In times when you need a quick and cheap gift, these bargain gifts are so highly rated that they will think you spent much more! Plus, each deal below includes free Prime shipping for Amazon Prime members.

These Amazon Prime gifts are all priced under $5 and are an easy win whether you need party favors, cheap gifts, stocking stuffers, or a great white elephant party gift. A single five dollar bill will buy all of the fabulous finds on this page, so feel free to go crazy and stock up on a bunch!

Best Gifts Under $5 with Fast Free Shipping on Amazon
Best Gifts Under $5 with Fast Free Shipping on Amazon

These items are organized by category and can help you find all kinds of great gifts for $5 and under!

Note that prices are set by independent retailers and may change at any time. At time of publication, all items were priced below $5.

Accessories gifts under $5 with free Prime shipping

These accessory gifts are something that anyone could use and are priced low with fast free prime shipping!

Collapsible Eyeglass Case

This beautiful light grey wood print sunglass / eyeglass case is collapsible to stay out of the way when it’s not in use.

Fluffy Warm Lounge Socks with Grippers

Great for both home and travel, these super soft cozy fluffy warm lounge socks have grippers on the soles for extra stability.

Sneaker Deodorizer Balls

These Sneaker Deodorizer Balls come in lots of different colors and will keep shoes of all different types smelling fresh. Sold as a pair.

Touchscreen Wool Gloves for Women and Men

These warm wool touchscreen gloves allow you to use your smart devices while keeping your hands warm!

World Map Laundry Bag

This travel-size laundry bag is the perfect way to keep your dirty clothes separate from everything else while you travel.

Crafts gifts under $5 with free Prime shipping

These craft gifts give a person the chance to create something unique and comes with all needed supplies for less than $5 (includes fast free prime shipping)!

Leather Dreamcatcher Kit

Create your own Leather Dreamcatcher with this multicolor kit.

Unicorn 3″ Cross Stitch Kit

Give the world of cross stitch a run and create this cute framed unicorn as your first project. Multiple designs available.

Weaving Loom

Weaving loom that is ideal for beginners includes 165 loops.

Home gifts under $5 with free Prime shipping

These gifts for the home will help to make any space feel cozier on a very small budget. Pluse, these Home gifts under $5 get bonus points for the fast, free Prime shipping!

Acrylic Makeup Organizers

Organize your life with style with a set of acrylic organizers. Clear design helps to create a clean looking space.

Can Colander and Strainer

Strain cans of food with ease with this perfectly fitting can colander and strainer. Leave the big strainer in the cabinet and make clean up easy with this small tool!

Dual Blade Universal Package Opener

Get into presents and packages easier this season with a special tool like this Dual Blade Universal Package Opener.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This 20 ounce Fruit Infuser Water Bottle allows you to add the flavor of fruit to your daily water intake!

Goo Gone

A small amount of Goo Gone Original Safe Adhesive Remover will safely removes most unwanted goo from stickers, labels, tape, chewing gum, and more!

House Shaped Tissue Box Cover

This house shaped tissue box holder will beautifully dispense tissues from any of your cube / square boxes.

Lint and Pet Hair Removal Brush

This amazing lint and hair removal brush works great at removing difficult fuzz from furniture, clothes, and more! A must-have for anyone with pets.

Lodge 3.5″ Cast Iron Skillet

This cast iron skillet is great for the person who cooks for one – or for the person who already sold on cast iron cookware and may need another pan in the cabinet!

MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths

Use this MicroFiber cleaning cloth set for indoor / outdoor cleaning of cars, home, office, and more!

Multi-Purpose Lid Opener Set

These jar grips / multi-purpose lid openers will provide years of utility in the kitchen – or anywhere you need to loosen a cover that is too tight!

Non-Slip Fruit Coasters

These non slip fruit coasters insulate from heat and protect surfaces from damage.

Pyramid / Raised Cone Silicone Cooking Mat

This large red pyramid / raised cone shaped silicone mat is a large 16 x 11 inches but can be trimmed to suit your needs. Use this mat for healthy cooking, baking and roasting. The non-stick food grade silicone is also dishwasher safe!

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Save money on disposable bags with these reusable sandwich bags. Set of 5 includes 2 snack and 3 sandwich bags.

Silicone Collapsible Folding Funnels

It’s easy to keep these silicone funnels nearby as the collapsible feature allows them to be stashed almost anywhere in your kitchen!

Novelty gifts under $5 with free Prime shipping

Have some fun with these novelty gifts priced under $5 each with fast, free Amazon Prime shipping!

Moving Fidget Spinner Gift Under $5
Fidget Spinner Gift Under $5

Bacon Stickers

Enjoy spreading your love of bacon with this colorful set of 23 bacon stickers.

Black Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinner with quiet spinning mechanism and a lifetime guarantee.

Kinetic Arm Bracelet Toy

This kinetic arm toy feels and looks like magic as it glides open and shut with dramatic flair!

LED Foam Multicolor Light Stick

This LED Color Changing Light Stick Foam Baton isn’t really something than anyone needs in their life, but it can provide soft light and a little fun to a nighttime outing when the weather is nice.

Lincoln Logs (Mini Sized)

The “Worlds Smallest Lincoln Logs” includes 49 assorted size logs, plans and chimney to build log cabins, bridges and more! Also includes an authentic style storage container for the small Lincoln Logs!

Lite Brite (Mini Sized)

This toy is billed as the World’s Smallest Lite Brite and includes a Lite Board, 150 Pegs, 15 Sheets, and 3 LR44/1.5V Batteries. The board is 3″ Wide x 2.75″ High.

