Now that Winter has officially arrived, those of us in cooler climates have definitely noticed that the temperatures have dropped. For anyone who ventures outdoors in the cooler weather, these great products can help keep you cozy in the cold.

Products to Stay Warm Outside in Cold Weather
Products to Stay Warm Outside in Cold Weather

Pick up these amazing products to keep comfortable at upcoming outdoor events like watching fireworks, ball games, and socially distanced outdoor gatherings. 


Warm Clothes for Cold Weather

Keep cozy indoors and out by dressing as warmly as possible with this innovative warm apparel. Start with a layer of thermal wear and round out an outfit with warm clothing options from head to toe.


Warm Socks

Protect their extremities with a few pairs of warm socks. Choose from classic warmth from wool socks, heat trapping thermal socks, or even battery operated heated socks for those extra chilly moments!


Silk Thermals

On a cold day, there may be nothing more luxurious than a thin layer of silk thermals to add warmth without adding heavy layers of bulky material.


Thermal Underwear for the Whole Family

One of the best tips for staying warm in cold conditions is to dress in warm layers. Pick up a set of thermal underwear for the whole family to stay cozy both indoors and out!


Warm Lined Shirts for Men & Women

A single layer can be extremely warm in these lined flannel shirts for women and men. Perfect for s’mores around a campfire or a chilly Friday night football game.


Flannel Lined Jeans for Men & Women

These highly rated flannel lined jeans are some of the warmest pants you’ll find anywhere. Available for men and women.


Rechargeable Heated Pants

Hot pants have never sounded better than these heated pants that can keep the lower body comfortable in the cold!


High Quality Warm Boots

These designer boots from UGG are highly rated cult-favorites. Available in over 10 colors and lined with uggpure wool, these boots are the ultimate in warm, stylish comfort!


Heated Vest

This lightweight heated vest heats up in seconds and provides up to 10 hours of heat on a single charge. Highly rated, tailored design is available multiple sizes and colors for the perfect style and fit!



Outerwear for Cold Weather

Make sure to be properly outfitted for outdoor adventures with these highly-rated outerwear options. Find something perfect for every occasion from brief walks to the mailbox or longer trips like tailgates, hikes, and making s’mores over a campfire with friends.



For a quick and stylish way to keep ears warm, use a pair of stylish earmuffs that will insulate with a variety of soft materials.


Winter Hats with Ear Flaps

These fun hats include ear flaps that can be deployed for extra warmth whenever an unexpected breeze rolls through.


Rechargeable Heated Beanie Hat

This heated beanie is rechargeable and includes 3 heat settings that provide up to 7 hours of heat from a charge!


Touchscreen Friendly Gloves

To keep chills at bay while staying connected to the modern world, opt for a pair of gloves that are specially designed to work with smartphones and tablets.


Sheepskin Gloves with Bow Detail

Made from sheepskin and treated for water resistance, these designer quilted performance gloves from UGG are designed to maintain a snug yet flexible fit. Perfect to wear either to the office or for evenings outside!


Battery Heated Gloves

These heated gloves offer hours of warmth in a design that allows for smartphone and tablet use as well.


Heat Trapping Thermal Neck Warmers

These versatile thermal neck warmers are fleece lined and can be pulled up over the nose and mouth for keeping those areas warm as well.


Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

This thick infinity scarf brings fun and fashion to any outfit, and also helps to keep the person wearing it nice and toasty.


Luxury Cashmere Scarves

A luxury cashmere scarf feels wonderful against the skin is a versatile wardrobe staple that is be useful for many different occasions.


Warm Children’s Coats

Make sure that the kids are ready for winter with a stylish coat to help keep them warm.


Warm Men’s Coats

These stylish coats for men look great for the daily commute through Winter weather or for evenings out with friends.


Warm Women’s Coats

Make sure she can keep warm even during extended periods outside with a longer coat that does a better job of keeping the whole body warmed and insulated from wind.



Cold Weather Accessories

Keep these smart cold weather accessories nearby to add extra warmth and style to outdoor events in cool temperatures.


Body and Hand Warmers

These air activated hand warmers provide up to 18 hours of safe heat – great to have on hand for any surprise outings in the cold weather!


Rechargeable Hand Warmers

These fast-charging hand warmers provide up to 15 hours of heat on each charge. This unit can also be used as a charging device for other electronic devices making it an indispensable item for outdoor adventures!


Microwavable Plush Scented Animals

These plush animals come in many adorable different types and can be microwaved to help keep hands warm on cool nights or provide heat therapy for achy muscles.


High Quality Warm Blankets

Grab a soft blanket (or 2) and keep cozy even on the chilliest nights. Versatile gifts are perfect indoors, outdoors, and for travel!


Heated Electric Blankets

For someone who can never warm up quite enough, give them a an extra boost with an electric blanket that can be adjusted to their own desired level of warmth!



Outdoor Entertainment Ideas

Enjoy endless entertainment options with these great electronic products that are portable for enjoyment in the backyard and beyond!



