Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

When searching for gifts for bird lovers, there are lots of great options to choose from. Whether you choose a decorative bird gift for the home or something that will attract wild birds, they are sure to love the following gifts for birders.

Unique Gifts Bird Lovers

Unique Gifts Bird Lovers


65+ Bird Lover Gift Ideas

Surprise the bird lovers in your life with these bird gifts and bird-themed gifts. Whether they tend to their own flocks or admire birds from a distance, these bird watcher gift ideas include something for everyone.


Bird-Inspired Accessory Gifts

These bird-themed accessories add cheerful, joyful fashion at home and on-the=go.


Bird Eyeglass Holders

Rest glasses in a safe place with these bird eyeglass stands made to look like their favorite birds.


Bird Handbag Hangers

These handbag hangers each include a cute bird design.


Bird Umbrellas

These bird-themed umbrellas will help to keep them dry during the rain.


Bird-Themed Socks

Have a little fun with the wardrobe with these bird-themed socks.


Bird House Slippers

Keep their feet cozy and warm in a cute pair of bird-themed slippers.


Bird Beach Totes

These large bird-themed totes have plenty of room for all the beach essentials.


Chicken-Themed Handbags

These chicken-inspired handbags can add personality to any look.


Designer Handpainted Handbag

Surprise someone special with this Anna By Anuschka Large Multi Pocket Hobo that is painted with stunning, vivid colors! A popular choice and one of the best bird lover gifts for women.


Bird Jewelry Gifts

A thoughtful piece of bird-inspired jewelry can complement a variety of looks and be a cherished memento of a great relationship.


Bird-Themed Jewelry

Choose a beautiful set of quality bird earrings as a gift that will last for years to come.


Bird-Themed Jewelry Storage

Make sure that jewelry stays stored in a safe place with these jewelry storage solutions.


Bird-Inspired Fine Jewelry

Add a fun touch to an outfit with one of these stunning designs featuring hummingbirds, thunderbirds, and the phoenix.


Bird Product Gifts

These bird products are perfect for bird owners who enjoy spoiling their cherished pets.


Bird Calls

Surprise someone with a bird call that may help them attract the birds they most want to see.


Bird Feeders

These bird feeder gifts are uniquely designed to allow a close-up experience with the birds!


Hanging Bird Baths

Hang a birdbath for feathered friends to help attract them into a welcome space.


Pedestal Bird Baths

Add bird baths garden or patio to attract more birds to their own little oasis.


Bird Book Gifts

Learn more about the fascinating world of birds in these informative, highly-rated bird books!


Bird Watching Guides

These highly-rated bird-watching guides can help both novices and experts to identify the birds they find.


Books About Birds

These highly-rated books will help anyone learn more about the fascinating world of birds.


Bird-Themed Electronic Gifts

The right tools can make a world of difference in productivity. It’s even better when a helpful device features a fun design!


Lovebird Headphone Splitters

Share the music with someone and these lovebird headphone splitters.


Bird Bluetooth Speakers

These wireless bird-themed Bluetooth speakers allow them to take their music on the go!


Bird Costumes

Have some fun dressing up as lots of different types of birds!


Bird-inspired Costumes

Have some fun with any one of these bird costume ideas.


Famous Bird Gifts

Collect fun mementos of the most famous and most popular birds.


Big Bird Gifts

Celebrate the adorable and lovable Big Bird with fun, themed Big Bird toys and accessories.


Toucan Sam Gifts

Fans of the cereal Froot Loops will enjoy these fun gifts with the lovable mascot, Toucan Sam.


Tweety Bird Gifts

Surprise a Tweety Bird fan with one of these special Tweety gifts.


Bird Gifts for the Garden

Include these artful pieces in the garden and enjoy the bird-themed oasis no matter the time of day or night (or season).


Bird Planters

These stylish bird planters can add a cute touch to almost any space.


Bird-Shaped Glass Self-Watering Globes

Choose a clear or colored set of these glass watering globes to add fun to gardens of every size.


Outdoor Garden Bird-Themed Art

Add some bird-themed art outside with this outdoor garden art.



Bird-Inspired Home Décor

Decorate with bird-themed products in lots of surprising places around the house.


Stained Glass Birds

Enjoy the craftsmanship and beauty of these stained glass birds anytime, but place them in the sunlight for the most spectacular displays.


Bird-Adorned Cozy Blankets

There is almost always room for a cozy blanket with a bright, beautiful bird print.


Keepsake Storage Box with Birds

Keep treasures tucked away in this wooden box with a bird design.


Whistle Sparrow Key Ring and Holder

These adorable sets include a sparrow-shaped whistle keychain and a cozy birdhouse to reside in at home.


