Free Birthday Food at Godiva

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  1. Alex says:

    Hello.I find this program to help people celebrate their birthday in a good style.You services are great and affordable. I personally deal with health issues and it has been found that sugary things are the many cause of obesity and overweight among many people. I would like to know how you ensure that your products are consumer healthy.Good job best wishes

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Alex, Finding “healthy” options is almost always a matter of finding the best options for a specific person’s tastes and dietary restrictions. While some people can enjoy chocolates and coffees in moderation, they are an indulgence that may not suit others. 

      Godiva is generally known as a top notch brand, known around the world for it’s high quality.

  2. Michael Gravette says:

    We have a Godiva store, but its about 20 miles from our home.  That’s a good thing.  Otherwise, my wife would be there every chance she got.  Right now, its a special treat.  I get them for her on her Birthday and Christmas.  If she could access them whenever she wanted, I would need to think of something else to get her.  That’s not easy.

    And now you say you can get them delivered.  YIKES!  Hopefully, she never finds out about that.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Michael, Your wife will be very pleasantly surprised when you take advantage of these great deals and delivery in order to send her a special treat! 😉

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