Earn Rewards for Recycling at H&M

Help the environment by recycling textiles and clothing and earn a sweet bonus deal with this rewarding recycling offer from H&M!

Earn Rewards When You Recycle at H&M

Earn Rewards When You Recycle at H&M

Earn easy incentives with rewarding recycling offers that the environment loves. Learn more below about how to take advantage of recycling programs and recycle old textiles and clothing items from your home and closets!

Note that offers may change or end at any time – always confirm offers are valid for your items before making a trip.


Earn Rewards for Recycling at H&M

It’s great to find ways to be environmentally friendly that are also easy and rewarding. Enjoy great bonus offers with recycling reward programs like these where you get a % off coupon at H&M when you recycle!


How to Get a % Off Coupon at H&M

Recycle for Rewards offer at H&M

Recycle for Rewards at H&M

Clear out unwanted wardrobe and linen closet items with this recycling offer where you can get a 15% off coupon at H&M.

  • WHO • recyclers (and anyone who wants a % off coupon)
  • WHAT • recycle garments and/or textiles from any brand in any condition and receive a 15% off discount voucher
  • WHEN • program has no stated end date
  • WHERE • H&M (in-store)
  • PROGRAM INFO • Visit the H&M recycling details page for current offer details

H&M has partnered with I:CO for this recycling program. Donate garments and textiles at the cash desk and receive a thank-you voucher to use towards your next purchase.

Offers may be changed at any time — always confirm the offer is still valid at your preferred location before making the trip to recycle your clothes.


Additional Ways to Save at H&M

It’s already a good deal to get a % off coupon for recycling your old clothing and fabric, but why stop there when you could enjoy even more savings?!? These money-saving ideas can help you save even more on your favorite eco-friendly clothing brands!


Join the Opt-In H&M Customer Programs

One of the easiest ways to save at your favorite stores is to join their customer loyalty programs.

Loyalty reward programs regularly send private offers and rewards to members that aren’t made available to the general public. Look for special member programs, including e-newsletters, traditional mailing lists, birthday clubs, loyalty reward programs, and smartphone apps.

These opt-in programs provide money-saving benefits throughout the year, which may include a signup bonus, annual birthday gift, and exclusive member coupons. Learn more about current H&M benefits online and sign up today to start receiving exclusive member perks (including an annual H&M birthday gift)!


Follow H&M Online

Learn about the latest offers by visiting and following online channels and relevant hashtags (#Hmtheus #hm #hmusa #HMxME #hm_man #hm_kids #hmbeauty #hmhome).

See the latest H&M offers and news on the official website (hm.com) or on social media.

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Purchase Discounted H&M Gift Cards

While many places only allow one promotion at a time, sometimes it is possible to find ways to get extra discounts on H&M purchases!

There are a few different places to purchase discounted gift cards for your favorite stores. Look for opportunities to buy H&M gift cards at a discount, and then spend them like cash on your purchases! Visit online gift card discounters to browse their current selection of discount gift cards.

Note that the discounted gift card inventory changes frequently. It is advised to check each discount site to find the best current deal and then complete your purchase quickly after finding an offer you like. Some gift cards are valid for online purchases only – confirm offer details before purchasing.

Additionally, many stores offer opportunities to purchase gift cards at discounts directly from the store. Watch for discount gift card offers from the store around holidays including Mother’s Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.


Find more ways to be rewarded for recycling clothing, shoes, and textiles on the FULL LIST of CLOTHING RECYCLING REWARDS. Plus, learn more about recycling programs in other categories at:


Have you tried the recycling program at H&M? What other ways do you find to reduce, reuse, and recycle your garments and/or textiles?

Thank you for sharing, pinning, and saving!

2 Responses

  1. LineCowley says:

    I have heard that one can recycle your old clothes at H&M, but didn’t know that one can earn a bonus if you do so.  So what a great incentive to recycle your old or unwanted clothing. And even better that H&M will accept textiles and clothing from any brand, not just their own H&M products. 

    Getting a 15% discount goes a long way to making your next purchase more affordable, while also helping the environment. Thank you for sharing this great recycling program.

    • Alyce says:

      It can be challenging to find places that will truly recycle textiles, so even for people who don’t shop at H&M, it’s an excellent option to know about. Plus, the H&M stores across the globe make it easy for a lot of people to access the clothing and textile recycling program!

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