Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cats and their owners are known to have a special bond that can lead to very pampered kitties. While the official worshipping of cats seems to be a thing of the past, a bit of celebration of the joy that cats bring is all part of the fun of knowing a cat.

These gifts for cat lovers offer a great way to help them celebrate their fluffy, purring kitty friends.

Best Gifts Cat Lovers

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

Unique Gifts Cat Lovers

No matter what type of or how many cats they have, these cat lover gift ideas will provide something fun that is uniquely perfect just for them!


Famous Cats

These famous cats are loved across the world for their classic cat behaviors like cat naps, stalking birds, looking grumpy, or photo-bombing Zoom calls. Collect and share these fun mementos of the world’s most famous and most popular cats.


Pusheen Gifts

Fans of the Pusheen cat will love these fun accessories like a Pusheen cat plush and other great Pusheen cat items!


Looney Tunes Sylvester Gifts

These fun Looney Tunes character gifts feature Sylvester the cat, who Tweety often calls a “bad puddy tat.”


Cheshire Cat Gifts

These highly-rated Cheshire Cat products are fun reminders of the memorable mischievous cat in Alice in Wonderland. Select a Cheshire Cat costume onesie, designer backpack, or Cheshire Cat plush.


Grumpy Cat Gifts

Enjoy the iconic grumpy face on these Grumpy Cat gifts. It may be impossible not to smile when looking at the perpetual frown on this famous cat.


“I’m Not a Cat” Lawyer Gifts

One of 2021’s most famous internet cats is from the viral Zoom call of an otherwise normal court proceeding. I’m here live; I’m not a cat!


Hello Kitty Gifts

This sweet Hello Kitty has been a popular character for decades – enchanting young fans and old fans alike!


Lucky Cat Gifts

Attract good fortune with the legendary Meneko Neki, also known as Lucky Cat. Lots of great Lucky Cat gifts including a hoodie, Lucky Cat statue, bento box, and Moleskine notebook!


Garfield Gifts

Show some love for the lasagna and nap-loving Garfield. Choose from fun products like a sticker set, apron, or a set of Garfield car accessories.


Pink Panther Gifts

Celebrate the original cool cat with these Pink Panther gifts. Fun options include Pink Panther sweatshirts, a Pink Panther T Shirt, and a wind-up music box that plays the iconic Pink Panther theme song.


Collectible Funko Pop! Cats

Collect all your favorite cats of pop culture with Funko POP! cat figurines of Catwoman, Captain Marvel Goose the Cat, Thundercats Tygra, and more!



Cat Novelty Items

Some of the best gifts cat lovers are these fun cat novelty gifts that can bring smiles to even the most serious cat lovers.


Cat DNA Test Kit

The ultimate gift for any cat lover, this cat DNA test can teach current cat owners a great deal about their cat. This cat DNA testing breed and health information will allow a much better understanding of their cat’s genetic background.


Backpack Cat Carriers

Include the cat on more adventures with one of these versatile backpack cat carriers.


Banana Shaped Cat Bed

This bright yellow banana adds a cozy space for cats to sneak into for an afternoon nap. Multiple sizes are available.


Personalized Custom Gifts

Give a truly unique gift with personalized cat gifts owners that feature their cat! Pawprint mementos are easy to create at home, and custom socks can be printed from an image of your choice.


Cat Candies

Indulge your sweet tooth with adorable cat-shaped and kitten-themed sweets.


Cat Friendship Bracelets

This matching bracelet and collar set is a visible reminder of the strong bond between a person and their beloved cat. Multiple styles and colors are available.


Cat Beard Mug

This cute and funny mug has a cat nose, mouth, and whisker design to bring a smile with every sip.


Cat Gag Gifts

Make them laugh out loud with funny cat-themed gag gifts like a cat licking brush or a zen cat litter box.



Cat Curiosities

Enjoy frisky playfulness and curiosity with these unique cat gifts people.


Cat Tarot Cards

Cat-themed tarot card decks can bring fun energy and natural wisdom to tarot card readings.


Pusheen Cross-Stitch Kit

Enjoy crafting with two easy patterns featuring the lovable chubby tabby Pusheen cat.


Cat Crafts

These crafts are all about your cat — enjoy crafting with cat hair or build your furry friend a cat castle!


Cat-Themed Activity Books

Choose one of these neat cat-themed activity books for hours of unique fun.


Cat Coloring Books

These cat coloring books feature silly cat themes and fun activities for kids of all ages.


Books About Cats

These highly-rated books include NY Times bestsellers (How to Tell if Your Cat is Trying to Kill You) and other lighthearted stories and facts about cats.



Cat Electronics

Basic electronics become fun conversation pieces and great cat lover gifts with these cat treatments!


