National Ice Cream Day Promotions

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  1. Parameter says:

    I must be honest that I always look forward to July. I get a lot of offers popping up on the nearest offer for ice cream. My son and I enjoy ice creams. You got some deals on your list. Thank you for the link to the Harry Potter website. It’s a timely deal and an opportunity to see other stuff on the website. I must also appreciate Bruster’s link; I can get some for my dogs.

    • Alyce says:

      Happy National Ice Cream Day 2023! There are certainly a lot of fun ice cream deals and ice-cream-themed contests this year! I hope you can enjoy your favorites and cool off a bit during this extreme summer heat. Enjoy!

  2. John Topping says:

    Hi Alyce,

    So it’s National Ice Cream Day in the US this Sunday. I didn’t know this until I read your article. We don’t have it in Australia but it seems like a good idea. Lots of fun for the whole family including recipes and contests. Checked out the links to some of the ice creams on offer and they looked great.

    Cheers John

    • Alyce says:

      Hi John, Thanks for checking in! As ice cream is typically enjoyed as a Summer treat, I guess I’m not surprised that Ice Cream Day isn’t celebrated in July in Australia! 😉 

  3. Israel says:

    Yeah, National Ice Cream Day is just around the corner, and I can already taste the sweet treats! It’s the perfect time to indulge in your favorite ice cream flavors and enjoy some fantastic deals. From free doggie sundaes at Bruster’s Ice Cream to half-priced shakes and drinks at Sonic, there’s something for everyone.

    Now, I’m curious: what’s your go-to ice cream flavor and why? Do you prefer classic options like vanilla and chocolate, or do you enjoy exploring unique and adventurous flavors?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Israel, I am not sure I’ve ever met an ice cream that I didn’t like! 😉 My go-to flavors are often classics like vanilla or cookie and cream, but I’m always up for sampling a few more flavors!!

  4. pasindu dimanka says:

    Thank you very much for this interesting and detailed post about ice cream. Actually, one of my favorite foods is ice cream. But I came to know about something like this today. Similarly, you have shown some good ice cream brands in this. I really like Baskin Robbins. And I will definitely try the others. Keep posting like this. I will definitely share this.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi pasindu! I’m a big fan of Baskin-Robbins as well, and I’m looking forward to enjoying great deals on ice cream for National Ice Cream Day this Sunday, July 17th!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Hi Alyce, July is the hottest month of the year here in Manitoba, so it would be a good month for ice cream month. Ice cream for everyone, even the pups!
    I am impressed by your side-bar. You have a huge imagination of things to capture people’s eye. It would take a long time to explore all the information you have on your website!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Carolyn, I’m not sure if Canada also celebrates Ice Cream Day, but hopefully the ice cream deals extend across the border for the perfect July treat!

  6. Monalisha says:


    Ice Cream Day? Really this is a amazing offer!! Before today, I didn’t know about this. It would be a great offer for this hot weather. I was amazed to know that snowy (my dog)  doesn’t have to just stare at me when I eat Ice cream, he can now eat too. I am really excited for him. 

    Thanks for such a great informative article. Happy Ice Cream Day to you!!

  7. Radeet says:

    I have a dog. It made me feel good to know that my dog would be able to eat this ice cream. But with my boys, I will participate in this day. Because I have promised my kids that I will take them on Sunday for the Ice Cream Day and this is a national ice cream day.

    Thanks for sharing this type of article. Happy ice cream day!

  8. Harber says:

    After reading your post, I told all of my friends that we will enjoy Ice Cream Day next Sunday. I am ready with all those friends who agreed to observe the day. I appreciate you for posting about Ice Cream Day. Because many people do not know about this day. Hopefully, many people will know about this Ice Cream Day and will be able to enjoy this day with dear people. I would definitely like to share the post and celebrate this day.

  9. Polash says:

    It was really awesome to know about national ice cream day. I love to eat ice cream. It is very good to know that there is an ice cream day. I am preparing to celebrate this day and talk to my friends about this day. But I’ll go over the two places for dogs. But I think the ice cream day in July will enjoy many in warm temperatures.

    • Alyce says:

      The hot weather that the country is currently experiencing does make it a perfect weekend to celebrate ice cream!

  10. Hossen says:

    I’m really surprised. Because before reading your post, I did not know about icecream day. We eat ice cream many times. But I want to share this day with my friends. Since July is a perfect ice cream day, I want to spend the best with my friends. 

    thanks for your great post. 

