Easy Ways to Save Money on All Your Purchases

There are times when you don’t want to wait for a birthday gift, earned rewards, or sale offer in order to get a discount. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait! There are multiple ways to find discounts if you know where to look.

Tips to Help You Hold on to Your Money

Tips to Help You Hold on to Your Money

Keep more of your money in your wallet by following these tips and tricks to save big on your everyday purchases.

Clever Ways to Save Money on Purchases

Here are 6 creative ways that you can save money on most of your everyday purchases. Learn more below about these smart money-saving strategies!

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

There are many times when someone would prefer to trade their gift cards for some cold, hard cash. Fortunately, this means that there are opportunities where you can buy these great gift cards for a discount of 10% or more!

Everyday Saving with Discount Gift Cards

Everyday Saving with Discounted Gift Cards

The following websites are marketplaces for unused gift cards. They include a wide variety of stores, and have a selection of both physical gift cards that are mailed and electronic gift cards that you can use right away.

The next time you plan to make a purchase at a large store, check to see if you can save with a discounted gift card. There are hundreds of stores and restaurants to choose from including Lowe’s, Sephora, Target, Ulta Beauty, AMC Theatres, Kohl’s, Office Max, Tiffany & Co, and 100’s more! Note that you should always check the terms of each offer and make sure that you’ll be able to get your money’s worth!

PRO-TIP: You can also sell any of your unwanted gift cards on these sites!

Buy Coupons

Did you know that you can buy valuable coupons? These opportunities show up when certain groups receive valuable coupons that they are not planning to use. For example, Lowe’s and Home Depot often send coupons to people right after they move to a new address. As not everyone needs these coupons, they can end up on resale sites where they can be purchased for a small amount. If you are planning a big purchase, a 10% discount can easily be worth over $100, and very much worth the extra step of purchasing a coupon.

Try these sites to find coupons for sale:

Some of the coupons can be used immediatly online, while others you will have to receive in the mail. Make sure to understand what you are purchasing to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Use Rebate Websites to Earn Cash Back

There are some websites that will reward you in the form of cash back on your purchases. Each of these sites uses it’s own system that you will need to learn to navigate, but if you find one that you like, you can potentially earn a good amount of cash back!

Use Store-branded Credit Cards

This method is not for everyone and should be carefully evaluated before you sign up.

Cash and Cards in Wallet

Cash and Cards in Wallet

At places where you already spend a significant amount of money, signing up for a store-branded credit card can be a smart-money move — if you use it responsibly. There are strong pros & cons for these types of credit cards. Take both sides of these offers into account when deciding if they make sense for your family.

  • earn points, discounts, & bonus gifts
  • ongoing discounts or cash-back on all purchases
  • introductory low or no-interest teaser rates
  • qualifying for the card may be easier than a standard VISA / MASTERCARD and can help to build credit history
  • extra perks and rewards at store may include
    • free shipping
    • extra days for returns
    • free alterations
    • returns with no receipt
    • birthday gifts
  • much higher than average interest rates
  • low credit limits
  • too many credit accounts may hurt credit scores / credit ratings
  • your total spend / purchasing may be increased when discounts are offered
  • limited card acceptability (often can only be used at single store)
  • you are likely to comparison shop less if you are loyal to one store

If you decide that you do want to sign up for these store-brand credit cards, you can find them from most big brands. I have had a few over the years, making sure to only keep the ones that provide hefty benefits for being a card-member. Here are a few worth considering for their benefits:

  • Amazon Visa Card (5% credit back on every statement)
  • IHG Mastercard (annual fee, but includes automatic platinum status at hotels worldwide and a free hotel night voucher)
  • Delta Air Lines American Express Card (annual fee, but includes companion ticket voucher and priority boarding)

Comparison Shopping & Price Matching

Sometimes you may enjoy the convenience, loyalty program, or return policy of a store — even when they don’t have the lowest price. In these cases, you may be able to get the lower price of the competitor’s store if your preferred store offers price matching!

Coins Adding Calculated Savings

Adding Up Savings

Here are 27 examples of stores who offer price matching / price adjustments for up to 30 days after you make your purchase!

