Free Birthday Gifts & Online Shopping Birthday Discounts

A great perk of getting older is all the love and free birthday gifts that are sent your way on your special day. Sign up for these e-newsletters and loyalty reward programs to get these free birthday coupons / birthday shopping discounts and other great free shopping birthday benefits each year!

The best gifts are those that do not require any minimum spend amount (IKEA and Finish Line are favorites for this reason!). Most retail birthday gift offers are birthday discount coupons and do require a minimum purchase… However, if you shop at the store anyway, it will be awesome to get a birthday discount!

Free Shopping Birthday Gifts and Birthday Shopping Discounts

Free Shopping Birthday Gifts and Birthday Shopping Discounts

The list below focuses on stores where you can receive birthday gifts on general retail shopping, but be sure to also see check out other birthday deals including free BEAUTY birthday gifts and free DINING / RESTAURANT birthday gifts!

Sign up today and be ready to save on your birthday!

Retail Stores That Give Away Birthday Shopping Gifts & Discounts

Gifts are sent via email and require advance registration (allow up to 6 weeks) unless otherwise noted.

NOTE that most of these do not require proof of your birthdate (unless indicated), so you may want to choose an alternate date to safeguard your personal information / privacy.


While you are collecting all the loot at these great stores, consider these products to help you with your shopping!


Want more great freebies? Visit these pages for 100’s of great offers!


32 Responses

  1. Geoff says:

    Thanks for sharing this list, it really is impressive 

    You will be very busy on your birthday to get all that shopping fitted in.

    If you don’t like getting all the emails during the year then why not register just before your birthday and then cancel it again just afterwards.  The only thing is, you will miss out on any other offers that they will send you during the year.

    Its just a matter of deleting them without reading them.

    We will need the day after our birthday off work, as we’ll be exhausted lol.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Geoff, My inbox is definitely full of offers right around my birthday! My “secret” to keeping from getting overwhelmed with marketing emails is that I have a separate email account for all of these offers. I only open the email account when I want to look for an offer from a specific place. It definitely helps cut down on inbox notifications which is most welcome!

  2. Shalisha Alston says:

    What i don’t like about discounts and coupons being advertised is that you have to sign up and agree to the site’s terms and conditions – which usually means, you have to agree to get their spam email. Also, there are a lot of spammy ones out there.  But I absolutely love the places you’ve mentioned, especially DSW, Converse, Cole Haan, Lacoste and many more. I look forward to clicking on the links and getting my coupon.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Shalisha, Most of these offers do require signing up for an email subscription, so some people will set up a separate “coupon” email account for all the freebies. This sounds like something that might work for you. This way you could still get the great free birthday offers without receiving extra emails to your main account. 

  3. BEazzy Shifts says:

    Hello there. Thank you for taking out your time to share this article on which you unveiled the birthday gifts & online shopping birthday discounts shops. It is always a nice thing to save some couple of bucks while purchasing stuffs from these websites and this is exactly what is happening. Bravo!

    • Alyce says:

      Just remember tha you’ll have to sign up in advance for most of these free birthday shopping gifts, but otherwise I do hope you get some great birthday deals!!

  4. Alblue says:

    This is very useful! Thank you very much, because I can save a lot when my birthday coming soon. I love to buy myself some treats and fashion for my next birthday. Do the birthday discount apply to every country? If not, then I need to check every store page to see if I’m eligible to use it in my country 🙁

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Alblue, often these offers will be slightly different for each country. As this list was prepared for the USA, if you are located somewhere else then you should definitely check to see what free birthday shopping gifts are available in your location.

  5. Edwin Bernard says:

    I was familiar with restaurants that offered discounts or free food items on ones birthday, but didn’t know clothing and other companies offered them. The IKEA deal looked pretty good to me. If one is shopping for any of these products why not get the birthday discount? 

    You provided an impressive list. I’m sure if one did a search online more opportunities could be found. Thanks for this information. 



  6. Chloe says:

    Hello there, thanks for bringing these discounted stuffs to our notice. I my son is turning 18 soon and I wish to get him a whole lots of stuff, following the fact that he out grows his stuffs very fast and should i go get these stuffs at the real prices, them I’m certainly toast, lol. I’ll follow up with these offers and get some stuffs for him on his birthday, thanks for the information.

  7. Dear Alyce,
    Thank you so much on this website and yes you doesn’t like getting birthday gifts and lots of nice stuff for there birthday and you doesn’t like getting free stuff for there birthday. But most important your website just made me smile to see this and read about this I love it and thank you again.

  8. Michel says:

    This website is a great resource for getting great discounts at a variety of places. I would have probably never have known about these discounts if I hadn’t come across this page.

