The Best Burrito Offers for National Burrito Day 2024

Whether you like to wake up to a hearty breakfast burrito in the morning or enjoy a traditional burrito later in the day, there are lots of options to enjoy! Plus, on the 2024 National Burrito Day on April 4th, there are great deals on burritos at top restaurants all across the USA.

National Burrito Day 2024

National Burrito Day 2024

Learn more about this tasty food holiday below and mark your calendar for the annual event.


National Burrito Day Deals

Get wrapped up in the fun and celebrate National Burrito Day with great deals on burritos and fun burrito-themed contests. Look for limited-time offers, including free burrito toppings and upgrades, BOGO deals, and extra rewards points.

While some National Burrito Day offers are announced in advance, it is also common to see surprise deals drop on the day of the event. Be sure to check back for the latest deals on April 4, 2024.


What is National Burrito Day?

What is National Burrito Day?

What is National Burrito Day?

On National Burrito Day, hundreds of locations across the country celebrate with special deals on burritos and other fun burrito-themed surprises.


When is National Burrito Day?

This annual event happens on the 1st Thursday of April each year. Mark your calendars for the next National Burrito Day on April 4, 2024.

What is National Burrito Day?

What is National Burrito Day?


National Burrito Day 2024 – National Offers

This list of national burrito deals are available nationwide on National Burrito Day, which happens on the 1st Thursday of April each year. Deals are valid on April 4, 2024, unless otherwise noted. Note that some offers require advance signup of the restaurant’s app, e-newsletter, and/or rewards club.

  • Abuelo’s: reward members get FREE delivery on or Abuelo’s app purchases through 4/8/2024
  • Baja Fresh Mexican Grill: reward members get a FREE burrito w/ online or Baja Fresh app purchase of burrito w/ code BURRITO2024 on 4/4/2024
  • Blue Coast Burrito: get a FREE burrito w/ burrito purchase on 4/4/2024
  • Bubbakoo’s Burritos: reward members get a FREE burrito reward w/ a burrito purchase on 4/4/2024
  • California Tortilla: get a free $10 bonus coupon w/a regular size burrito or bowl purchase in-store on 4/4/2024
  • Chipotle: reward members get discounted $0 delivery w/ code DELIVER on 4/4/2024
  • Chronic Tacos: app users get a FREE burrito w/ burrito purchase on 4/4/2024 (excludes California Burrito and Surf & Turf Burrito)
  • Del Taco: get 3 Grilled Chicken Tacos for $3.19 on Thursdays from 3 pm – 11 pm (ongoing offer)
  • Dog Haus: app users get a FREE burrito w/ burrito purchase via Haus Rewards app on 4/4/2024
  • El Pollo Loco (4 days of discount offers for the 2024 National Burrito Day!)
    • get FREE delivery on orders placed through the Loco Rewards app or on 4/1/2024
    • get a FREE $10 bonus card w/ every $50 of eGift cards purchased online on 4/2/2024
    • follow @elpolloloco on Instagram to access exclusive redemption codes for FREE or discounted burritos on 4/3/2024
    • reward members get a FREE burrito w/ burrito purchase on 4/4/2024
  • Farmer Boys: get a $5 3-Egg Breakfast Burrito on 4/4/2024 until 11 a.m.
    • plus, VIF Members who take advantage of this deal and scan their receipt will get a surprise offer loaded into their account
  • Freebirds World Burrito: get $6 Freebird-size burritos, bowls and salads w/ in-store, online and app purchases on 4/4/2024
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill: get a FREE burrito or bowl w/ burrito or bowl purchase on 4/4/2024
  • On The Border: get a $5 discount on a burrito or chimichanga purchase with code 5OFFBURRITO on 4/4/2024 (dine-in, to-go, and online orders only)
  • Qdoba: reward members get a FREE burrito w/ in-restaurant, in-app, or online purchase of an entrée and drink on 4/4/2024
  • Rubio’s Coastal Grill: get a burrito for $8.99 w/ code BURRITO (or click link to view QR code for in-store purchases) on 4/4/2024
  • Surcheros: reward members get a discount of 50% off of a burrito w/ an additional burrito purchase on 4/4/2024
  • Taco Bueno: get a FREE Party Burrito on 4/4/2024
  • Tijuana Flats
    • get a FREE make it wet add-on w/ burrito entrée purchase on 4/4/2024
    • get a burrito or bowl, chips, + drink for $7.99 on in-store, online, and app purchases on Thursdays (ongoing)
  • Willy’s Mexicana Grill: reward members get a FREE burrito w/ burrito purchase on 4/4/2024 (sign up online or in-app by April 3rd to receive the offer)


National Burrito Day 2024 – Local Offers

Watch for great offers on burritos at your favorite local restaurants too! Many offers are announced at the last minute, so check back on the event day to see the latest offers for the current year!