  1. Abt offers price matching within 30 days of purchase
  2. Academy Sports + Outdoors will beat the lower price by 5% up to 14 days after purchase
  3. Advance Auto Parts matches prices of printed ads or online retailers at time of purchase
  4. Bed Bath & Beyond matches prices for in-stock items up to 14 days after purchase
  5. Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s matches prices for identical items at time of purchase
  6. Best Buy matches prices at select retailers including Amazon
  7. Dell matches prices from select websites
  8. Dick’s Sporting Goods matches prices for in-stock items up to 14 days after purchase
  9. Dyson 30 day price match promise
  10. Fry’s Electronics 30 day price match promise to refund 110% of the price difference
  11. GNC matches prices of printed ads or online retailers at time of purchase
  12. Home Depot matches prices of printed ads or online retailers at time of purchase
  13. HP matches prices of printed ads or online retailers during return and exchange window
  14. JC Penney will beat the lower price by 5% up to 14 days after purchase
  15. Kohl’s matches prices for identical items at time of purchase
  16. Lord & Taylor matches prices at time of purchase and offers price adjusments on permanently marked down items for up to 7 days after purchase
  17. Lowe’s matches prices for in-stock items up to 30 days after purchase
  18. Michael’s 7 day price match promise to refund 110% of the price difference
  19. Nordstrom matches prices at time of purchase or will grant price adjustment on their own items for up to 14 days after purchase
  20. Office Depot matches prices for in-stock items up to 14 days after purchase
  21. PC Richard & Son matches prices for identical items up to 30 days after purchase
  22. PetCo matches prices for identical items at time of purchase
  23. PetSmart matches prices for identical items at time of purchase
  24. Sears matches prices for identical items at time of purchase
  25. Sur La Table matches prices for identical items at time of purchase
  26. Target matches prices for in-stock items up to 14 days after purchase
  27. Walmart matches prices for in-stock items from select stores

Please note that there may be exclusions to the policies listed above. Check the retailer’s website for full price-matching details.

Enjoy Benefits of Personal Status

Additionally, see other BestRewardsPrograms.com posts to learn how to enjoy even more benefits as a senior citizen, student, or member of the military.


What do you think of these discount programs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Happier At Home says:

    Well, well!  I have learned a lot in the past 10 minutes from reading your post!  Who knew you could sell unused gift cards?  And to so many different companies?  Awesome!  I also never knew you could purchase coupons!  WHAT!?  I’m so glad I found this; we’re moving soon!  

    I am impressed by all the different ways one can save money – if smart!  This is a very good article pointing many people in the right direction to save a few bucks here or there.  It adds up over time!  Thanks for your work in gathering all of this information to put in one place!  I appreciate it!  Cheers!

    • Alyce says:

      These are definitely great to know about when moving — the expenses of settling in to a new home can be a surprise so it’s great to save money on everything including gift cards! 

  2. Margarette says:

    Ooh, I love saving money.

    I use Ebates for when I do my online shopping.  I’ve gotten back some great rewards.  I often do research on price  before making a major purchase.

    But I didn’t realize that so many stores had price matching or that I could save money purchases gift cards.

    Thanks for the list of stores by the way.

  3. Carol5162 says:

    It is always great to be able to save money while getting all the necessary items for your home. I am currently using a store branded credit card and so far it has worked pretty good for me. I have saved quite some amounts, and in some instances, just got items for free just for being a member of the store. I also like the concept of buying discounted gift cards. Thank you for these great tips and suggestions on where to look. Every penny saved compounds to something bigger. Great article!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Carol, It’s great to hear that you have also found that the store branded credit cards are great for special store perks and discounts!

  4. Abayomi says:

    Excellent article on ways to save money,first of all let me salute your writing prowess and the help you give to bless many people, achieving this by buying discounted card,buying  coupons and also there are some websites that will reward you in the form of cash back on your purchases,yes you are actually right,I enjoyed your wonderful post ,I’ve gained a lot from this write-up,very helpful,thank you for sharing.

  5. Jones says:

    This is a really interesting post and I find it beneficial to me because I’ll be able to use it to save some pennies for myself. I’ve been purchasing commodities both online and in cash and I don’t know how to make extra discount out of what I pay, stumbling on this post has really widened my understanding and I’m very happy because I’ll be able to save for myself from all purchase I make. This is a really helpful and useful post for me, I enjoyed reading through every line. I love it and thanks for sharing.

  6. Wayne Parker says:

    Awesome article.  We all have times when we’re struggling, and need help.  But the ideas you list are for any time, and I appreciate that.  You provide so much help, and so much detail.  Thank you for your research and your ideas.  I really appreciate the listing of retailers that match or adjust pricing with 30 days of your purchase.  I realized some companies did it, but had no idea it was so many.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Wayne, It is definitely helpful to understand which companies will help you to save money — it’s even better that a few will go the extra mile and save you money even after you make a purchase!

