Free Birthday Meal at Houlihan’s

Have a happy birthday with this generous free birthday gift from Houlihan’s.

Houlihan's Restaurant Birthday

Houlihan’s Restaurant Birthday

Enjoy a complimentary entrée for your birthday when you sign up for email newsletters from Houlihan’s.


Houlihan’s Free Birthday Gift

Houlihan Restaurant

Houlihan Restaurant

For your birthday, take advantage of a complimentary entrée from a Houlihan restaurant near you.

  • Sign up at Houlihan’s online and include your birthday details
  • The annual Houlihan’s birthday gifts are sent via email
  • Advance registration is required
  • The current gift is for a FREE birthday meal
    • Houlihan’s birthday gift is a complimentary entrée (up to $15) for your birthday
    • Redeemable for dine-in only at location printed on coupon
    • Must be at least 21 years of age / a valid ID is required to redeem the gift
    • The Houlihan’s birthday gift is valid for 2 weeks


Houlihan’s Delivery

Have your Houlihan’s custom order delivered directly to your home or office.  Find your favorite Houlihan’s restaurant locations and check if delivery services from third-party vendors are available.


Houlihan’s Social Media

Learn more from Houlihan’s official website ( or on social media.


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4 Responses

  1. Norman says:

    Nice, this is the first time that I have heard of a program like this! It is good to know that with such programs like Houlihan’s anyone old enough can get this kind of birthday treat. It seems to be worthwhile to become a part of this reward program if only for this birthday gift. Thanks so much for sharing and for the insight. I will enjoy this on my birthday!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Norman, I’ve always enjoyed the meals from Houlihan’s. I’m sure that their food tastes even better when it’s free! 😉 Enjoy!!

  2. Alan Gordon says:

    I belong to the birthday club. However, I have not yet received my birthday rewards for my birthday. Please e-mail me this reward.
    [comment has been EDITED to remove personal information (e.g. birthdate, phone number, or address)]

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Alan, Please reach out directly to Houlihan’s to ask about your birthday coupon. Hopefully, they can let you know what happened to your gift!

      Also, please be careful to protect your personal information online. Your original comment was edited to remove your birthdate and other sensitive information.

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