Cool Gifts for Men

Whether you are looking for the best Valentine’s Day gifts men or for a fun way to surprise your sweetie “just because”, these cool gifts for men make shopping quick and easy!

Cool Gifts Men

Cool Gifts for Men


The Best Gifts for Men

Surprise the most special guys with these romantic gifts for men and thoughtful presents. These 40+ gift ideas make unique Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend, fun anniversary gifts for him, and great tokens of appreciation for men.


Loungewear for Men

Relax in effortless style with these loungewear men gifts that make relaxing at home


Men’s House Slippers

Protect feet around the house with these cozy house slippers for men.


Silk Pajamas

Relax in the ultimate comfort of luxury mulberry silk pajama sets / men’s loungewear sets.


Men’s Smoking Jackets

Make sure he stays impeccably classy even when off-the-clock at home in a luxe smoking jacket.


Fun Gifts for Men

These unique gift ideas men are sure to bring smiles to your Valentine.


Games for Couples

Enjoy friendly competition for 2 with these games for adult couples.


Men’s Valentine Gift Sets

Lounge around in sweet comfort in these Valentine-themed matching sets. These make great men’s Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend.


Men’s Bath Gift Sets

Elevate the bathing ritual with these luxe cleansers and body treatments.


Dr. Squatch Soaps

Find out what the cult-like following is raving about with these Dr. Squatch soap sampler packs. Thousands of 5-star reviews!


Luxury Soaps

Elevate bath time with highly-rated soaps that add soothing cleansing with welcoming fragrances.


Massage Oil Candles

Light these scented massage candles to heat the massage oil to a perfect temperature for a great massage.


Fragrance Gifts for Men

Enchant the space with fragrances for the body or a room.


Men’s Fragrances

These classic scents add a pleasant fragrance for everyday wear or special occasions.


Scented Room Candles

Create a more inviting living space with a warm glow and pleasant fragrance from highly-rated scented candles.


Cashmere Gifts for Men

Bring a luxury touch to winter staples with men’s cashmere gift ideas.


Men’s Cashmere Hats

Keep them warm and cozy in these stylish men’s winter hats.


Men’s Cashmere Scarves

Stay warm in luxurious style with these cashmere men’s scarves.


Men’s Cashmere Socks

Pamper their toes with a quality pair of cashmere socks for men.


Men’s Cashmere Sweaters

Share the indulgence of a luxe men cashmere sweater to keep your sweetheart cozy and warm.


Men’s Cashmere Robes

Pamper his skin in the spa-like luxury of a quality cashmere robe.


Cashmere Throw Blankets

Cuddle up in luxuriously soft warmth in these highly-rated cashmere throw blankets in a variety of stylish colors.


Cool Accessories Men

For anyone wondering “what is the best gift ideas for men,” these stylish accessory gifts make a thoughtful choice of romantic gift for him.


Polarized Sunglasses

Protect his eyes from bright sunlight and enjoy crisper detail from the polarized lenses on these stylish sunglasses for men. These men’s accessories will always be in style!


Men’s Silk Scarves

Stay cozy and warm dressed in a stylish silk scarf.


Multi-Tool Collar Stays

These non-magnetic titanium collar stays are made to last, plus the multi-purpose collar stays have integrated tools built-in (half-Phillips and slotted screwdrivers, thread cutter, and bottle opener).


Men’s Belts

Invest in a wardrobe staple they’ll use for years with these high-quality men’s belts.


Men’s Boots

Gift a pair of these highly-rated boots to inspire all kinds of new adventures together.


Levitating Shoe Displays

These fun shoe displays are perfect for the guy who already has everything.


Men’s Watches

These modern analog watches are both practical and stylish accessories.



Choose from a classic Montblanc writing instrument that will add an element of style to all future note-taking.


Gourmet Gifts for Men

Add a fun touch to meals with these romantic gourmet gifts for him.


