National Pretzel Day 2023 Deals

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  1. Michel Maling says:

    Wow, I didn’t even realize that there was such a thing as national pretzel day. I never liked the plain ones growing up and still don’t, however with the different flavorings that you get nowadays, they can be quite delicious. They are also a healthy low-fat snack, well in comparison to crisps anyway.

    I would love to try the cinnamon and sugar ones, but I have never seen that flavor in these parts. I am sure they must be awesome.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Michel, It’s really fun that there are so many ways to enjoy pretzels. The cinnamon and sugar ones are fantastic and I definitely recommend that you try them if you get the chance!!

  2. Liam Tremblay says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing this informative content about National Pretzel Day and the offers. 

    It’s amazing to see how many businesses are participating in National Pretzel Day this year with deals and contests. As a huge fan of pretzels, I’m excited to try out some new flavors and support local businesses in the process. It’s great to see such a beloved snack getting the recognition it deserves! Thanks a lot.

  3. Brian Perisho says:

    Thank you so much for sharing when National Pretzel Day is in 2023.  Watching what I eat lately, I don’t normally eat a lot of carbs.  But for Pretzel Day I might just make an exception.  And by you sharing the local deals, national deals, and contests…  Everyone should be able to find an opportunity to have a pretzel on its special day!  Will you be participating in any of the contests?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi, Brian! We’re huge fans of pretzels at our house, so we have definitely entered a few of the contests! Even if we don’t win the grand prizes, we’re planning on enjoying a couple of pretzels on Free Pretzel Day!

  4. Stratos K says:

    I will be honest to say that I have never tried pretzels in my life. Although we have something similar in my country it is not exactly the same so I always wondering what’s the deal about them since it seems that so many people like them. Maybe I will have to try some online recipe and see if I like them or not. Thank you for sharing. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi, Stratos K! Pretzels are a common snack in the US. They can be enjoyed in many ways, including savory or sweet versions. Hopefully, you find a recipe that sounds perfect for your tastes. Enjoy!

  5. LineCowley says:

    Wow, there are so many promotions and offers to celebrate Pretzel Day. There is certainly something to please all the pretzel lovers out there. My favourite pretzel is a savoury pretzel with cream cheese and smoked salmon in it that I can eat for lunch. 

    It is amazing how many places do offer completely free pretzels, but invariably one needs to sign up for something, or in some cases buy something and then entered in a draw. Thanks for sharing some great offers. 

    • Alyce says:

      Mmm, the savory pretzel you describe sounds amazing! I hope you were able to take advantage of a couple of the National Pretzel Day offers! Enjoy!!

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