Free Recycling Programs for Household Waste

A modern lifestyle comes with many conveniences, but can often produce excess waste around the house. There are a lot of progressive parts of the country that do a great job to minimize the waste products that go into landfills, but it can be frustrating when there are no recycling centers near you.

Recycle Household Waste for Rewards

Recycle Household Waste for Rewards

Fortunately, there are some great FREE recycling programs that allow you to mail back select waste products so that the materials can be recycled. Even better is that there are 40+ programs that will make a donation to a charity of your choice as a reward for recycling the empty product packaging!

Recycling program details and signup links are below.

How to Recycle Household Waste

Save the planet by recycling empty waste products

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These eco-friendly recycling programs make it easy to recycle from almost anywhere in the USA.


Recycle Household Waste and Get Rewards

Household Recycling

Household Recycling

These programs make it easy to recycle and even offer incentives when you send back your waste. It’s a win-win-win scenario, as the company receives increased traffic and brand loyalty, the environment is spared the excess pollution, and you earn loyalty points or donations for charity!

Most of the programs below are made possible by TerraCycle, which has raised over 44 million dollars to date for charities around the world!

  • Arm & Hammer: recycle ARM & HAMMER and OxiClean plastic pouches and receive 100 points per pound
  • Babybel: recycle Babybel product packaging, such as cellophane, tag, net, metal clasps, wax, plastic wrappers and pouches and receive 100 points per pound
  • Barilla: recycle Barilla Ready Pasta flexible plastic pouches from Barilla brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • BIC Stationery: recycle Recycle all brands of writing instruments and packaging from any brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Bimbo Bakeries USA: recycle All Bimbo Bakeries USA bread, buns, bagels, and English muffins bags from Bimbo Bakeries USA brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Biotrue Eye Care: recycle all brands of contact lens cases, contact solution bottle caps, eye drop single dose vials, and Biotrue Hydration Boost Eye Drop bottles and caps and receive 100 points per pound
  • Brita: recycle Brita products and packaging from Brita brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • BuzzBallz: recycle BuzzBallz packaging from BuzzBallz brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Calphalon Cooking Tools: recycle all brands of metal-based cookware, bakeware, and cutlery from any brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Century: recycle Century baby gear products from Century brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Cerebelly: recycle Cerebelly pouches from Cerebelly brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Cigarette Waste Recycling: recycle Recycle cigarette waste from any brand and receive a $1 donation per pound
  • Dixon: recycle Recycle Dixon, Ticonderoga, Prang, and Lyra art supplies and writing instruments from Dixon brand and receive 50 points per pound
  • Don Francisco’s Coffee: recycle Don Francisco’s® Coffee bags and pods and Café La Llave® Espresso coffee pods and receive 100 points per pound
  • Dunkin: recycle Dunkin’® flexible coffee bags from Dunkin brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Entenmann’s: recycle Recycle Entenmann’s Little Bites® pouches and Entenmann’s® Minis film packaging from Entenmann’s brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Feastables: recycle Feastables flexible wrappers from Feastables brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Febreze Aerosol: recycle Empty Febreze aerosol containers. from Febreze Aerosol brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Febreze Air Care: recycle All brands of air freshener cartridges, plugs, trigger heads, and plastic and film packaging from any brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Gatorade: recycle Gatorade®, Propel®, EVOLVE® and Muscle Milk® sports nutrition product packaging from the Gatorade brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Gerber: recycle Gerber baby food packaging and small and large hook Gerber baby clothing hangers from Gerber brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • GoGo squeeZ: recycle Recycle all brands of squeezable snack plastic pouches and caps from any brand and receive 2 points per unit
  • GU Enegry Labs Performance Nutrition: recycle all brands of performance nutrition packets and packaging and receive 100 points per pound
  • Halo Pet Food: recycle Halo® pet food packaging from Halo Pet Food brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Honest Kids: recycle all brands of drink pouches from any brand and receive 1 point per unit
  • I and Love and You: recycle “I and love and you”® flexible pet food packaging. from I and Love and You brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Karma: recycle Karma™ dry pet food bags from Karma brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Kroger: recycle Kroger® Our Brands flexible plastic packaging from Kroger brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Late July: recycle Recycle Late July® Snacks packaging and receive 100 points per pound
  • Lundberg Family Farms: recycle Lundberg Family Farms flexible packaging and food wrappers from Lundberg Family Farms brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • MARTINI & ROSSI: recycle Recycle MARTINI & ROSSI® Frosé and Frosecco pouches and receive 100 points per pound
  • Mountain House: recycle Mountain House pouches from Mountain House brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Nature’s Heart: recycle Nature’s Heart organic baby food pouches from Nature’s Heart brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Newell Brands Home Fragrance: recycle Newell Brands’ home fragrance products and packaging from Newell Brands Home Fragrance brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • North Coast: recycle Recycle North Coast apple sauce pouches from North Coast brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • NOW Foods: recycle NOW® food and supplement pouches and “sticks”, toothpaste tubes, and personal care tubes. from NOW Foods brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Open Farm Pet Food: recycle Recycle Open Farm pet food packaging from Open Farm Pet Food brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • PopSockets: recycle PopSockets products, PopSockets packaging, and phone cases from any brand from PopSockets brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Pure Encapsulations and Beyond Free: recycle Pure Encapsulations® (and affiliated brands) nutritional supplement packaging and receive 100 points per pound
  • Royal Canin: recycle Royal Canin flexible plastic pet food packaging from Royal Canin brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Scrub Daddy: recycle used scrubbers from Scrub Daddy brand and receive $2 off per unit
  • Serenity Kids: recycle Serenity Kids® flexible plastic pouches from Serenity Kids brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Spin Master: recycle Spin Master toys, games, and packaging (except Kinetic Sand) from Spin Master brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Swiffer: recycle Swiffer refills from Swiffer brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Tailored: recycle Tailored pet food packaging from Tailored brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Terra: recycle Terra® snack packaging from Terra brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Tide: recycle Recycle Tide, Gain, Downy, Bounce, NBD. & Dreft fabric care packaging from Tide brand and receive 100 points per pound
  • Wellness Natural Pet Food: recycle Recycle Wellness Complete Health®, Wellness CORE®, and Holistic Select® pet food bags and soft wet food pouches and receive 100 points per pound
  • Wine Connoisseur: recycle Wine Connoisseur™ sachets from Wine Connoisseur brand and receive 100 points per pound


