Free Birthday Gift at American Eagle & Aerie

Have a happy birthday with this % off coupon at American Eagle & Aerie.

Enjoy a 15% off coupon at American Eagle & Aerie when you sign up for the Real Rewards program.

American Eagle Aerie Free Birthday Gift

American Eagle Aerie Free Birthday Gift

For your birthday, take advantage of a 15% off coupon at participating American Eagle Aerie locations.


American Eagle & Aerie Birthday Offer

  • Sign up at American Eagle & Aerie online and include your birthday details
  • Annual gifts (% off coupon) are sent via email
  • Current Gift = % off coupon
    • 15% off coupon, but customers with higher loyalty status get extra rewards (discount coupons are for higher amounts for members in higher loyalty program tiers)
    • Redeem In-store or online w/ purchase
    • Plus, get an additional gift for your half birthday: coupon for 25% off of one item
American Eagle Aerie Birthday Gift - #AmericanEagleAerie

American Eagle Aerie Birthday Gift


American Eagle & Aerie Savings

Be sure to sign up early to ensure you get your birthday offer – some promotional email offer lists are prepared weeks in advance.

Once you have signed up, watch for other offers throughout the year like American Eagle Black Friday offers, American Eagle Cyber Monday offers, and holiday bonus offers on American Eagle Gift Card purchases!


American Eagle & Aerie Social Media

Learn more from the American Eagle Aerie official website ( or on social media.


Additional Free Birthday Gift Offers

Find more great retail birthday gifts on the full list of free birthday shopping offers. For more birthday freebies in other categories, visit these pages and sign up for your birthday gifts today!


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2 Responses

  1. Daniel Tshiyole says:

    These are cool birthday ideas. I am really bad at giving gifts to people on their birthdays, I never know what to get them. This is a safe gift. I am sure that my friends and family will appreciate a gift from American eagle aerie. Thank you for this article, you have helped me out 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Daniel, American Eagle gift cards definitely make a nice gift, but in order to get the birthday discounts, make sure that someone signs up for the Real Rewards American Eagle & Aerie loyalty program too! Cheers!

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