Entertainment Discount Programs

Just because you want to be thrifty, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! There are a handful of great free entertainment offers that happen each year, plus even more fun entertainment discounts available!

Free Dollywood Tickets Pre-K Kids

Get FREE Dollywood Tickets for Pre-K kids + more great entertainment offers

Learn more about the easy ways that you can find cheap entertainment options without the big costs.


Free and Discounted Entertainment

There are lots of ways to live large while spending small. Whether you want to stay close to home or see a majestic national park, there are lots of ways to save money and still get out of the house.

Entertainment and Attraction Discounts - BestRewardsPrograms.com

Entertainment and Attraction Discounts

Check out these resources to help you find affordable entertainment options all year long and live your best life!


Public Discount Programs

These resources can save you money on all types of local fun and are available to everyone (some age restrictions apply for kid’s offers).


Annual Entertainment Deals

These limited-time offers can save a lot of money on fees and admission, so be sure to mark your calendars now for these affordable events and offers!


Free National Parks Visits

Free Entrance Days to National Parks 2022

Free Entrance Days to National Parks 2022

The National Park Service offers 5+ days each year to visit the US National Parks for free! The fee-free days change each year but often include Martin Luther King, Jr Day, National Public Lands Day, and Veterans Day.

In addition, all 4th graders are eligible each year to get a free National Parks Pass for their family!


Free National Forests Visits

The US Forest Service also offers 5+ days each year to visit the US National Forests for free. The free dates change each year but often include Martin Luther King, Jr Day, Presidents Day, and Veterans Day.


Free Museum Visits

Get FREE museum entry for Museum Day

Get FREE museum entry for Museum Day

NOTE: This event has been canceled for 2023 but may return in 2024.

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit a museum for free on the annual Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day. The event usually happens in September of each year and includes hundreds of participating museums across the USA. Advance online registration is required to receive free tickets.


Free Fishing Days

Free Fishing Days 2022

Free Fishing Days 2022

Enjoy free fishing days (or free fishing weekends) where anglers are allowed to go fishing without a license. View the free fishing dates for the current year online. Note that the free fishing days change each year and are different by state.


Free Season Passes for Kids at Theme Parks

During the summer break, kids are eligible for lots of great freebies, including free season passes to some of the best theme parks in the USA!

Visit bestrewardsprograms.com/free-summer-activities-and-discounts-for-kids to learn more about these great parks including Busch Gardens, Cedar Point, Dollywood, Sea World, and many more!


Kids Bowl Free

Kids Bowl Free Summer 2022

Kids Bowl Free Summer 2022

Each summer, kids (ages 15 and under) can sign up to receive 2 free games daily of bowling at a participating bowling alley. The promotion is designed to provide free entertainment during summer break (roughly the end of May through the beginning of September). Choose from hundreds of participating bowling alleys across the country and sign kids up for the 2022 event.

Note that bowling shoes are required to bowl. Kids may bring their own bowling shoes, but most places do not provide free shoe rentals.


Kids Skate Free

Kids Skate Free Summer 2022

Kids Skate Free Summer 2022

Each summer, kids (age requirement varies by location) can sign up to receive 2 free skating sessions per week at their choice of a participating skating rink. Choose from hundreds of participating rinks across the country and sign kids up for the summer 2022 event.

An app download is required to receive the weekly passes. Note that roller skates are required to skate. Kids may bring their own skates, but most places do not provide free skate rentals.


Make Music Day

Make Music Day Free International Events

Make Music Day Free International Events

Join people around the world for a free annual celebration of music around the world on June 21st. Launched over 40 years ago in France as the Fête de la Musique, it is now held on the same day in more than 1,000 cities in 120 countries. Visit the Make Music Day website to find nearby locations with free music events on June 21.


Online Entertainment Discounts

In addition to the limited-time discounts available, these ongoing deals offer a great way to try something new at a great discount. Find discounted tickets to attractions, restaurants, and more! Be sure to check each deal closely for the terms and conditions of the offer.



Get great deals specific to a local market and pre-pay for discounts at local bars, restaurants, and attractions.



Buy Restaurant Gift Cards at a Discount

Buy Restaurant Gift Cards at a Discount

Buy discounted gift certificates to restaurants including national chains like Marco’s Pizza and lots of local favorites!


