Free Coffee + National Coffee Day Deals

Even if you’ve never heard of it, National Coffee Day is a great excuse to enjoy one of the world’s favorite beverages! Whether you prefer a hot cup of joe in the morning, an iced coffee in the afternoon, or a coffee cocktail in the evening, there are countless ways to enjoy this caffeinated treat!

Free Coffee Day

Free Coffee Day

Join Americans across the country in celebrating National Coffee Day with your favorite coffee drink and great deals on coffee nationwide. Enjoy FREE coffee at some of the most popular coffee shops, plus lots of great additional ways to celebrate.

Check out the great deals on coffee to mark the occasion and enjoy a tasty treat!


National Coffee Day

While I usually drink coffee in what is likely its most basic form (hot, black, and unsweetened), I also enjoy the many other delicious ways that it can be prepared. National Coffee Day is a fantastic time to explore options that you may not normally take the time to enjoy.


What is National Coffee Day

What is National Coffee Day

What is National Coffee Day?

In the USA, National Coffee Day falls on September 29 each year. Many restaurants and cafes offer specials on coffee drinks and supplies to celebrate the occasion. Some places go all out and offer FREE coffee to all of their guests with no purchase required, making this special day a Free Coffee Day!

Mark your calendar now and plan to enjoy!


When is National Coffee Day

Like a birthday, National Coffee Day is celebrated on the same date each year (on September 29th). Since the holiday date remains constant, the day of the week will shift each year. For the 2023 National Coffee Day, the holiday falls on the last Friday of the month of September.


How to Celebrate National Coffee Day

While you may not be especially familiar with National Coffee Day, it is an easy holiday to celebrate! Take advantage of great deals on coffee and special promotions from the biggest coffee brands.


National Coffee Day Deals

Many large coffee brands are known to offer buzzworthy deals on National Coffee Day. Take advantage of public offers or sign up for loyalty programs to get rewards from your favorite brands all year.