  7. drinkteahub says:

    Like many other commenters here, I didn’t realise it was possible to buy discounted gift card but I suppose it makes sense when you think about it. Thank you for taking the trouble to find all this information and put it in the public domain so we all have the chance to benefit from it. There are loads of other sites on this page that I didn’t know about – great work!

  8. Jordan Smith says:

    I have a temporary job I’m doing currently, and I’m concerned about stocking up as much good as possible because I don’t how long the job will last.I really wanted to save money, but I could not. I hadn’t known about many of these! Awesome rundown  I found your tips really helpful and I think now I will be able to save some money.
    Thanks for your amazing article.

  9. Nate MC says:

    These are some cool ways to save money on stuff. I especially like the idea of buying discounted used gift cards. I was actually recently wondering if there was a way people could get used gift cards. Definitely going to check out a few of those sites. And buying up coupons is a good idea, too.

    • Alyce says:

      The gift card exchanges are such a cool concept — it’s great to unload the ones you won’t use and a great way to save money on the ones you actually need!

  10. gr8megawinner says:

    Reading about various types of interest has given me wonderful information which may otherwise I would never know if I don’t love reading interesting blogs like this.  As I have been retired and had to be wiser in my expenses, it’s fortunate reading your article about the Easy Ways to Save Money on All Your Purchases. I have learned the details of the advantages and some disadvantages. I realized that they are all basically more on the side of advantages towards saving some dollars in my pocket. Why not? I would just be following the recommendation, it would not hurt my ego either. Let me see, I like the Buy Discount GiftCards and use it by myself as it gives more ‘sweets’ to shopping such as buy coupons, Card Cookie, or Card cash, etc. Using the store Branded Credit card is good advice as well for discount, cashback, and some promo schemes. Comparison of Shopping and Price like in the JC Penny and HP and taking advantage of Personal Status as Military Personnel, Sr, Citizen or as a student; all of which easily give more value and savings to my hard-earned money. Great tips for saving dollars on Purchases.

  11. AnxietyPanda says:

    Who doesn’t like to save a dime or two? I know I sure do! 

    Thank you so much for compiling this post and having all the handy resources for ways to save even more available in one place – especially the list of Price Matching websites! Very handy indeed!

    Also, I’ve never even thought about buying discounted gift cards, what a great idea! 

    I will bookmark this post and look forward to reading more of your articles soon!

    • Alyce says:

      It is amazing that gift card marketplaces exist, as sometimes we can end up with gift cards that we just don’t know how to spend… this enables people to cash those in for something they’ll be able to use, and gives other people that can use the gift card an opportunity to get a discount! Win-win!!

  12. My Daily Pointers says:

    I had no idea that I could actually buy discounted gift cards.  I mean, if I am going to be shopping at that store anyway, a gift card is exactly the same as cash!  (I have bought gift cards off individuals on an app called varagesale but there is always the worry that the card doesn’t contain the amount on it that the seller says it does.)

    I also appreciate the list of retailers that provide price matching, especially after purchasing! 

    • Alyce says:

      I agree that you have got to have some protection when purchasing the gift cards… it’s great that these sellers will guarantee that you are buying a valid gift card!

  13. Oana says:

    Wow, this is so helpful. Your article made me think about how much money I am loosing. I did not know that you can buy coupons online. That is so weird. But, if you want to save money, this is a great help.

    Also, thank you for the effort to put together the list, I already bookmarked your article. 

  14. Henderson says:

    This is a really great post on how to save some money on purchases made. I am personally one of those who don’t really care about discounts but sometimes it hurts me when my friends tell me they bought some of the things I buy at cheaper prices. I think I’ll check out those price matching stores. Thanks is for putting this up.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Henderson, It can be frustrating to feel like you’ve overpaid for something. Hopefully these resources are easy ways for us all to pay much less for our everyday purchases!

  15. Dave says:

    Hallo there Alyce, 

    I have been looking for way to reduce my cost of purchases and your post has really enlightened me on the many opportunities out there.

    I have been mainly using rebates and Be Frugal and they have really helped me save on a couple of dollars here and there. Now with all the other ways you have listed here, I am sure that I will be able to save even more.

    Thanks a lot for the information. It is really going to come in handy for me. 

  16. Kat says:

    Wow, this is really helpful information that you’ve gathered in this post. I had no idea that people sell their coupons online which still gives people a discount if they are planning a big purchase. This is good to know so that with a little bit of planning bargains can still be had! 
    It’s also handy to have the list of sites that sell unused gift cards! I imagine this could be very convenient and save people tonnes of money. I love a good bargain!

