Discounted Kids Meals at IKEA

Enjoy family meals together with a Swedish twist and less budget strain with weekly Discounted Kids Meal offers from IKEA.

IKEA Kids Deals -

IKEA Kids Deals

It’s easy to find great family-friendly restaurants when you go to places that offer incredible kids meal deals!

Note that restaurants reserve the right to change or end their offers at any time. Please confirm the offer is valid at your local restaurant before making your trip and/or order.


Discounted Kids Meals Offer at IKEA

Enjoy a well-deserved night away from the kitchen with this money-saving deal where the kids get discounted kids’ meals at IKEA.


How to Get Discounted Kids Meals at IKEA

Bring the kids to IKEA for this great offer where kids meals are discounted on Wednesdays.

  • WHO • kids
  • WHAT • kids meal discounts (pay 50% off) with adult entrée purchase
  • WHEN • Wednesday
  • WHEREIKEA participating locations

Offer valid only for members of the free Ikea Family program. Get 2 free discounted kids meals per each adult meal ordered. Adults always get a FREE hot coffee or tea WITH EVERY VISIT. Offers may be changed by the restaurant at any time — always confirm the offer is still valid at your specific restaurant location before making your trip.


More Ways to Save at IKEA

It’s already a great deal to get discounted meals for kids, but don’t stop there when you could enjoy even more restaurant deals! These money-saving ideas can help you save money at the best family restaurants on family nights out!


Purchase Discounted IKEA Gift Cards

While many restaurants only allow one promotion per table, it is often still possible to squeeze in an extra discount.

Gift cards spend like cash at a restaurant; if you can buy gift cards for less than face value, you can add more savings to your night out! Visit online gift card discounters like to browse their current selection of discounted IKEA gift cards.


Join IKEA Customer Programs

Another way to save at kids restaurants is to join customer programs that regularly send offers and rewards to members. Look for special restaurant programs, including mailing lists, e-newsletters, birthday clubs, reward programs, and smartphone apps.

These opt-in programs provide money-saving benefits throughout the year, including signup bonuses, member specials, and annual birthday gifts. Learn more about the fantastic IKEA current birthday offer and the benefits of
IKEA Family at IKEA.


Follow IKEA Online

Learn about the latest restaurant offers by visiting and following their online channels and relevant hashtags.

See the latest IKEA news and offers on the official website ( or on social media.

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Make IKEA Dishes at Home

Enjoy restaurant favorites for less with highly-rated copycat recipes that can be made at home for much less than the cost of the restaurant versions.

IKEA Copycat Recipes Online

IKEA Copycat Recipes Online

Browse popular IKEA copycat recipes at Top Secret Recipes and recreate your family’s favorite IKEA recipes at home.


Note that restaurants may change their offers at any time. Find more great deals at family restaurants on the LIST of “KIDS EAT CHEAP or FREE” offers. Learn more about additional restaurant discounts at:


2 Responses

  1. Jenny Hennig says:

    IKEA is one of my favourite places to shop!  I have only eaten in their cafeteria/restaurant once, as I usually stop in after lunch, however, their food was really good and cheap, from what I remember.  I loved their cafeteria-style, and I do remember eating their Swedish meatballs, yummy!

    I had no idea that kids’ meals were discounted on Wednesdays, this is great, as it gives me more options on where to take the kids for cheap but good food.

    Thanks for sharing, and also for sharing the IKEA copycat recipes to make at home.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Jenny, Ikea is definitely known for their Swedish meatballs — maybe even as much as they are known for their flat-pack furniture! I hope you enjoy all the deals!

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