  • Au Bon Pain: purchase a small drip coffee for $1 plus tax from 9/29/2022 – 10/1/2022 (must mention offer)
  • Aroma Joe’s:
    • all guests receive a FREE 16oz hot or iced coffee on 9/29/2022
    • AJ’s Rewards Members receive a FREE 24oz hot or iced coffee to use anytime between 9/29/2022 and 10/6/2022
  • Barnie’s Coffee: get a 25% discount on online orders with promo code COFFEEWEEK (ends 10/1/2022)
  • Bass Pro Shops: receive a 25% discount on new subscriptions of Black Rifle Coffee Company coffees (unknown expiration)
  • Bed Bath & Beyond: take advantage of great deals for National Coffee Day on 9/29/2022
  • Biggby Coffee: customers get a FREE 20oz hot or iced brewed coffee on 9/29/2022 (coupon may be required)
  • Bulletproof: get 25% off of coffee favorites on 9/29/2022
  • Burger King: Royal Perks members can use the BK App or to get a FREE small iced coffee w/$1 purchase from 6:00 – 10:30 am from 9/26/2022 – 9/30/2022
  • Cabela’s: receive a 25% discount on new subscriptions of Black Rifle Coffee Company coffees (unknown expiration)
  • Caribou Coffee: Caribou Perks members may purchase a medium handcrafted drink for $3 on 9/29/2022
  • Community Coffee: save 35% on online orders (some exclusions apply) with promo code ILOVECOFFEE (unknown expiration)
  • Cumberland Farms:
    • SmartPay Rewards App users get an offer for a FREE hot or iced coffee of any size on 9/29/2022
    • Now through the end of October 2022, guests get a FREE hot or iced coffee in any size on Fridays for Free Coffee Fridays
  • Death Wish Coffee Co: new customers receive free samples with online orders (SOLD OUT for 2022)
  • Del Taco: Del Yeah! Rewards members get free coffee EVERY DAY before 11 am with a purchase
  • Delight Coffee: get 30% off online purchases w/ code COFFEEDAY30 through 10/3/2022
  • Duck Donuts: get a FREE medium hot coffee or cold brew with any donut purchase (in-shop or online w/ code COFFEEDAY) on 9/29/2022
  • Dunkin Donuts: DD Perks members get FREE medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase on 9/29/2022
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels: Shmear Society Rewards members get FREE drip coffee (iced or hot) with purchase via app (through 12/31/2022)
  • Ellianos Coffee: get a FREE medium-sized hot or iced coffee on 9/29/2022
  • For Wellness: get 25% off of coffee purchases on 9/29/2022
  • Four Sigmatic: get a FREE Think Organic Coffee sample with new subscriptions on 9/29/2022
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees:
    • get a FREE coffee with a pastry purchase on 9/29/2022
    • get 40% off select coffee online with code NATCOFFEEDAY22 through 10/3/2022
  • Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co: get a 20% discount sitewide and 25% off of subscriptions w/ code COFFEEDAY (ends 9/29/2022)
  • IKEA: celebrate National Coffee Day (9/29), International Coffee Day (10/1), and National Cinnamon Roll Day (10/4) with these great offers!
    • IKEA Family members receive a FREE cup of coffee or tea with a store visit (ongoing everyday offer!)
    • IKEA Family members receive a 20% discount on in-store purchases of PÅTÅR coffees through 10/4/2022
    • IKEA Family members receive a 20% discount on in-store purchases of KAFFEREP cinnamon buns through 10/4/2022
  • Krispy Kreme:
    • get a FREE hot or iced coffee on 9/29/2022
    • my Sweet Rewards members get a FREE hot or iced coffee and FREE choice of doughnut on 9/29/2022
  • La Madeleine: receive a FREE drip coffee with any purchase on 9/29/2022
  • Love’s: purchase any size coffee or hot beverage for $1 on 9/29/2022
  • Panera: celebrate National Coffee Day and MyPanera Week with these great offers
    • join the Unlimited Sip Club and get the first 2 months free (new subscribers only with signup by 10/5/2022)
    • MyPanera members will have special offers loaded to their accounts for MyPanera Week including an offer for $0 delivery fee (expires 10/5/2022)
  • Peet’s Coffee
  • Pilot / Flying J: myRewards members receive a FREE cup of coffee via app offer on 9/29/2022
  • Sheetz: My Sheetz Rewardz members get a FREE nitro cold brew with any purchase on 9/29/2022
  • Smoothie King: Healthy Rewards members receive a FREE smoothie reward with purchase of a coffee smoothie on 9/29/2022
  • Tim Hortons: purchase a medium hot or iced coffee for 25¢ via app or online on 9/29/2022
  • Wawa: Wawa Rewards members get a FREE cup of coffee in any size on 9/29/2022
    • From September 1-30, any size coffee is free for all teachers and school administrators
  • Wendy’s: get a FREE small Frosty-ccino, cold brew, or hot coffee with purchase via app on 9/29/2022
  • Ziggi’s Coffee: app users will receive an offer for a FREE cup of coffee on 9/29/2022 based on membership level
    • FAM: receive a FREE 16 oz daily brew or iced coffee
    • INSIDER: receive a FREE 16 oz classic or signature coffee or espresso-based drink
    • VIP: receive a FREE classic or signature coffee or espresso-based drink in any size

Oddly, there do not seem to be any nationwide National Coffee Day Starbucks offers.


Local Coffee Day Deals

These small coffee shops offer a great way to support your community.

  • Bizzy Bean (Wisconsin): receive a FREE 12oz drip coffee from 6:00 – 10:00 am on 9/29/2022
  • Coffee Dash (Louisana): receive a FREE small cup of coffee on 9/29/2022
  • Coffeeville Company (Wisconsin): receive a FREE small drip coffee on 9/29/2022
  • Dark Heart Coffee Bar (Colorado): multiple promotions for National Coffee Day on 9/29/2022
    • receive a FREE brewed 8oz coffee with any purchase
    • receive 15% off Whole Bean Dark Heart Roasted Coffee Online & in the Cafe
    • receive 15% off all Dark Heart Coffee online with code DHcoffeeDay
    • receive a bonus bag of “Bright Side” with a sign up for a coffee subscription
  • Deep Roots Fresh (New York): receive a FREE drip coffee or $1 off of espresso order on 9/29/2022
  • Evexia Cafe (Ohio): enjoy multiple offers for National Coffee Day 2022 on September 29th
    • receive a FREE regular brewed coffee
    • receive a FREE specialty coffee drink with any breakfast or lunch entree purchase
    • purchase Phoenix coffee bags at the promotional price of $9.99
  • Ideal Market (Kentucky): receive a FREE cup of coffee with any breakfast purchase on 9/29/2022
  • Kolache Factory (Texas): receive a FREE 12 oz coffee on 9/29/2022 (show Facebook offer on phone to redeem)
  • Nova Joe’s (Arkansas): receive a FREE drip coffee & an extra shot of espresso on 9/29/2022
  • Rise ‘N Grind Cafe (Maryland): receive a FREE drip coffee on 9/29/2022 – 9/30/2022
  • Rise Up Coffee Roasters (Maryland): receive a FREE small coffee on 9/29/2022
  • Shipley Do-Nuts (Texas): receive a FREE medium House Blend coffee with any purchase on 9/29/2022
  • ShopRite / TP (Louisana): Beaucoup Rewards members receive a FREE 12oz cup of coffee via app on 9/29/2022
  • Stewart’s Shops (New York): receive a FREE hot or iced coffee of any size from 12 noon through close on 9/29/2022
  • Verve Coffee (California): receive a FREE coffee on 9/29/2022
  • Vibe Coffeehouse & Cafe (Ohio): receive your choice of free upgrade on National Coffee Day (9/29) and International Coffee Day (10/1)
    • FREE milk options added to your favorite Vibe coffee or espresso-based drink
    • FREE top off your fav coffee or espresso-based drink with whip cream and flavor drizzle