These local burrito day offers are a sample of the great deals that can be found around the USA and Canada.

  • Antigua Mexican Grill (IL): guests can purchase Burritos for $7.99 (chicken, ground beef, carnitas, cochinita, pastor, veggie) and Asada Burritos for $9.99 on 4/4/2024
  • Burrachos (WI): reward members can purchase a burrito or burrito bowl for $7 w/ code BURRITO2024 on 4/4/2024
  • Fat Bastard Burrito Co (Canada): get a small veggie, roasted chicken, or ground beef burrito plus a can of pop for $5.99 in-store on 4/4/2024
  • Freebirds World Burrito (TX): reward members get Freebird-sized burritos for $6.00 on 4/4/2024
  • Hacienda Mexican Restaurants (IN): get 50% off of small wet burritos (dine-in or carry-out) on 4/4/2024
  • izzo’s (LA): purchase a regular burrito with queso, chips, and drink for $9.99 (select “street burrito combo” in the regular size burrito section or click link to show social media post for in-store purchases)  on 4/4/2024
  • Miguel’s Jr. (CA): purchase Bean and Cheese Burritos for $1.99  w/ dine-in, take-out, or online orders on 4/4/2024


National Burrito Day 2024 – Contests

Burrito Day 2024

Burrito Day 2024

Things are heating up with these fun National Burrito Day contests! This year, Lloyd Taco Factory is hosting the Worldwide Burrito Eating Championship, which offers a fun burrito-themed prize. Learn more about these contests below!

  • Chipotle: play the 2024 Unlock Burrito Day online game for your chance to win FREE burritos for a year (enter through 4/3/2024)
  • Chronic Tacos: app users can enter to win FREE burritos for a year via instagram contest through 4/9/2024
  • Iron Agave (NY): enter to win FREE burritos for a year (1 burrito per month for 12 months – must be redeemed in person) via Facebook entry through 4/4/2024
  • Lloyd Taco Factory (NY): compete to win the Worldwide Burrito Eating Championship on 4/5/2024 at 5:30 pm and earn the title of Fastest Burrito Eater in the West(ern New York)!
    • 1st place prize is a custom wrestling belt and a $100 gift card
    • 2nd place prize is a $50 gift card
    • 3rd place prize is a $25 gift card
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill: reward members can enter to win FREE burritos for a year (100 winners in the Burritos on Us for a Year Giveaway)
    • winners will receive one burrito per week deposited to their rewards account
    • enter automatically with a rewards purchase or redemption
    • enter on Facebook or Instagram channels on 4/4/2024 10 am – 11:59 pm
  • Pancheros Mexican Grill: app users can win a free burrito with a unique code posted to social media channels on 4/4/2024
    • Free burritos are limited to the first 10,000 fans to enter the code and a Burritos with Benefits account is required to receive the reward
    • Facebook: Pancheros Mexican Grill
    • Instagram: @Pancheros
    • X: @Pancheros

Offers may exempt select items or not be available in all areas. Please confirm the offer details with your preferred location before placing an order.


More Love for Burritos

True burrito lovers can’t be expected only to enjoy these treats on one day of the year for #NationalBurritoDay in April! Learn to make your own delicious burritos with a great burrito cookbook, or enjoy wrapping yourself up like one in a tortilla blanket!

What is your favorite way to enjoy burritos?


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When is Burrito Day 2024

When is Burrito Day 2024?

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  1. LineCowley says:

    I didn’t know that something like National Burrito day existed. But I guess it is only really celebrated in the USA, or would there also be deals like these in the UK?

    My family all like burritos, and specially when we have friends over for a meal. We place all the ingredients on a central table, and then each person can put inside their burrito what they want. It not only saves a lot of work for me as hostess to prepare it all, but it also allows each individual to put in what they like, and miss out ingredients that are not their favourite. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hello! While this site focuses on US offers, I have also seen a few 2023 National Burrito Deay deals in other areas (including Canada and Australia). I’m not sure, but you may find a few deals in the UK as well (or it may be celebrated on another date in the UK)?

      Your burrito serving method is perfect for any family or group with a lot of different tastes! Plus, it’s great to have the added bonus of saving time for the host! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Ashley says:

    This is fantastic.  I am so glad I came across this blog post because April 6 is coming up rapidly! Woohoo so many of these burrito restaurants are on my lunch list daily. I love the idea that Del Taco does by donating a dollar to charity for every burrito sold.  That is such a neat idea.  Also, can not go wrong with free queso from chipotle.  Yummy. Thanks again for this great info and I will be checking back until the big day is here. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Ashley! It’s always fun when interesting food holidays “roll” around! 😉 Enjoy all the great burrito deals!!