Spa Week

Discount Spa Services through Spa Week

Discount Spa Services through Spa Week

The website has an annual “spa week” each year that features great treatments for $50 each, but the great deals don’t stop there. Spa Week has the largest directory of spa and wellness providers and sells gift cards that can be used for massages, facials, salons, and used any time of year!

Coupon codes for discounts on gift cards are frequently posted on the website. Sign up for MyWellness Rewards via link and receive 15% off of gift card purchases.


Member Discount Programs

These resources require a paid membership, but the small up-front investment can save a lot in the long run. These discount resources are definitely worth the purchase price!



Entertainment Coupon Book App

Entertainment Coupon Book App

The annual printed Entertainment coupon books were discontinued in 2022 and replaced with the Entertainment smartphone app! The digital version combines the value of the hundreds of coupons for national and local restaurants, services, and attractions with the convenience of an app.

Purchase a monthly membership for $3 / month or save more with an annual membership.



AAA Membership Discounts

AAA Membership Discounts

AAA is known for its roadside assistance programs and its travel-related discounts on lodging, attractions, and more. An annual membership fee is required.



AARP provides discounts on travel, auto care, and subscriptions, as well as positioning itself as an advocate for issues including Social Security and Medicare. An annual membership fee is required.

Although AARP is branded as exclusive to people ages 50 and older, AARP offers an “associate membership” to anyone who wishes to join who is under 50 years old.


Credit Union Member Discount Programs

  • Your local credit union (membership requirements vary)
  • USAA credit union for military and their family members


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National Parks Free Admission Days

National Parks Free Admission Days include Grand Teton National Park

Want more great free offers? Of course, you do!! Check out these posts with more great ways to save:

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  1. Lauren Korte says:

    Great article on discounted programs for fun and entertainment! It’s wonderful to see initiatives that make leisure activities more accessible to a wider audience. By highlighting discounted options for movies, amusement parks, and cultural attractions, you’ve provided valuable resources for individuals and families looking to have a good time on a budget. These programs not only allow people to enjoy themselves, but they also contribute to overall well-being and community engagement. Thanks for sharing these opportunities for affordable fun!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi, Lauren! We all need to relax occasionally, but relaxation does not always make it to the top of the budget priorities. I’m happy that this list of entertainment discounts can offer some affordable options!

  2. Lorenz Valdez says:

    Hey Alyce!

    Great post offering entertainment discount programs! I am someone who is looking for the best deals and discounts on everything. Are these offers location specific?

    It would better be optimized if these offers were universal so that these discounts could be used all around. Also, maybe you could a little more content to really share value on each offer. Otherwise, I think you are on the right track!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Lorenz, These offers are for USA locations, and yes, they are scattered across the entire country in all 50 states. 

      If you have any additional ideas for relevant content to add, please share and I can add the updates!

  3. Bojana says:

    This text is well done precisely because of those who do not have that much money to pay and would like to take a child to see an attraction. Fishing is a very good family vacation for me. If I had the chance, I would take my children fishing for free.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Bojana, Fishing is a great activity to enjoy with kids, but it’s even better when you can try it out for free.

      Depending on where you are located, you may also be able to borrow fishing gear for free too. Check out this resource on the “fishing tackle loaner program” for State Parks within the state of Georgia: https://gastateparks.org/ParkFishing#fishing

  4. Siobhan41 says:

    This is a very helpful article. I didn’t realize that National Parks and Forrests would charge for admission. I guess it does make sense though for upkeep. I love going to museums so having a free day to go on would be nice.

    Spa Week has really piqued my interest and I will be taking advantage of any discounts I can get there! A day at the spa can get pretty expensive!

    • Alyce says:

      Hello Siobhan, While there are a handful of free US National Parks, most of them charge an admission of around $20 per car per week, so it’s nice to have some days available throughout the year to see the parks for free. 

      There are some fantastic hikes at the parks, which would make some after-hike self-care at a spa a great idea!! 🙂

  5. Text Creator says:

    Really interesting ideas, thanks for sharing this.

  6. Michael Day says:

    Impressive!Thanks for the post

  7. Sondra M says:

    “Living large while spending small.”   Those words are music to my ears.   I’ve been trying to figure out how to have a mini-vacation later this year without spending a bunch of money.    I’ll have to look into the links that you shared.    

    P.S.  I had never considered coupon books.  Thanks for the idea.  

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Sondra, Those coupon books can be a great deal. They mostly have local offers, but there is a small section dedicated to national offers that may save you some money when you travel for that mini-vacation! 😉

      Warm Regards, Alyce

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