    Now when everything is so expensive, it is well worthwhile to get as many savings down as you can. And I am sure that these retailers also benefit as they get more customers through their doors.

  9. Paul says:

    Dear Alyce,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and helpful article. To be honest with you, I’m in a kind of information overload with the in-depth research you have come up with here. However, I have to congratulate you on this “Super Article”.

    Wow, Discounts up to 25% thanks a lot for saving people money. I will register with the retail stores one by one. For sure this will take me a while so I am going to bookmark your article.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here. I will share this article with my friends and for sure they will enjoy your article.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    Much Success!


    • Alyce says:

      Thanks Paul. You are right, there are a lot of birthday shopping discounts out there and it can be overwhelming. Hopefully this list will give you the information you need to know whether or not it’s worthwhile to sign up in advance for each store’s special birthday offer!

  10. RoDarrick says:

    Wow! Getting to know all of these is actually a blessing, I must thank you for the service to humanity that you are doing through this post. I never knew various places give options of discounts to their customers shopping and this is actually great to know of. Various options to patronise, I will surely check some of these out and see if I qualify for them

    • Alyce says:

      I hope you find a few birthday discount offers that are too good to pass up! These certainly help me get some great birthday deals each year!!

  11. Eugen says:

    Hey Alyce,

    YES, YES and YES! This is helpful thanks. I feel like I am going to use my birthday to buy some new Converse for my girlfriend’s birthday haha. Maybe I can also take her for the trip to IKEA and get some free meal as well 😀

    Great list though, I will come back and update you if some of the retailers send me an interesting offer vie newsletter.


    • Alyce says:

      Hey, seems cool to me to spend your birthday loot on a birthday surprise for someone else! 🙂 Hope you both have wonderful birthdays with the fre eshopping discounts!!

  12. Henderson says:

    Who doesn’t like freebies. I’m glad I could get to see this. I didn’t even think there was a sure that gives this type of info. You know, I do buy things from some of this stores and I didn’t know that they offered discounts on birthdays. I’m happy that some of this platforms do not require confirmation of birth date. Great stuff you have here. I’ll be sure to share with my friends too.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Henderson, Many of these birthday discount shopping offers are valid for online purchases, so it would be a challenge to validate someone’s actual birthday without seeing an ID in person. Hope you are able to take advantage of some of the great birthday offers!

  13. Ken Burgess says:

    Hi Alyce

    Last time I used a coupon for a birthday was for getting an Ice Cream Cake at Dairy Queen for a girlfriend’s child’s birthday party year ago.  I can see the allure and appeal of different corporations offering discounts on a customer’s birthday and so thank you for listing a few I may use in the future!

  14. Charles says:

    Wow thank you so much for compiling all of this in one place. That will help me a lot because it looks like there are a lot of great birthday deals. I used to shop at Express a lot. That is a pretty cool store for me. At this point in my life I would probably just go to Macy’s because then I could get a wide variety of basic things. I think I need t-shirts and maybe some pants. $10 off with a $30 purchase is pretty good for Macy’s. Yeah I just got some basic stuff maybe I will do that for t-shirts.

    • Alyce says:

      Awesome! In addition to their birthday gift offer, Express also gives away a $15 credit when you complete your profile… when you combine that with their sales and free shipping promotions, you can really get a great deal! 

  15. Laureen says:

    Thanks for this article! I’m glad I came across this today as I have a birthday coming up in September. I’m not particularly creative when it comes to shopping, but hopefully with this list I can sort out all of the deals at once. I may use the coupons for presents for other people I know who are having birthdays soon. Thanks again especially when I’m shopping for multiple. It’s a time saver 🙂

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Laureen, You are most welcome to use those discounts in whatever way makes the most sense for you. It’s very creative to use your own birthday deals and gift certificates to surprise someone else with a gift!

  16. Suave Solutions says:

    Thanks for listing all of these great coupons. I like how you listed actual stores that I would go to. My birthday is coming up soon here in August and I could really use these. My mother and I also share the same birthday, so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind signing up as well. I don’t really have much experience with using coupons, but I am always willing to give it a shot. The finish line coupon really seems like the most promising one. I could use some new shoes on my birthday. Do I have to set my birthday later than august if it takes up to 6 weeks? Thanks in advance!

    • Alyce says:

      Each company has a different process when it comes to how far out they plan their email lists… it’s usually a safe bet to give yourself at least a couple of weeks. You could go ahead and try with your actual birthday, but if you don’t receive the free coupon, then you could consider signing up with a birthday that is farther out. 

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