National Coffee Day Contests

The biggest coffee brands will often launch special National Coffee Day promotions offering great coffee-themed prizes. Be on the lookout for fun coffee contests and coffee promotions for the special day. Here are a couple of fun 2022 National Coffee Day promotions to enter.

  • Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters: enter the  “Flavor your Vacay” sweepstakes (entry window closes 11/21/2022)
  • Mr. Coffee: enter multiple offers and contests for National Coffee Day via social media
    • Win a Single-Serve Frappe™ in the color of your choice and a Single Wick Wake Up Call Candle from Friday Collective
    • Win a song sung for you by AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys in the #IWantItLatteSweepstakes
    • Win a Mr. Coffee hat
  • Mutombo Coffee: enter to win free coffee by following @mutombocoffee on Instagram and tagging 1 or more friends in the comments on the “Win Free Coffee For a Year” post (three winners announced monthly)
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: enter to win a $50 gift certificate by sharing your favorite coffee beverage via Facebook contest (ends 9/28/2022)
  • Waka Coffee: enter to win a Waka coffee collapsible mug, 3 boxes of instant coffee packets, and Cocomels pumpkin spice caramels via Instagram (ends 9/28/2022)


Additional Ways to Celebrate Coffee

Depending on where you are, there may be a different day for celebrating this classic caffeinated drink!


International Coffee Day on October 1st

Across the world, there are many places that celebrate International Coffee Day each year on October 1st. Perhaps to avoid confusion, many of the National Coffee Day promotions are extended to be available for both #NationalCoffeeDay on Sep 29 and #InternationalCoffeeDay on Oct 1.

In addition to these bigger coffee holidays, watch your favorite coffee shops for special deals on other coffee-themed days, including National Cafe Au Lait Day (2/17), National Coffee Milkshake Day (7/26), National Espresso Day (11/23), and Coffee Percolator Day (12/26).


NOTE: many coffee shops do not announce their offers until World Coffee Day is upon us on September 29th. Be sure to check back for updates and additional offers that are added at the very last minute!


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National Coffee Day 2022

National Coffee Day 2022

Be sure to check out other great promotions on coffee companions like National Doughnut Day! How do you take your coffee? What are your favorite offers on the national free coffee day list of deals?

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  1. Stacie says:

    First off I have to admit that I enjoy drinking coffee all day long, morning, noon, and night. I do not use decaffeinated at any hour, which shocks most as I have no issues sleeping either lol.

    That being said, I love National Coffee Day! I love finding deals all over town, and now you have given me even more deals to take advantage of. I am heading to Wendys now, as it is National Coffee Day today, and I placed my in app order for 2 cold brews, got a free one, thanks for looking out! 😉


  2. Jessie says:

    Thank you for this post!  I am a huge lover of coffee, and I didn’t even know that there was a national day for it haha!  I really like Dunkin Doughnuts, and I think it would be nice to get a free coffee tomorrow before work.  I’m a little sad about Death Wish, as that is my favorite coffee haha.

    • Alyce says:

      Happy Coffee Day, Jessie! I hope you’re able to score some free coffee today. Death Wish may have sold out of their free samples, but they still have a place to sign up with them, and they will send out an (unknown) special offer in 24-48 hours. Enjoy!

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