Free Birthday Drink at Dunkin Donuts

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  11. fmwaapps says:

    When it’s my birthday I’ll buy a drink at Dunkin Donuts. I will recommend to everyone. so that everyone can know about this special program

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  15. Karen Enderly says:

    Hi My birthday is on xxxxxx. I
    Received an email that I was entitled to a free coffee. I just realized it expires in 7 days. I believe it came on xxxxxx. I
    Was hoping to get it in my bday. Can you reinstate the email?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Karen, Please reach out directly to Dunkin Donuts for your inquiry. Best Rewards Programs only reports on the latest offers and does not fulfill any offers.

      Also, your comment was edited to remove your personal information. Please be careful to make sure that you do not share this information online/publicly.

  16. Daniella says:

    Hi there,

    I love the idea of the free birthday drink at Duking Donuts. Donuts are my favorite dessert:) If I understood well, do I need to subscribe to the Dunkin food recipe to get a free drink every birthday? My aunt lives in New Jersey, and I really want to make her a pleasant surprise. Do you know if they deliver to New Jersey? I would love to know, thank you!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Daniella, Apologies for any confusion. This may help clarify and answer your questions:

      – To get the free birthday gift from Dunkin, you need to sign up for their loyalty program called DD PERKS and share your birthdate (after this you will receive an email or app notification with your birthday offer)

      – You’ll need to check the specific NJ address to find out whether or not delivery is available to your aunt’s specific location (New Jersey covers a pretty big area)

      – The link to copycat recipes does not come from Dunkin Donuts, but someone else who has “hacked” how to make versions of Dunkin Donuts food from home

      Hope that helps. Enjoy!

  17. Thanks for the info on the birthday benefits. I hope you will be posting the benefits coming up for veterans on Veterans Day. So many establishments, I’ve learned, offer veterans free meals and this year I want to take advantage of that by restaurant hopping on veterans day. Will you have information on places that will be honoring veterans with a meal? Would be good information for alot of veterans out there.

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