Recycle Household Waste for Free

Free Household Recycling

Free Household Recycling

While no points or monetary incentives are given with these programs, you can rest easy knowing that your waste does not end up in landfills or polluting the environment. Plus, participation is easy and free!

  • A Pup Above: recycle A Pup Above pet food packaging from A Pup Above brand
  • AeroFlexx: recycle AeroFlexx Hero Paks, Defense® personal care products, and DUDE® personal care products from AeroFlexx brand
  • Ancient Harvest & Pamela’s: recycle Ancient Harvest & Pamela’s flexible plastic packaging from Ancient Harvest & Pamela’s brand
  • Babyation: recycle Babyation tubes and tube packaging from Babyation brand
  • Bausch + Lomb ONE by ONE Recycling Program: recycle Recycle all brands of contact lenses and blister packs from any brand
  • Brodo: recycle Brodo flexible plastic film pouches from Brodo brand
  • D’Addario: recycle Recycle all brands of instrument strings and clippings, including nylon, steel, and orchestral strings from any brand
  • Earthborn Holistic: recycle Earthborn Holistic®, Venture™, and UNREFINED™ pet food and treat bags from Earthborn Holistic brand
  • Fuel For Fire: recycle Fuel For Fire fruit and protein smoothie pouches from Fuel For Fire brand
  • Fullgreen: recycle Fullgreen pouches from Fullgreen brand
  • Go Well by Good Feeding: recycle Go Well by Good Feeding baby food pouches from Go Well by Good Feeding brand
  • Happy Family Organics: recycle Happy Family Organics® flexible plastic packaging, pouches, and caps from Happy Family Organics brand
  • Hasbro Toys: recycle Recycle Hasbro toys and games from Hasbro Toys brand
  • Haven’s Kitchen: recycle Haven’s Kitchen sauce pouches from Haven’s Kitchen brand
  • Healthycell: recycle Healthycell gel packs from Healthycell brand
  • HFactor Water: recycle HFactor®️ water pouches from HFactor Water brand
  • Hydros: recycle Hyrdros water filter products and packaging from Hydros brand
  • L.O.L. Surprise!: recycle Recycle your L.O.L. Surprise! packaging, accessories, and products from L.O.L. Surprise! brand
  • LemonKind: recycle LemonKind® SuperDetoxMe™ pouches from LemonKind brand
  • Nespresso: recycle Nespresso used capsules from Nespresso brand
  • Nulo Challenger: recycle Nulo® Challenger™ pet food bags from Nulo Challenger brand
  • Peet’s Coffee: recycle Peet’s Espresso capsules from Peet’s Coffee brand
  • Portland Pet Food Company: recycle Portland Pet Food Company pouches from Portland Pet Food Company brand
  • Quinn Snacks: recycle Quinn Snacks flexible packaging from Quinn Snacks brand
  • Rubbermaid Food Storage: recycle all brands of well-used food storage containers from any brand
  • Seed Phytonutrients: recycle Seed Phytonutrients pumps from Seed Phytonutrients brand
  • Solo Cup: recycle #6 rigid plastic cups from any brand
  • Spotlight Oral Care Aligners: recycle all brands of dental aligners and packaging from any brand
  • Weruva: recycle Weruva flexible plastic packaging from Weruva brand
  • White Leaf Provisions: recycle White Leaf Provisions flexible plastic pouches from White Leaf Provisions brand
  • Wolf Project: recycle Wolf Project flexible plastic packaging from Wolf Project brand
  • Zellee: recycle Zellee Organic fruit jel pouches from Zellee brand