Outdoor Lanterns

Enjoy a soft glow from these lanterns — different sizes and styles are available that even include solar powered options!


Bluetooth Speakers

Make sure that outdoor gatherings still include the party vibe with a portable waterproof bluetooth speaker that is perfectly suited to both outdoor and indoor events!



Project the midnight New Year’s Eve countdown or share the fun of an old-fashioned movie night with a projector to show great videos outside under the stars!


Projector Screens

Take the movie night just about anywhere with a portable outdoor movie screen. Choose from many different styles to find the best option for local lighting and conditions.



Enjoy Hot Foods & Drinks Outside

These smart products insulate, warm, and / or prepare great hot items and keep hot foods and drinks at the perfect temperature.


Stanley Thermos

The classic Stanley Thermos has been a durable favorite for generations. This highly rated product comes in 2 sizes and currently has over 20,000 reviews!


Insulated Cups and Mugs

A hot beverage can help a person feel warm from the inside out! Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles of insulated mugs and cups that will keep their drinks warm on cool days.


Rechargeable Heated Travel Mug with Bluetooth and App Controls

This smart heated travel mug is both rechargeable and includes clever Bluetooth powered app controls!


Thermal Carafe Beverage Server

A high quality thermal carafe is a must-have for keeping hot drinks at temperature for hours at a time. Easily enjoy favorite hot drinks outside like hot cider, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and more!


Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Machine

A personal favorite, a Nespresso coffee machine makes it easy to have a perfect cup of coffee or espresso wherever the unit can be plugged in.


Camp Crock Pot

When you simply need to keep something at temperature when you are outside, this vacuum insulated stainless steel pot keeps items hot for an impressive 12 hours!


Food Warming Plate

This smart product allows the stone center to absorb and retain the heat of a dish, while the handles stay cool to the touch.


Bread Warming Stone

Use a microwave or oven to warm this whitewashed terracotta bread stone and help to keep foods warm for about 45 minutes.


Electric Food Warmers

Keep foods warm with these electric appliances. Great for cooking or warming a wide variety of warm comfort foods like chilis, dips, and even a warm bowl of Chex mix!



Cozy Outdoor Spaces

Get an extra boost of warmth at any time from these smart products that enhance a cozy outdoor space.


Large Electric Heating Pad

This large massaging heating pad is a highly rated (and popular) choice due to it’s wide range of features and 6 heat settings!


Foot Warming Mat

This waterproof foot warming mat uses direct and radiant heat, and can warm up cold feet even through shoes or boots!


Heated Throw Rug

Keep feet warm with this heated electric throw rug. Anti-skid underside will keep rug in place while it’s keeping toes nice and toasty!


Heated Portable Chair

A great way to heat up an outdoor space is with outdoor heated furniture! This heated portable chair uses USB power and includes large armrests, pockets, and cup holder.


Heated Stadium Seat

Enjoy a VIP experience from a standard cold bleacher with this heated stadium seat! Powered by a USB battery, this stadium seat will warm your seat to a cozy 115 degrees F.



Fire Pits, Fire Tables, & Outdoor Heaters

Take the bite out of chilly temperatures with one or more of these outdoor electric heaters for patios, fire pits, or trendy fire tables!


Outdoor Electric Heaters for Patio

Plug in one of these electric outdoor heaters for a fast dose of targeted heat for the patio.


Portable Campfire

Enjoy 3 – 5 hours of burn time with these convenient portable campfires! These lightweight options can be burned up all at once, or snuffed out mid-way for use at a later time. Available in 2 scents.


Folding Wood Burning Fire Pit

This portable fire pit has foldable legs and weighs only 5 pounds, making it easy to both enjoy at home and take with you to enjoy while camping.


Metal Chimeneas

These metal chimeneas are available in steel or cast iron and are perfect for firewood or artificial logs. Provides a toasty outdoor fireplace experience and a stylish statement piece on the patio!


Propane Patio Heating Tower

This patio heater is a gorgeous addition to any patio and does an excellent job of keeping people warm when the weather is chilly. Highly rated and a personal favorite!


Outdoor Fire Tables

These stylish fire tables use propane to provide adjustable, mesmerizing flames that dance over lava rocks. Highly rated items are a beautiful and functional additions to an outdoor space.


Modern Rectangular Fire Table with Tank Holder

This outdoor rectangular fire table is the perfect shape and size to allow guests to find warmth around the fire on a chilly evening.


Stainless Steel Fire Pit with Stand

The highly rated Solo Stove features an innovative air flow system that reduces smoke without the use of batteries or fans. The portable size allows for easy fire pits both in the backyard and on other outdoor adventures.




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Products to Stay Warm Outside in Cold Weather
Products to Stay Warm Outside in Cold Weather


While this post was inspired by an increase in colder outdoor gatherings due to COVID-19 restrictions, these products are also going to be useful well into the world’s recovery for events like sporting events, tailgating, camping, concerts, drive-in movies, and much more!

What products would you most like to have for your cold weather adventures?