Cat Bluetooth Speakers

These cat-themed Bluetooth speakers are a super cute addition to any party.


Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Stay cool as a cat while enjoying new tunes in these light-up cat headphones!


Cat Lamps

These cat lamps provide a unique glow and a fun vibe to any space.



Cat-Themed Games

Be prepared to pounce on the competition with cat-themed games that make great gifts of cat lovers.


500 Piece Cat Puzzles

These cat-themed puzzles are perfect for rainy days spent inside.


1000 Piece Cat Puzzles

Grab the whole family and complete a more challenging 1000 piece puzzle together!


Cat Figures Stacking Games

Test your balance and skill while building different combinations of stacked cats!


Exploding Kittens Games

Enjoy game night with the family with the original Exploding Kittens game plus fun expansion packs like barking kittens or imploding kittens.


Cat-Themed Games

Enhance any game night with one of these fun cat-themed games!



Cat Fashion

Stay cool as a cat with these fashionable finds featuring feline style.


Cat Face Cover Masks

Protect yourself and others with these fun cat-themed face masks.


Cat T-Shirts

These fun t-shirts feature your favorite furry friends.


Cat Print Women’s Leggings

Choose an adorable pair of leggings with a cat design – perfect for spending lazy days in the house with the cat!


Black Cat House Slippers

These cute black cats will keep your toes warm while you tiptoe around the house.


Designer Disney Cat Handbags

These luxury designer handbags by Dooney & Burke feature colorful illustrations of the most famous Disney cats including Simba, Figaro, Cheshire Cat, Si & Am, Sgt. Tibbs, Bagheera, Duchess, O’Malley, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Scat Cat, Rufus, Oliver, Rajah, Mittens, Lucifer, and Mochi.



Cat Accessories

Show off a playful kitty spirit with these cat accessories.


Cat Key Ring

Add some fun to the valet tray with a cat-shaped brass keyring.


Cat Pencil Cases

Choose from different styles and sizes of versatile cat-themed pencil cases.


Cat Handbag Hanger

Keep personal bags off of the floor with this cute cat tabletop handbag hanger.


Handbags with Cat Designs

Cat designs featured on these designer handbags bring a touch of fun to any outfit.


Folding Silk Fan with Cat

This adorable fan provides a welcome breeze on a hot day. Folds up for easy storage.



Skincare & Beauty

Strut your stuff on the catwalk after getting glammed up with fun cat-themed beauty products.


Cat Ear Headbands

This 3-pack of cat ear headbands will keep hair in place during skincare routines or makeup applications.


Hello Kitty Personal Care

Bring a little fun to the medicine cabinet with Hello Kitty bandages and Hello Kitty razors.


Purrfect Pair Nail Clippers

This cute set of nail clippers are the perfect tools for manicures and pedicures at home.


Lighted Cat Makeup Mirrors

Apply makeup with ease with a lighted cat-shaped makeup mirror and/or magnifying mirror.


Brush Cleaning Pad

This silicone cleaning pad helps to thoroughly clean makeup brushes.


Katy Kat Lip Gloss

Choose from over 10 shades of Covergirl Katy Kat lip gloss in a fun cat-themed tube.


Eyeliner Stencils

These playful stretching cats are actually stencils that can be used to achieve the perfect cat-eye look!


Eyeshadow Palettes with Cat Designs

These eyeshadow palettes feature a variety of flattering shades with a fun cat motif.


Paul & Joe Beauty

These highly rated beauty products from Paul & Joe make getting glammed up a lot more fun!



Cat Décor

Cat-themed décor items make the perfect gift for cat lovers and lets everyone know who is really in charge.


Large Cat Storage Basket

This versatile cat basket is the perfect companion to contain laundry, toys, blankets, and countless other household items. Available in multiple colors.


Famous Cat Motion Clocks

These iconic motion clocks have moving eyes and tails that swing with time. The retro Kit Cat Klock is available in over a dozen great colors!


Atomic Mid-Century Modern Cat Prints

Add a touch of mid-century modern to your décor with these retro mod cat prints. Available in multiple sizes and frame choices.


Vintage Kitty Poster

Show some love for your favorite biscuit-making kitty with this “We Knead Em, You Need Em” vintage-style print.


Cat Print Blankets

Keep as cozy as a curled-up kitty in these soft blankets with cat designs.


Cat Design Pillow Covers

Choose from a variety of fun cat-themed prints including steampunk cat and aqua-cat!


Cat Reading Pillow

This oversized cat pillow is the perfect size to offer back and arm support for a more comfortable reading or lounging experience.


Soft Cat Bathmats

These cat bathmats are made of soft and absorbent microfiber and are available in black, grey, or white.