Thank you for saving and sharing!

Free Household Waste Recycling

Free Household Waste Recycling

In addition to all the great places where you can easily recycle household items, make sure to check out all the places to find rewards for recycling:

What are your favorite programs for recycling these household product containers? Do you know of additional recycling ideas that should be added to the list?

28 Responses

  1. Diana says:

    Awareness is great, I never realized so many companies participate in this program.. The benefits are so rewarding, helping save our planet and also giving to charity. We should all do the little we can to give back and this is a very affordable way to contribute. This is a must-share article with valuable information to know how and where to recycle household trash to earn donations for charities!

  2. LineCowley says:

    As an eco warrior, it is great to find that there are programs where one can return your products for recycling. And even better then that they will make a charitable donation. That should be a great incentive for everybody to take part in a recycling program.

    Terracycle is doing an awesome job having partnered with so many brands to do recycling. Is this a global program, or is it very localised? Thank you for sharing this great innovation. 

  3. Tinababy says:

    Thanks you for your interesting post. I’m very glad for this information. I really appreciate you sharing this article and I’m going to try my possible best to share this as many as i can. Thanks once again

  4. SeunJeremiah says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative article, I love the fact the Terracycle has partnered with a lot of companiesto ease the waste in our environment and earn points for them for charitable donations.This is the first time i would be hearing about this and I’m definitely interested. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Alyce says:

      It’s great that there are companies who reward people for helping to keep the environment clean! 

  5. Shannon says:

    I had no idea companies offered rewards programs for recycling their product packaging! This is an excellent idea; I’m so glad I found your site.

    Looking through your list, I see quite a few companies whose products I use right off the bat. I am definitely going to start taking advantage of at least some of these programs. I’m always the one around our house that harps on everyone making sure that all trash is rinsed out, put in its proper container etc. trying to do my part in keeping the planet a little less cluttered. Now I’ve found a few more ways I can help. Thanks so much!

  6. Juliet says:

    Hi Alyce, This is an awesome idea! And a win win situation as well! Is TerraCycle in other continents as well or is it only in America? Here in Scotland we have recycling points, you take unwanted stuff there but no reward or insensitive comes with you recycling. TerraCycle should think of going global. This is a really great idea! 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Juliet, Terracycle is in other parts of the world. When you go to their website, look for your country in the top right and click on it for more details!

  7. Stella says:

    Hello, thanks for this fascinating list of companies that offer loyalty rewards just to keep our surrounding clean and is indeed a win-win-win strategy. The company will gain more awareness in the process of ensuring a tidy environment and the people get reward for the help they have done for the universe. Nothing can be so amazing than that. This website is very useful and I won’t hesitate to bookmark it for further reference. Whoever can tell, we might have disposable products materials we want to dispose in my household. These companies will be of great help rather than littering everywhere with dirts that can pose huge threat to many living organisms.