  3. Scott says:

    Wow! It’s exciting to learn that the burrito gets its own special day! I never knew this, but I love burritos. Thank you for gathering all this great information on where to find restaurants that have deals on burritos and for cookbooks on how to make your own burrito. I had a huge seafood burrito last night with some friends. I love them! 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi, Scott! I never really thought of seafood and burritos existing together… but that sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Adyns68 says:

    Great way to celebrate the fun holiday of national burrito day (by of course, enjoying a burrito or two)! It’s interesting to see all of the different ways that burrito restaurants are getting into the spirit and doing something for national burrito day. those in need will get to appreciate a nice meal at a much better value / price. I’m glad to have noticed this early in the day, as we’ll probably take advantage of 2 of these offers today (both lunch and dinner burritos – ha)!

    Thanks so much!

    • Alyce says:

      How awesome that you can get double the fun and enjoy 2 of the great offers for National Burrito Day! 

      Buen provecho!

  5. Steve says:

    With all that is going on, I had no idea that it was National Burrito Day today! Thank you for the reminder! Who doesn’t love a good burrito, right? It’s really cool that each of these restaurants is participating. I’m sure they are also looking for any way to get people to support their businesses. This is a great way to do it. I especially love what Chipotle will be doing with the free burritos for healthcare workers. That is truly necessary right now!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Steve, I absolutely love that Chipotle is honoring our dedicated healthcare workers. The doctors, nurses, and the entire support staff are the frontline of our current battle against the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus and we owe them our sincerest gratitude. Kudos to all the companies who are going out of their way to support them right now.

  6. Riley says:

    Is this really a thing, I didn’t even know that there was anything that was called a national burrito day. It’s very nice to see you give us some details on what it means. I would really like to give it a try though. Eating this will be really nice for me because it’s really been a while. Thank you for sharing. A free burrito sounds good

  7. mahadihassan1 says:

    Wow! That’s a great offer to me! I love this offer and I want to attend this offer. burrito day will be fascinating to me because i am attending it for the first time. And i will share this article with my friends. I am sure they will attend this day also.

    • Alyce says:

      It’s pretty easy to enjoy some of these offers — you simply need to ask for the deals! Make sure to have the coupon or promo code ready for the others. Enjoy — I hope you have find some great burrito offers for #NationalBurritoDay

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    Wow this is a great article for a Mexican food lover like myself. I knew about the burrito day before, but this article I got shared a lot more of the specifics on how to take advantage of National Burrito Day offers. It is a nice gesture for Chipotle Mexican Grill to offer healthcare workers something extra special for all their hard work. Many thanks to the author of the article for his article — I have benefited greatly by reading this.

    Once again, Thanks again for sharing this informative post. I will share the post with others. 😊

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks for sharing the post with your network — now hopefully they may share a free burrito with you! 😉

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    Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful article and excuse to eat something different today! Your article is really very informative and helpful to me. Happy to have learned about this at the right time (today) as April 2 is something I now know is National Burrito Day for 2020. I am going to enjoy it very much (maybe for 2 meals). 

    Although there are many problems with coronavirus and refusal to leave the house, I can still enjoy this day at home with takeout or delivery. I have ordered Rubio’s Coastal Grill online and it was an easy experience. I like that Chipotle Mexican Grill is also offering healthcare workers a chance to score a free burrito.

    I really enjoyed your article and I will be passing it on to my other friends. And this special joyful day has brought joy to everyone’s life and they will certainly share with you new feelings. Can I share your article on my social media?

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      Hi Shanta, Thanks so much for sharing. You are most welcome to distribute the article on social media with your friends!

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    Thank you so much for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is FREE FOOD FOR NATIONAL BURRITO DAY ON THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2020 — Hey that is today!! It is truly remarkable timing for me to find this map to find free food and burritos. I have learned a lot by reading including that that will still happen in the current crazy times. Of thabout:blank#blockede restaurants mentioned in your article, I most like Chipotle Mexican Grill. I will definitely get the free queso from the Chipotle Mexican Grill on NATIONAL BURRITO DAY!

    Thanks again, I enjoyed reading your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group (if you give me permission).

    • Alyce says:

      I’m glad you will be able to support these Mexican / Tex-Mex restaurants and get some great deals for National Burrito Day. Thank you for sharing on social media!

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