Wall-Mounted Bird Hooks

Help them stay organized with stylish bird-themed wall hooks.


Bird Sculptures

These sleek and stylish bird sculptures are modern and chic enough to fit with almost any décor style!


Mid Century Style Bird Décor

This stylish bird is available in multiple colors to compliment almost any décor.


Bird Cage Storage

Keep everything organized with birdcage-styled organizers.


Bird-Themed Lighting

Add plenty of adjustable task lighting to customize the brightness for individual tasks.


Neon Bird Lights

Add fun party vibes in any room with these neon bird lamps and lights.


Bird Bluetooth Speaker Lights

These cute bird lamps also can change colors and include Bluetooth speakers to play music too.


Bird String Lights

Add a quick touch of whimsy with these bird string lights that feature a variety of colorful birds.


Bird Lamps

Light up their life with a bird-themed lamp in a variety of fun styles.


Bird Light Fixtures

Enjoy dining with the birds with these unique bird light fixtures.


Bird-Themed Gourmet Treats

Gift these gourmet treats that come packaged in a beautiful bird-themed tin.


Vanilla Fudge in Hummingbird Gift Tin

This colorful, embossed tin will be cherished for its beauty and the sweet treats inside!


Bird Gifts for Kitchen

Enjoy bird-themed kitchen accessories to bring more fun into the kitchen.


Bird Wine Charms

Help everyone keep track of their glasses with these bird-themed wine glass charms.


Bird-Shaped Wine Bottle Openers

Open wines with a little help from these bird-themed wine bottle openers.


Bird Wine Bottle Stoppers

Use these charming bird bottle stoppers to keep unused wine fresh overnight.


Bird Measuring Tools

Add a fun vibe to the kitchen with these bird-themed measuring cups and spoons.


Bird-Themed Kitchen Tools

These innovative kitchen tools inspired by birds are as functional as they are fun.


Bird-Themed Drinkware

Choose from different styles of drinkware that feature beautiful depictions of colorful birds.


Bird Egg Cups

These egg cups add a touch of elegant style to meals.


Bird-Shaped Serving Dishes

Add casual elegance with these bird-themed serving dishes.


Bird-Shaped Chopstick Rests

Use these adorable bird-themed chopstick rests to help keep your utensils off of the table.


Red Spring Bird Ceramic Canisters and Bowls

Serve dishes in style with these coordinated pieces.


Birds on a Wire Kitchen and Dining Accessories

These matching products make for a cozy, welcoming kitchen.


Bird-Themed Household Items and Gifts

These bird-themed gifts and smart products for the home will help to make any space feel cozier with ease.


Penguin Wool Dryer Balls

Use these penguin wool dryer balls in the clothing dryer to reduce static and add softness.


Birds at Rest Oil Diffusers

These non-electric ceramic diffusers help to keep places smelling fresh. Works with essential oils (not included).


Bird-Themed Scissors

Add a bit of fun to projects that require scissors at the home and office.


Bird-Shaped Clips

This assortment of bird-shaped clips can help contain a wide variety of things around the house.


Bird-Themed Office Products

Bring some fun to the office with office accessories that have a bird theme.


Notebook with Bird on Cover

Use this bird-themed notebook to keep track of bird-watching or other hobbies.


Bird-Shaped Tacks

Keep important reminders in accessible places with these cheerful bird-shaped tacks.


Bird Pop-Up Greeting Cards

These bird-themed pop-up greeting cards pack an extra element of surprise when they turn into 3-d works of art when they are opened! The perfect card for a bird lover!


Bird-Shaped Office Supplies

These bird-shaped clips and pins will help to keep office items neat and tidy.


Bird-Themed Craft Gifts

Let creativity soar with these fun bird-themed crafts.


Bird-Themed Crafts

Enjoy a variety of creative activities to make these bird-themed crafts.


Birdhouse Craft Kits

Have some hands-on fun while building these birdhouses, then sit back to enjoy watching to see what birds end up moving in to them!


Bird-Themed Games and Gifts

Enjoy time with friends and family with these fun bird-themed games.


Bird Sticker Books

Add a touch of fun to any space with a cute bird sticker.


Bird-Themed Games

Encourage friendly competition with these bird-themed games.


Bird Puzzles

Choose a challenge level (number of pieces) and spend family time together while working on a classic puzzle with a bird theme.


Bird-Themed Toys

No matter the age, all bird lovers who are young at heart will enjoy these toys. Keep the games simple with plush toys, or get more serious with bigger challenges!


Classic Bird-Themed Toys

Keep fun simple with these classic bird-themed toys that have been around for decades.