Bourbon-Flavored Coffees

Combine the rich flavors of coffee and bourbon in these flavored coffee gifts.


Valentine’s Day Sweets

These festive sweets are a perfect romantic treat and make especially great men’s Valentine’s gifts!


Nut Sampler Baskets

Indulge in healthy treats with these nut sampler basket gifts.


Jerky Gift Packs

Jerky lovers will enjoy these sampler packs that include a wide variety of jerky styles and flavors.



Kitchen Gifts for Men

Kitchen gift ideas for men are perfect gifts for guys who enjoy crafting masterpieces with food and drink.


Clear Ice Cube Makers

For drinks that truly impress, use crystal clear ice from these specialized ice molds.


Grilling Spice Set

Inspire culinary adventure with this sampler set of 20 grilling spices.


Heart-Shaped Kitchen Gifts

These heart-shaped kitchen gifts add love and fun to meals all year long.


Electronics Gifts for Men

Make smart upgrades around the home with these romantic electronic gifts for men.


Music Mix Tapes

Add a nostalgic touch with a music mixtape “cassette” on a USB drive.


Smart Plugs

Upgrade ordinary outlets with a set of smart power outlets for the home.


Smart Light Bulbs

Redesign rooms with smart lighting in vibrant colors – use with timers, voice control, and more!


Car Dash Cams

Record adventures with ease with a highly-rated dashcam. Select from models with smart features including 4K Ultra HD recording, night vision, GPS, Built-in WiFi, and wide-angle cameras.


Sonos Speakers

Fill their home with music with a set of Sonos smart speakers for every room. These speakers are easy to set up and provide high-quality, app-controlled sound.


Drone with Automatic Return Home

Capture high-definition footage on this drone that is packed with cool features. The smart drone can trace and automatically follow along for incredible videos! Use with confidence as this drone includes GPS-assisted flight which enables it to automatically return home when the signal is lost or when power is low!


Outdoor Gifts for Men

Encourage more adventures with men’s outdoor gear and unique outdoor gifts men.


Stanley Travel Classics

These durable Stanley Classic containers are perfect for great drinks and meals on the go.


YETI Blanket

This versatile YETI blanket is padded and insulated for comfort and includes a waterproof layer that is immune to the wet ground of any kind. Machine washable and includes a carry bag.


YETI Coolers

Enjoy ice-cold beverages all day with a top-quality YETI cooler for his adventures.


Waterproof Speakers

Set the mood with music with a highly-rated wireless waterproof Bluetooth speaker.


Fire Tables

Cozy up to a clean-burning, hypnotic fire at these stylish outdoor fire tables.


Fun Romantic Vacations

These travel ideas are great for romantic vacations with lots of ways for a couple to have fun exploring a new area. Enter your travel dates in the interactive maps below to see current rates.


Nashville Getaway

Spend some time in this energetic town and enjoy countless bars and barbecues where you’ll find great musical acts performing all day long. Explore nearby rural areas for beautiful mountain scenery.


New Orleans Getaway

New Orleans is a unique place where having fun is almost effortless. Stay in the lively French Quarter and immerse yourselves in the music, cuisine, energy, culture, and style of this iconic Lousiana town.


Yellowstone National Park Getaway

Escape to one of nature’s most beautiful spaces in Yellowstone National Park. Visit Old Faithful geyser while keeping eyes open for wildlife including bison, moose, and bears. Find affordable lodging in the small town of West Yellowstone, MT just outside the park’s west entrance.


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Cool Gifts for Men

Cool Gifts for Men


These cool gifts for men should help you find cool gift ideas for men to delight your special guy. For additional gift inspiration and ideas, check out these posts:


Which of these are the best gifts men most want to get?

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  1. Alex says:

    You have provided a limitless quantity of products that all sorts of men would enjoy. This is a fabulous selection at that. You captured the mind and hearts of men with what you recommended in this article. This might be a second christmas for us guys. These would also be great options for father’s day.

