety in mind and include a blunt tip.


Bacon Stickers

Bacon fans will love this set of 23 whimsical, colorful bacon stickers in cartoon form.


Note that prices are set by other merchants and are subject to change at any time. As of publication, all the featured products are Amazon prime items that cost $2.00 or less and ship free for Amazon Prime members.


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Are there any other great values that you have recently #FoundOnAmazon? What is your favorite thing about Amazon Prime membership?