  11. Nuttanee says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing offer! There is a Carvel store right in the corner of my place and I will be sure to take that use that promotion on the 21st. I make sure to stop by at Sonic’s as well. I need as many ice cream 🍦 in this weather. It is really hot this year and super humid as well. Wendy’s also have a $1 frosty as well not sure if they have a promotion or not. 


  12. Alex says:

    I had no idea national ice cream day was a thing. I wonder if we have that in Canada… my Son tried ice cream for the first time last night actually. He’s 16 months old and he really had a hard time going to bed after. I think it’s going to remain a grown up treat a while longer. I hope I can find a list like this for Canada! We would be out the door so fast for free treats! 

  13. Stepho says:

    This would have been a great news to me if I had not started my diet plan. However, I can still treat my family and my dog to a special promotion offer even though I cannot eat one myself. Though this is a new thing for me to discover because I never knew ice cream day existed before. It seems very cool to me though and I love special days like this. And I will also document the other special events days and would be sure to keep a lookout if the shops around is are observing those special promo days. Thanks for the info

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Stepho, It’s very considerate of you to treat your family (and dog!) even if you can’t indulge!

  14. SeunJeremiah says:

    These are the sweltering and sticky days of summer, primed for a popular food holiday and National Ice Cream Day is at the corner  which falls on Sunday, creating the chance for a weekend of sundaes, cones, milk shakes, parfaits and is going to be a promising day for my kids, Thanks for the reminder on National Ice Cream Day, I honestly did forgot.

  15. Jeff Marshall says:

    Gee, an Icecream day – how good is that!

    I live in Australia and never heard of Icecream Day. We are all big Icecream eaters Downunder and I’m surprised we don’t have such a day here.

    We’d have to hold this in December of course, being that it’s pouring down with rain at the moment but I love the concept.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Jeff, hopefully you do have an Ice Cream Day in Australia… although it would definitely make more sense for it to fall during the hot Summer months!

  16. Ronald Otochi says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article. I don’t eat much ice cream but I just discovered vanilla bean. Now I know when & where to get a deal on ice cream cone. Vanilla bean here I come. Oh wait, all the places close to me offered something in April or May, bummer. I’ll be ready for it next year.

    On question i did have is, are there only 2 places offering deals for dogs? None of those places are close to me. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Ronald, those are the only 2 national places that I know of that offer ice cream treats for dogs… which is too bad because we recently had a lot of fun when we took our dog out with us to Bruster’s for an ice cream! Not only did we enjoy it, but other dog lovers nearby got a kick out of watching our dog lap up her doggy sundae. 

      Warm Regards, Alyce

  17. AmDetermined says:

    Thanks for the information towards the National ice cream day which will happen this coming Sunday, i really appreciate your post for sharing information about the places to go to on this day to be able to partake! Plus you also have information where dogs can enjoy this offer, so my dog (Daisy) also appreciates you. i will share this information because every one of your posts are always helpful.

    • Alyce says:

      Nice! We recently took our dog to Bruster’s for ice cream. It was a lot of fun for us to include the dog while out for a sweet treat!!

      Warm Regards, Alyce

  18. Harry says:

    I’ve promised my kids and wife that I am going to take them out Sunday for ice cream since it’s national ice cream day…

    I am between Brusters and Carvel to tell you the truth. I decide which one we’ll visit at the last minute… Maybe we go to both but we will be eating way too much ice cream for one day 😛

    Thanks for letting me know about the deals. Happy ice cream day!

  19. Jackson kenny says:

    Thanks for such a great post…I have never heard of the ice-cream day neither did I even know that we were in ice cream month..It’s funny though lol…I just knew that as a high school kid, me and my friends always went to this store that sells very cheap ice-cream occasionally. I can very well share this with my younger sister who has become an ice-cream addict, she’ll be very pleased to check this out… Thanks again

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Jackson, It seems like there are “national day” designations for just about everything you could possibly imagine including Gingersnap Day, Fried Clam Day, Dive Bar Day, and Pet Photo Day. It all seems a bit silly until there are promos to get freebies for things like ice cream! 🙂

      Hopefully you or your sister will save some cash on a sweet treat or two this time around. 

      By the way, I hope you have a wonderful National Corn Fritters Day and National Personal Chef’s Day today (Jul 16)! 😉

      Warm Regards, Alyce

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