Ceramic Cat Storage

These ceramic cats come in 2 sizes and 5 different colors to match purr-fectly with almost any décor.


Cat Figurines

These stylish cats are the perfect size to add a touch of feline energy to any living space.


Cat Lover Planter Set

These unique cat planters feature 3 different cats that will hold succulent plants with style.


Convenient Cat Hooks

Designate a sweet space for your things with these cat hooks. Choose the larger over-the-door style for bigger items and the smaller 6 hook version for small items like keys.


Ceramic Cat Diffusers

These essential oil diffusers are handcrafted in Japan and are the perfect size to add a touch of aromatherapy anywhere.


Playful Cat Bookends

These cat bookends will bring a smile as they playfully keep stacks of books in place.



Kitchen & Dining

Find the best gifts cat lovers and serve up feline fun with these kitty-inspired home items!


Lounging Cat Spoon

These cat spoons are designed to hug the side of your mug or bowl for off-the-charts cuteness.


Cat Shaped Bowls

Choose a single bowl or a full set to show your love for cats at snack time!


Cat Plate Set

This elegant set of Japanese ceramic cat plates is the purrfect way to serve up small plates and appetizers.


Drinkware with Cat Designs

This drinkware includes cat-shaped designs to make every sip more fun. Multiple styles and colors are available.


Cat Shaped Ice Cube Tray

This mold set can be used to make cat-shaped ice cubes or other items like chocolate, candy, jelly, soap, and more!


Cat Coasters

This set of silicone coasters is slip-resistant to keep your surfaces protected.


Cat Themed Dish Towels

These cute cats will always be welcome to help out in the kitchen.


Matching Cat Kitchen Accessories

These matching Ulster Weavers Catwalk designs feature illustrated images of colorful cats on a white background.


Cat Shaped Cookie Cutters

Make your cookies and baking projects even more fun with these cat-shaped cookie cutters.


Hello Kitty Rice Cooker

This popular and highly-rated rice cooker from Zojirushi has a 1.0 Liter capacity and features a fun Hello Kitty design.



Office Cat Gifts

Bring some fun to the office with these purr-fect office accessories with a cat theme.


Lucky Cat Eraser Sets

These adorable eraser sets feature a variety of Maneki Neko Lucky Cat designs.


Cat Shaped Paperclips

Bring fun energy into the office with one of these sets of cat-shaped paperclips.


Cat Design Ink Pen Set

This set of cat-inspired black ink pens makes studying just a bit more fun.


Cat Sticky Notes

Keep cute notes where you need them with these different styles of cat sticky note sets.


Cat Notebooks

Keep ideas organized in one place with one of these fun cat-themed journals!



Cat-Themed Travel

Travel in style with these travel accessories that feature adorable cats.


Cat Paws Travel Bag

This gym bag is lightweight and strong with a zipper closure. Carry over the shoulder with the detachable strap or by hand with double top handles.


Hello Kitty Car Accessories

Travel everywhere in Hello Kitty style with these Hello Kitty car accessories including a strawberry-scented Hello Kitty air freshener!


Cat Luggage Tags

Make it easy to identify bags with unique cat luggage tags.


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Best Gifts Cat Lovers

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers


58 Responses

  1. Julia Zhao says:

    I’m a woman from Asia, and maybe because I’ve been influenced by my specific local culture since I was a kid, I’ve always been a big fan of things with lucky cat. I have a golden lucky cat on most of my clothes, and I have a lucky cat printed on my phone case. I don’t think it brings wealth and luck, I simply like the image. I found quite a few interesting products with lucky cat printed on amazon by following your link. Thanks Alyce.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Julia, I am a cat lover and also believe that lucky charms can only help to bring good vibes to a space, so of course, I am a huge fan of all things related to “lucky cat”. Even without the benefit of bringing good luck, the lucky cats are an adorable addition to almost any space!

  2. fityourselfbarre says:

    Hello! I am doing my Christmas shopping and I am looking for a gift for my friends who has a cat. Your list is so great but I can’t make up my mind. I loved the cat DNA test kit. That is so fun and unusual. Do you think that will make a good gift? I am not sure. Many thanks!

    • Alyce says:

      As an owner of a rescue cat, I can’t help but wonder about where my cat came from. I would absolutely love to get a cat DNA test kit as a gift so that I could learn more specifics about her breed. Plus, as fun as that would be on its own, it would also be very beneficial to better understand what common breed health challenges she might face as she gets older. A cat DNA test would definitely be a great gift for a cat owner!

  3. Edwin Bernard says:

    Currently, we have three cats as pets. It wasn’t long ago that we had as many as seven cats as pets. We also have pet dogs. Our cats and dogs seem to have fun with each other and get along quite well. It would be great to have toys that dogs and cats can play with. 