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks Stella, I am really impressed that they have so many free recycling programs… it’s as easy as requesting an envelope and collecting your recyclables to mail back! It’s wonderful when it’s so easy to do the right thing for the planet and future generations!!

  8. Pandamelody says:

    This is a really important topic these days ! Very good to see people taking action to help the environment !

    But most people aren’t aware of the problem, or just don’t think about it. I think you should add a section explaining all the dangers of climate change and why we should help. 

    The overall article is very well explained and very good use of visuals!

    • Alyce says:

      You are right and that is a great idea… it’s hard to feel compelled to be a part of the solution when you don’t understand the problem! I will consider adding that information in a future update!

      As this website focuses on rewards programs, I chose to focus on ways to find rewards… most rewards these days are incentives for purchasing things, but this program is great in that you don’t have to buy a thing to be rewarded. It speaks to those who may only want to recycle if there is something in it for them… in this case, I don’t care why they are recycling, I am just happy that they are doing something that truly helps us all. 

  9. Twack Romero says:

    This is an incredible article on an excellent site. Just wanted to get that on the record. I have not only bookmarked your site but put a shortcut on the desktop, easy to forget bookmarks. The world is getting itself into a pickle and we’ve no one to blame but ourselves. So it’s good to see, not only responsibility being taken, also plans being put in place. We can all say we’re going to do this and that but do we really ever make the effort or do we just sit back and think ‘someone else will do it’ or you might even be cynical and think that it’s not going to make a difference.

    44 million is a huge difference, which is undeniable. Kudos to this company for making the effort and to you for making this information available. Anything we can do to help our world situation the better. I for one will be going through each of the links to see if I’m able to contribute.

  10. Gaurav Gaur says:

    Hi, Alyce.
    Thanks for sharing all the programs from A to Z which have partnered with Terra Cycle to make the planet safe. TerraCycle seems to doing the excellent work to generate awareness among common people on how anything and everything can be recycled. A great job indeed.
    Kudos to your blog for bringing it on the single platform. We are delighted.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Alyce says:

      It’s great to see that so many companies provide an easy and free way to recycle things from home!

  11. gr8megawinner says:

    Best Rewards Program is amazing information for me because I didn’t know there is a bunch of organizations ready to reward people from their refuse or throw away household items. An organization such as Arm & hammer gives away 100 points. There are amazingly a lot of them Solo Cup gives 100 points as well. I remember Quinn Snacks Buddy Fruit Tide. The point is not only recycling is monetized by a private individual it also promotes awareness on people to be kind to our environment by raising awareness not on the negative side but the positive side of it. People are encouraged to do their part to contribute with rewards to their chosen organizations or charities. It is a very useful information.

    • Alyce says:

      I like how it’s just good all around – you get rewarded for doing something that is already a great idea!

  12. Vanessa says:

    Wow! These are pretty good options for recycling and a great way to support a charity of your choice! I had no idea that so many products can be used for recycling. When you consider that there are so may options to recycle, there really should be less waste around the house or even in the landfills. But not many people might be aware of the many options that are available as far as recycling goes. 

    This is definitely an eyeopener and recycling our waste takes such a small effort on our part. It’s a small act that can have really big consequences and ensure the health of the earth in future.  

    • Alyce says:

      Many of the products on this page are not accepted by local municipal recycling centers, so it’s great that these free mail-in programs are available!

  13. Henry says:

    Hi! I have landed upon your site searching for rewards and I’m so glad I have found bestrewardsprograms. You have so many reward programs listed here that I have decided to bookmark and come and checkout every time you publish a new post!

    But in this post you have the best rewarding program I have read so far on your site. In this post you address a very important topic for me as is recycling. I hope many companies follow this path. And I’ll start right away. I feel it won’t be difficult for me to gather 10 lbs of GoGo squeeZ recycling material. I’m excited to participate.

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks Henry, I’m sure your charity of choice will be thrilled to receive the donation for your time!

  14. Jay says:

    I am really impressed with what these guys are doing because like it or not this would play some role in keeping the environment clean and safe. Getting paid to recycle waste is just amazing. You help save the environment while also helping the companies to become more exposed. That is really a win win.

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