    I like that you’ve warned people to only sign up to store credit cards if they already spend their money there. There’s definitely no point getting a credit card to save money if it doesn’t work out that you end up saving money esp if it’s not paid off in time so it costs you more in interest. 

    Thanks for putting together such relevant ways to save. 

    • Alyce says:

      The gift card and coupon resale markets are definitely a great way to save money! The store credit cards can be a good deal too, but you definitely need to evaluate those strongly before jumping in.

  17. Mariana says:

    Hi Alyce! 

    Thank for all this information. I hope many people save more money after reading your post. I wish I could try these options myself. But, after checking some of the websites, I think most of them are only possible for people in the USA. And many of these stores you mentioned aren’t in my country either. I will try to find similar options and websites to the ones you recommend that provide the same service but in my country. 



    • Alyce says:

      Hi Mariana, Yes, this is focused on the US market, but many of the stores also have a global presence. You may be able to find similar options for your own country with a quick search. Best of luck!

  18. Thank you for 6 Easy Ways To Save Money. all of things too much important.. if I don’t see this idea I can’t to thinking like this. For next now I to earn reward for get give card Earn Rewards for Recycling Your Clothing & Shoes or can use for beauty as well ..wow thank you so much..

  19. Rina says:

    I like the idea of cash back on gift cards and can see the attraction for those who might get into this in a big way. A dollar saved per transaction can mount up over time. This system would be especially beneficial it seems to those who love to shop and shop often. I have seen that coupons can save an awful lot of money for the purchaser depending on the amount of coupons they collect and if this is the case with giftcards then it makes sense to take the time to check them all out.

    • Alyce says:

      I agree Rina, coupons can save a lot of money… and the savings are even better if you stack those savings by making your purchase with a discounted gift card!

  20. SeunJeremiah says:

    Thanks for this interesting article, all you have mentioned here is true.

  21. Jeff Marshall says:

    Hi, there!

    I really enjoyed your post on easy ways to save money on all your purchases.

    I didn’t know there are so many ways I can save some money when I go shopping and you have given me a lot to think about.

    I am a bit of a creature of habit and do a lot off clothes shopping at my favorite store.

    The idea of grabbing an in-store credit card is simply brilliant and I had never thought of doing this before. This can save me a lot of money over time and thanks for the tips.

    • Alyce says:

      Awesome Jeff! It may definitely be worth your while to get the in-store card where you frequently shop!

  22. Jim says:

    Hi Alyce. I had no idea about some of the ways to save money you mentioned.  I have tried a few of them but others are new to me. The main way I save money on food is to use the supermarket rewards program, but I only do this with those items I know are well priced. A rewards program won’t mean a thing if the particular food you purchase is actually more expensive then elsewhere. I must look into the discounted cards and coupons, I haven’t tried those yet. Thank you for proving so many links to various places where we can check out the discounts etc., I am definitely going to go and have a look. Jim 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Jim, There are frequently gift cards available for grocery stores and supermarkets, and some of them (like CardPool) will even alert you to new inventory!

  23. Nuttanee says:

    Thank you for this amazing list. By the way, thanks to you yesterday I went to Carvel and got the free ice cream on a national ice cream day 🙂 Back to the topic.

    Healthy lifestyle is not cheap, I know. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and saw the price for the organic celery and was surprise by it, it was $7  for a small stalk! I will take advantage of this list and enroll to all these fun fitness classes. I never really get to join them, every time I join, I never made it to class so I stopped completely. This is great, I get to try it and see if I want to sign up or not. 

    Thanks for the discount Rx, you never know I might need it for the future use.

  24. Russ Green says:

    Thank you so much for this information on how to save money, I believe there are quite a lot of us who are on a tight budget at the moment and in need of some help, I like the idea of the rebate websites to earn cash back and the comparison shopping and price matching, these are two things I hadn’t heard about before, thank you for sharing, I will be using some of your ideas in the near future.


    • Alyce says:

      Hi Russ, The rebate sites are great tools to save money, and it’s nicer that some of them are currently offering sign up bonuses!

  25. Jay says:

    I am only familiar with rebate websites as I make use of them a lot. They are mostly useful in running ecommerce stores on Shopify and I have even used them as a way to pay my VA. I am not entirely aware of the other methods listed in this post but they look like they would really come in handy. 

    Good find.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Jay, very interesting that you are using them to run ecommerce stores on Shopify! I didn’t realize that was also a feature!!

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