Free Birthday Gifts & Birthday Shopping Discounts

A great perk of getting older is all the love and free birthday gifts that are sent your way on your special day. Sign up for these e-newsletters and loyalty reward programs to get these free birthday coupons and birthday shopping discounts, and other great birthday freebies each year from the top brands!

Freebies Freebies

Free Birthday Freebies

Many retail birthday discounts are coupons that require a minimum purchase, but some of the best birthday discounts do not require any minimum spend amount at all. Simply show up and claim your birthday gift with no additional purchase required.


Birthday Freebies

The list below focuses on stores where you can receive birthday gifts on general retail shopping, but be sure also to check out other birthday deals, including free BEAUTY birthday gifts and free RESTAURANT birthday gifts.

Birthday Freebies

Birthday Freebies

Sign up today and receive the best birthday coupons every year!


Retail Stores With Free Birthday Gifts and Discounts

These 30+ stores with birthday discounts can add up to big birthday savings!


Gifts are sent via email and require advance registration (allow up to 6 weeks) unless otherwise noted.

NOTE that most of these do not require proof of your birthdate (unless indicated), so you may want to choose an alternate date to safeguard your personal information/privacy.

Free Birthday Coupons and Shopping Discounts

Free Birthday Coupons and Shopping Discounts


While collecting all the loot at these great stores, consider these products to help with your shopping!


Birthday Freebies 2024

Birthday Freebies 2024

Want more great freebies? Visit these pages for 100’s of great offers!

54 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Another great site packed full of great deals. You have really done the research and provided a gift to all of us with this website. I’m always happy that there are super shoppers out there like you that can help us that are not so talented (I’m speaking of myself of course!). I have bookmarked this to research more because I have a birthday coming and would appreciate getting all of these birthday shopping gifts. 🙂 Thank you again!

    • Alyce says:

      Hello Scott! I have a few favorite birthday shopping discounts and gifts (IKEA, Express, and Sephora) that feel like a special treat each year. I hope you find a few favorite offers that you’ll also look forward to as a special shopping birthday gift!

  2. Cynthia says:

    These are great birthday discounts.  I always assumed these kinds of programs were just a lure of some tiny (practically worthless) item to get me in the store but I’m seeing some good stuff here! I see many discounts of 25% or 30% off (even 50% off at Lands End!  Wow!  I’m going to start signing up right now!  Thank you!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Cynthia! I was also pleasantly surprised at how good free birthday offers could be! Enjoy your birthday discounts!!

  3. Sariyah says:

    Hey thanks for this post! I’m glad I came across this, I was definitely missing out on a lot of free goodies!

    I wasn’t aware you can get free birthday offers or gifts at all, I’m not sure how I didn’t know but now that I am, I think I best make the most of it. I’m going to do some research on which shops do rewards!

    Thanks again!

  4. Jannette says:

    My husband birthday is coming in a month, I needed to find something unique that he would love to enjoy for months. I found your list very helpful in buying a couple of the items for his 64th birthday. I am going to share with my kids so they too can get ideas what to buy their dad. 

  5. Aubin Tshiyole says:

    My birthday is coming up so this is something that I would definitely share with my partner. I am sure that she will get a few gift ideas from this post so thank you for this. I will also be sure to share it with my friends and family. Who knows, they might also buy me something from this article. Thank you for such an informative article 

  6. Akumendoh says:

    My oh my, 

    Hi there. this is a nice list of free stuff for birthday. Many thanks for sharing. 

    I will definitely be sharing this on my social media pages. I will also have a look at a few of them

    Shipping may actually be an issue for people out of the countries where these shops are located. But what the heck? these are discounted and free stuff. Love it. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hello Akumendoh! Thank you so much for sharing with your network of friends and family! You are correct that this list of free birthday stuff is for US-based retailers, but many may also offer easy shipping options in other countries too. Enjoy!

  7. terryiching says:

    Alyce, Holy Cow!  I can’t believe all these great birthday gifts ideas you posted up in your blog. You invested some serious time researching the best reward programs for birthday gifts and putting in your post. This is over-the-top excellent and extremely helpful information. You have really provided a lot of value to your viewers. I’m going to forward this article to all my friends. Thank you so much.

  8. Nance says:

    We all like to feel special on our birthdays whether it be a simple birthday greeting on facebook or a bunch of flowers so a discount is always a nice touch so to speak .  I know I get a few mails each mails from shops that offer a discount on products or restaurants offering a free drink ( on occasions) so not complaining 🙂 Thanks for the list -always very useful .

  9. Sharon says:

    I can see a few that I like already. Thanks for sharing this impressive list of free Birthday Gifts and discounts. I did 3 free photo books for 3 years now and I’ll be happy to add more to my birthday list. But then, I’ll be spending more than usual, don’t I? Hmm, I’ll have to choose carefully. Thanks again!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Sharon, Often you do have to make a purchase to get a birthday discount or free gift, but some places (e.g. IKEA) just give you a gift certificate-style credit so you don’t have to spend anything out of pocket to get the gift! Happy birthday!

  10. ghoshrobin says:

    Overall your article was simple to understand and packed with all the necessary contact details. 

    The topic selected would resonate with shoppers especially larger families, when discounts are savings. 

    As I am not a regular shopper like my wife I will pass all this over to her. 

    I feel the topic selected is a special niche that adds value to a family budget. 

    The only suggestion I have would be perhaps you could pick one discount and show a calculation to prove skeptics like me that there is an actual saving (just my opinion only)



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