    However, it is awesome to see so many toys to amuse cats in this post. I wonder which ones our cats will like? Decisions, decisions! 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Edwin, Your place sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂 

      We have one cat (a Bengal) and one dog (a Siberian Husky) and have found it pretty funny that the dog wants all the toys for herself. There is one “toy” that the cat is willing to scrap over, and it’s impressive to watch. The toy is nothing more than a strip of leather about 2 feet long that the cat likes to hunt and chase. The dog gets jealous when she sees the cat playing with it, so she’ll immediately try to steal the toy. The best comedy is when the cat is at one end of the leather strip, and the dog is at the other, and they play a very mismatched game of tug-of-war. 

  4. virginia rodriguez says:

    Hi Alyce

    I think your website is super cute. I’m not a cat lover, but I really enjoyed looking at all the products you have. So when I was little, my nickname was “Panthera Rosa,” which it’s Pink Panther in Spanish. So I really loved the hoodie sweater and the antique music box. I definitely gotta come back to your site and grab those.

    Another thing I thought was pretty cool was the kitty bag back. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Virginia, Thank you for your kind words! I adore your childhood nickname. 🙂 

      I have some neighbors who got one of those neat backpacks for their cat and it’s so cute to see them biking around with their cat! 

  5. Steve says:

    Hi Alyce

    We have a cat and we buy her toys all the time. This is because we recently moved and she doesn’t seem to like it outside here. She particularly likes a special pink mouse. 

    My wife loves her cat more than me I think. So your site will be something to use for Christmas to buy her that special cat themed present for her stocking.

    The page is puuuuuurfect 



  6. Marty says:

    Although I am not much of a cat lover myself. I could clearly tell you this would be a great site for someone who loves cat gifts and accessories. There are so many gifts and different items to choose from. I didn’t realize cat accessories and gifts for people was such a big thing. Your love for cats is unquestionable. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Marty, I totally adore my pets — both the cat and the dog — and I have definitely received some of these fun cat gifts in the past! 🙂 

  7. Nedia says:

    Hi, thanks for this article about gift for cat lovers. I am not personally a cat lover but I think these gifts are so cool for the cat loverst that I know (especially the T-shirts). I will have to have similar gifts for dogs for myself. 

    I do not know much about cats but I am curious to know, what is or was “cat worshipping” was it a practice amongst cat lovers? and why is it a thing of the past? 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Nedia, Thanks for sharing. My own cat still expects to be worshipped by having every whim indulged at all times of the day and night. She sure is adorable though.

  8. Mike Yardley says:

    I must begin by admitting that I’m not a cat lover.  I do appreciate cats for the happiness they bring to my children, and the misery they bring to mice around the house.  I do however love Japan and a lot of the products listed brought back memories of my time there.  I particularly liked the Hello Kitty selections. Thanks for sharing!

  9. MIchel says:

    You have given me some wonderful ideas. I was stressing about what to buy my friend for her birthday, and she owns a cat. I didn’t even think cat gift, but since she is so besotted with her cat, I think I am going to find something great here for her.

    I love the Cheshire cat from Alice as well as the grumpy cats. Well for me, but for her, I think I will go with a nice cat shirt. Do you know how long these gifts would take to ship to Africa?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Michel, Thanks for the feedback. 

      The shipping is fast in the US, but I have heard that international shipping times have increased due to COVID shutdowns. It would be best to contact the sellers for answers to those specific questions.

  10. Ann says:

    There are a couple of things that I really liked. One is the famous cat motion clock! Super cool! And the other one is the pajamas. I found the Grumpy Cat woman union suit pajamas costume lovely.

    All these gifts are affordable. And there is a nice touch in each one of them that all cat lovers will enjoy.

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks, Ann! I am not going to lie; I definitely want one of those moving cat clocks! And isn’t it awesome how a pet with a grumpy expression can bring so many smiles to the world!! Who would have guessed??

  11. Alblue says:

    Oh, thank you very much for recommending those adorable gifts. My friend is a huge fan of Pusheen and Grumpy Cats. I didn’t know that Grumpy Cats has a lot of merchandise, so I’ll definitely check it. By the way, is there any gift related to Smug Cat? My nephew always laughs every time he sees the cat in any meme form. Thanks for the info.

  12. Michelle says:

    Thank you for putting together such a great list, everything in one place. This makes it easier to find the ideal gift rather than visiting lots of online stores.

    Loving some of these gift ideas for cat lovers. My mum is a crazy cat lady and I have now found the perfect place for her gifts. Loving the cat carriers too, they are very cute!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Michelle, I love that the cats can get a big view of the world with that large viewing window! It’s also really awesome that I can see my cat too. 🙂 

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