    • Alyce says:

      I definitely know people who find it hard to shop for gifts for men, so I’m glad this list of men’s gifts is helpful!

  2. Godspower Nathan KC says:

    To me, this is just a timely article for me to make my decisions on what to buy for my hubby as Val’s day sets in. I have been trying to make up my mind concerning what to give to him as a gift on Valentine’s day. I like so many things here from the Montblanc pens to the durable Stanley Classic containers. But I feel he would really love the Drone with Automatic Return Home since he is into event planning and video covering. thanks, ma for the timely and straight to the point. keep up the good work ma.

  3. Godspower nathan kc says:

    To me, this is just a timely article for me to make my decisions on what to buy for my hubby as Val’s day sets in. I have been trying to make up my mind concerning what to give to him as a gift on Valentine’s day. I like so many things here from the Montblanc pens to the durable Stanley Classic containers. But I feel he would really love the Drone with Automatic Return Home since he is into event planning and video covering. thanks, ma for the timly and straight to the point. keep up the good work ma.

  4. Danny says:

    Some awesome gift ideas here, My brothers birthday is coming up soon so I definitely took some real inspiration from this article. 

    I myself am particularly interested in one of the fire tables for our garden, thanks for creating this list of products, for people like me who struggle to come up with good gift ideas and generally end up asking the recipient what they want so I don’t buy a silly gift.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Danny, It’s nice to find some shopping inspiration and ideas for the people you love. I’m glad this article helped you to find some good gifts for men.

  5. Harugumi says:

    Thank you so much for this article with brilliant ideas for gifts for men. You have listed a wide range of gifts to choose from that suits different occasions.

    I am glad I’ve come across your website with useful information when I needed the ideas most. My husband’s birthday is in February. We all know its the month for the Valentine’s Day, making it easy to decide.  

    I will go for the Men’s Valentine Gift Sets. I’ve bookmarked your site for future reference.

    • Alyce says:

      Hello Harugumi, It’s nice that your husband gets some love for both his birthday and for Valentine’s Day in February. I’m so glad this list has helped inspire some fun ideas for men’s gifts!

  6. Jannette says:

    Just like any other holiday, we cannot leave the men out and not get them anything, after all the men are our head of household. My spouse can always use a lounge set with matching slippers as he does not like to wear that much jewelry. Can see him now kicked back watching his favorite sports on days off with his favorite cup of java. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hello Jannette, A lounge set with slippers is a great way to pamper your sweetie with luxury gift items that he might not think to purchase for himself. Those make a very sweet gift for your husband!

  7. Terese says:

    Hi Alyce,

    Thanks so much for all of the great gift ideas. What a large variety that you have provided. I am not much of a “just because” gift giver and that is something that I would definitely like to upgrade about myself! I believe that my sweetie would appreciate that too. I am definitely saving this for future reference. I’ll not only be visiting for my boyfriend, but I think Dad could use some items too. Again, thank you for the comprehensive listing!


    • Alyce says:

      Hi Terese, It’s very sweet of you to want to surprise your boyfriend with a token of your affection. There are lots of great gift ideas for dad on the list as well! I know they will love the gifts and the thoughtful gestures!

  8. Marlene says:

    Hi Alyce

    Thank you for the helpful post on cool gifts for men.

    These are some great ideas for gifts either for a special occasion or a gift just because you want to. Gift ideas for everyone’s taste as well. Now that winter is coming here I think cashmere throw blanket, sweater, hat and scarves will be the perfect gift.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Marlene, Luxury cashmere products make great gifts for men that will be treasured favorites for many years. Excellent men’s gift idea!

  9. Ann says:

    I have been trying to make up my mind concerning what to give my husband as a gift on Valentine’s day. I like the Polarized Sunglasses and the Montblanc pens. But I feel he would really appreciate a cashmere sweater. So, boiling it down, I will give him Oakley sunglasses and a sweater.

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