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

Is there anything more simple than the childhood treat of getting your hands on a new 12 pack of Mr. Sketch Scented Markers? Relieve those blissful moments with your own pack of scented markers in assorted colors (and scents)!

Rainbow Feather Sticky Notes

These rainbow colored feather sticky notes make and impression and let you mark your place or leave a beautiful note almost anywhere!

Slinky Original

This original SLINKY is the same toy that has been around for 70 years! Enjoy the simple fun of setting up a track to see how far the Slinky will travel!

Sloth Daily Planner and Note Pad

Enjoy keeping tabs with the to-do lists with this adorable sloth daily planner note pad.

Sloth Magnetic Page Markers

This set of 8 magnetic sloth clips can mark the work you’re doing in all subjects and home, work, and school!

Whale Sticky Notes

These cute whale sticky notes will make sure that your note is noticed! Also available in snowman or cat designs.

Woodlands Bag Clips

These little woodlands clips are adorable but also very handy around the kitchen to keep your bags sealed up!

Novelty Gag gifts under $5 with free Prime shipping

Sometimes all you want to do with your opportunity to give a gift is have some fun. These great novelty gag gifts are less than $5 each and they all ship with fast, free Prime shipping!

Adulting Stickers

These peel and stick adulting stickers help you celebrate the adult things in life.

BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Spinner Gift Box

Once you have played a game of BeanBoozled, you are unlikely to forget it. Enjoy this Jelly Beans Spinner Gift Box with friends and family.

Nose Pencil Sharpeners

Oriental Trading Nose Pencil Sharpeners Pack of 3 Noses

Sneaky Caps

These sneaky caps allow you to disguised an open bottle as one that is still sealed up.

Personal Care gifts under $5 with free Prime shipping

Add major improments to the Personal Care game with these cheap Amazon gifts priced under $5. All items include fast, free Amazon prime shipping!

Antibacterial Toothbrush Covers

These antibacterial toothbrush covers can be used either when traveling or at home, and provide a cover from germs and anything splashing around in the bathroom.

Etude Cat Hair Band

Highly rated cute shaped hair band for easy makeup removal and skincare treatments.

Exfoliating Skin Towel

The Body Shop exfoliating skin towel will leave skin feeling softer and smoother.

Glass Nail File Manicure Set

Enjoy a delicate manicure with this set of premium crystal glass nail files. This 5 piece set includes enough to keep one handy in purses, cars, at the office, and at home!

Hair Scalp Massager Brush

This scalp massager and shampoo brush has soft silicon bristles to gently provide a nice massage.

Jade Facial Roller

This Jade Roller Facial Massager is an anti aging therapy roller for face & eyes. Store inside the refrigerator for an even more refreshing treatment experience with the jade roller!

Kleenex Facial Tissue Travel Packs

These small packs of tissues are great for cold and allergy season, a tear-jerker movie, or a night out to try spicy food!

Last Drop Spatula

Make sure you get the last drop of your expensive and favorite products with The Spatty. This “Last Drop Spatula” is reusable and flexible and allows you to get into the far reaches of bottles to retrieve the rest of the product!

Mint Dental Floss Picks with Travel Case

Put a pack of these super-affordable Plackers Micro Mint Dental Floss Picks in every stocking this holiday season!

Scalp Massager

This set of 2 hand held scalp massagers can increase blood circulation, provide deep relaxation, and help reduce stress. Plus, it just feels great!

Silicone Face Scrubber Exfoliator Brushes

These silicone face scrubber exfoliator brushes help to deep clean away makeup and other impurities. Multiple color sets available.

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

This silicone makeup brush cleaning mat is designed with different zones to help make sure your makeup brushes are clean. Different shapes and sizes available.

Silicone Straws, Collapsible and Reusable

These collapsible and reusable silicone drinking straws, are BPA Free and include a travel case and cleaning brush. Suitable for 20 or 30 oz Tumblers. Multiple colors and quantities available.

S’Mores Flavored Lip Balm

This S’Mores flavored lip balm skin protectant by Chapstick comes in a pack of 3 distinct flavors so you can get the sweet balance of flavors just right. Other flavors available.

Sponge Makeup Blender Holder

This makeup sponge holder keeps your makeup blending sponge off of your countertop while allowing plenty of room for it to air dry.

Themed Makeup Sponge Holders

Surprise the person you uses makeup sponges with these makeup sponge holders that look like a chicken and egg holder!

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

These tToothpaste tube squeezers make it easier to get the last of the product out of tubes of toothpaste, hand cream, shampoo, and more!

Personal Tech gifts under $5 with free Prime shipping

Make sure their Personal Tech game is on point with these low-cost Amazon gifts that are all priced under $5. Fast, free Amazon Prime shipping is included at no extra charge!

Cleaning Gel

Use this fun universal cleaning gel to clean PCs, tablets, laptops, keyboards, cars and trucks, cameras, printers, calculators, and more!

Electronics Cleaning Brush

Keep the tiny little crevices between keys clean and your devices running thei best with the OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush.

Flexible Travel USB Lamp

Add a little extra light to your work space with this USB powered flexible lamp.

Original Gear Ties

These rubber twist ties are 3 inches long and can be used over and over to corral your cords and other small items.

Privacy Cover for Webcams

This set of webcam covers will make sure that no hackers can use your camera to snoop around without your permission. Slide the cover over the camera lens when you do not want the camera to be active looking into the room.

Reusable Fastening Cable Ties

This set of 60 reusable fastening cable ties in assorted colors will allow you to contain your cords and other messes with ease.

Telescoping Magnetic Grabber

This 25” telescoping magnetic grabber will make it much easier to reach into slim spaces for tiny metal objects. Use in car, home, office, and more!


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