Rubber Duckies

The iconic rubber duckie is an adorable favorite that has been a classic bathtime toy for decades.


Plush Bird Toys

These plush stuffed bird toys are always ready for a cuddle.


Radio Controlled Flying Bird Helicopters

Choose from a variety of bright colors and watch this toy that flaps its wings like a real bird in flight.

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Gifts Bird Lovers

Gifts for Bird Lovers

18 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Thank you for giving us all these options. I loved the stained glass birds. So, I was searching to give a gift, and I will end up buying something for myself. We are like this, LOL. I will buy a stained glass bird for me and bird-inspired fine jewelry as a gift.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Ann, Those both make lovely gifts for bird lovers, no matter if it’s a gift for yourself or for someone else! Enjoy!!

  2. Norman says:

    Birds are so amazing! It’s relaxing to watch them as the move about either feeding, drinking or taking a bath. These gifts are perfect for bird lovers! 

    Those who are birdloves or know someone who loves birds will be happy with what you are sharing. Thank you so much for the insight.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Norman! I’ve given a number of these items as bird lover gifts and they have always been well received. Hope you have a similar experience!

  3. Matiss says:

    Such a great list of products for bird lovers. I mean, they come in just about every shape and size, don’t they? Personally, I wasn’t expecting so many options when I googled the term.

    To that end, I genuinely appreciate you compiling all of them. Those bird-inspired costumes were hilarious. I’ll have to find someone I could gift one to. Other than that, my favorite ones were probably the stained glass birds. Those look incredible. I mean, they don’t just make a good gift, I love to have one for myself, too. Cheers.

  4. Cynthia says:

    These are positively adorable and just in time to start Christmas shopping!!!!  My youngest granddaughter would love the chicken purse hen bag (she has a similar one that’s a horse!) and the older would love the rubber chicken purse. Thanks for taking some tough presents off my list.  As for me, I’m getting the birds on a wire umbrella as my umbrella was ruined in a recent hurricane!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Cynthia, How sweet to think of your gifting the chicken purses to your granddaughters. I’ll bet they will love getting something the same (a chicken purse) while getting something different, too (different bag styles)!

      So sorry to hear about your last umbrella – I do hope you love the replacement, though!

  5. Julie McB says:

    What a great all round article on bird themed gift ideas. You know, sometimes I find it really hard to buy gifts for my mum, who is bird crazy. She has tamed so many wild birds that will come and eat out of her hand, its an amazing thing to see. I saw the lovely bone china mugs sets and immediately thought of her! Thanks so much for sharing this huge variety of bird lover gifts!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Julie, your mom sounds like an amazing lady! How special that birds will approach her and eat out of her hand!! 🙂 The bird-themed bone china mug set sounds like the perfect gift for your mom.

  6. Justin Ash says:

    Thank you for sharing alot of information about bird lovers, I didn’t know that there was already an established market to purchase accessories that are tailored to this niche. I noticed the jewelry you have listed and couldn’t happen to think about my wife – Her taste is very similar to the types of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces you show on your website. It seems like this website would be a bird lover’s paradise.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Justin, thanks for sharing – glad to hear that this bird lover gift list could provide inspiration for your gift-giving!

  7. SY says:

    I’m not into birds but my best friend is. I had so much trouble looking for a gift to give her. This article just gave me some ideas on what gift I  might buy. So now my only dilemma is what to choose among all these bird-related product. Thanks anyway for sharing such great content 🙂

  8. Alketa says:

    Hi, I am a bird lover, and often I like to gift to myself or other people these kinds of gifts. Before reading your article, I did not know to have the opportunity to purchase so many choices and product gift categories with birds designs. In the past, I bought and gift bird jewelry, bags, totes, clothes, or other outfits with birds designs. I did not explore bird theme electronic gifts. It seems a great gift idea for the season holiday.
    Thank you for sharing this helpful article.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Alketa, Thanks for sharing your experience with the gifts bird lovers enjoy receiving. All of those make excellent bird lovers gifts!

  9. Dbrae says:

    Epic compilation article! Some of these items I can imagine would be humorous and appealing even to others who aren’t bird lovers. The stained glass art is quite beautiful and could fit into a variety of decor motifs. I also found the outdoor decorations and rustic and crafty items to be intriguing. The Outdoor Garden Bird-Themed Art – like the silhouette art – has potential to be a nice centerpiece for a yard or garden.

    • Alyce says:

      Hello, As you mention, there are definitely some good gift ideas on the list that work for anyone! I’m so happy to hear that you found some bird gifts that would be nice for people on your gift list!

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