Free Birthday Meal at Sonny’s BBQ

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  1. James Elliott says:

    Would be happy to receive my coupon birthday present from y’all please send ** is my ** please **

    • Alyce says:

      Hi James, Please reach out directly to Sonny’s BBQ to inquire about the status of your free birthday gift. provides information about recent promotions from hundreds of companies across the USA but is not involved in the fulfillment of any offers.

      Also, please note that your comments were edited to remove your sensitive personal information. Please be careful with this information and do not post it on public forums.

  2. James Elliott says:

    Birthday ** please send my q crew Grand slam breakfast Grand slam meal coupon so I can have a happy birthday thank you guys have not seen or heard any responses third try thank you

  3. James Elliott says:

    I have not received my q crew birthday Grand meal coupon please remit birthday is *** second response thank you

  4. James Elliott says:

    Have not received my birthday present from y’all free meal ** ** email is**

  5. Love This So Much !! Thank-You !!!!

  6. janet roush says:

    did not know you had a reward program

  7. I have been signed up for Sonny’s reward program and received a Big Deal for my birthday ibn 2019, but have not received anything coupons, emails, etc. since. I signed up again a couple of weeks ago and haven’t heard
    anything from that either. Was looking forward to the Big Deal for my birthday but never received a coupon
    for that or the $5 for $25.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi EdnaJane, Sometimes your email provider may incorrectly send a message that you want into your “spam” folder. Check that folder to see if your missing emails may be getting incorrectly flagged as spam. If you don’t see the emails that you are looking for, then try reaching out directly to Sonny’s BBQ to see if they can help solve your issue. Good luck!

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