Free $30 Birthday Dinner Certificate at Benihana

Celebrate your birthday in style with this $ off birthday discount coupon offer at Benihana!

For your birthday, enjoy a generous $30 gift certificate discount on your dinner including an entrée, side item, sushi, and/or non-alcoholic beverage at Benihana with an additional $30 purchase.

Benihana Free Birthday Gift - details at #Benihana

Benihana Emailed Free Birthday Gift Offer


For your birthday, take advantage of a $30 certificate (towards dinner entrée, side item, sushi, or non-alcoholic beverage) with a $30 purchase from Benihana.


Benihana Free Birthday Gift

Benihana Free Birthday Gift - details at #Benihana

Benihana Free Birthday Gift Certificate

There are a number of restrictions on the annual birthday gift, so make sure to follow instructions to get your offer!

  • Sign up for the Benihana Chef’s Table to receive your annual birthday gift
  • Annual birthday gifts are sent via email (advance registration required)
  • A valid photo ID is required to redeem the birthday gift
  • The current Benihana birthday gift is a $30 gift certificate
    • The birthday gift is a $30 gift certificate for the birthday person only
      • May be used for a dinner entrée, side item, sushi, or non-alcoholic beverage with an additional $30 purchase
      • The birthday gift certificate cannot be used on promotional or discounted items
      • The birthday gift is valid Mondays – Thursdays only and has holiday blackout dates
      • The birthday gift is valid for dine-in only
      • Must present a printed copy of the gift certificate (not the email) before placing your order


Benihana Free Kids Birthday Gift

Parents can sign their kids up for the Kabuki Kids program. This program entitles kids (ages 12 and under) to their choice of a souvenir mug with the purchase of any Kabuki Kids meal.


Benihana Social Media

Learn more about Benihana and their The Chef’s Table loyalty program at the Benihana official website ( or on social media:

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  • Instagram: Benihana has 158,000+ followers
  • Pinterest: Benihana has 1,900+ followers
  • Twitter: Benihana has 13,000+ followers
  • YouTube: Benihana has 1,000+ followers


Benihana Delivery

Have your Benihana custom order delivered directly to your home or office. Check below to see if local restaurant delivery is available in your area (delivery services are provided by third-party vendors including DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, and Uber Eats).


Additional Free Birthday Gift Offers

Be sure to check out the master list of 100+ free birthday food offers for more great restaurant deals. For more great freebies in other categories, visit these pages and sign up for your birthday gifts today!


Sign up today for Benihana’s The Chef’s Table to receive your annual birthday gift each year!


4 Responses

  1. Valerie says:

    What a great offer that is. A discount of $30 for a birthday celebration is very generous of any business.
    I’m wondering though if Benihana is a restaurant or a takeaway business?
    In the event of it being a restaurant, the meal would need to be without alcohol as it states that the certificate cannot be applied to alcohol.  This leaves me wondering as many people enjoy an alcoholic beverage at times such as birthday celebrations?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Valerie, Benihana is a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant where the chefs prepare food on steel grills right in front of customers! It’s definitely something that you want to experience in-person, at the restaurant.

      You can enjoy alcohol with your birthday dinner, it’s just that the gift certificate does not include your alcohol purchases (this is often for legal reasons that regulate the sale and discounting of alcohol). As for why alcohol is popular at mealtimes, it’s also a craft item that has complex flavors and can enhance the overall dining experience. Sometimes this simple splurge is very much worth it!

  2. Anusuya says:

    What a pleasure when the restaurants pay you to celebrate your birthday! You made my birthday so special.

     It feels like the whole world really does care for you. 

    It is quite a big amount towards the purchase. 

    It is a spectacular business idea. I will remember them and will become a loyal customer. 

    It is a win-win situation.

    Thank you for this very special gift offer.

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