Wine Lovers Gift Guide

No matter whether you’re attending a milestone birthday party, retirement celebration, engagement party, or simply having dinner at a friend’s house, a great bottle of wine is almost always a welcome gift. However, these gifts often don’t last through the end of the night!

Gifts for Wine Lovers

Gifts for Wine Lovers

For the occasions when you want to share gifts that can be appreciated and enjoyed over time, these gift ideas for wine lovers will help you find something that can complement a great wine and be enjoyed for years to come.

Check out these great gift ideas that can help wine lovers to explore and enjoy wine even more!


Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Surprise the wine lovers you know with these popular wine gift ideas. Whether they stick to an old favorite or prefer exploring new wines they have yet to try, these wine lover gifts have something for all tastes!

Wine Lovers Gift Guide

Wine Lovers Gift Guide


Wine Exploration Gifts

Encourage their exploration of wines with gifts that complement their tastes and help them better understand their individual preferences in wines. These are ideal gifts for wine enthusiasts that are just starting their personal journeys with wine exploration.


Books About Wine

These highly-rated books help to demystify the world of wine with interesting facts that make learning fun.


Wine Journals

Help them keep track of their wine adventures with a hardcover wine tasting journal.


Wine Recipe Books

Explore exciting drink recipes and more with these highly-rated wine-themed cookbooks.


Wine Games

Enjoy a bit of friendly competition with these wine-themed games!


Wine Tasting Supplies

Host a blind wine tasting with these supplies that allow guests to inspect, enjoy, and record their thoughts on 4 different wines.


Wine Tasting Games

Inspire fun learning experiences with these highly-rated wine tasting games.


Wine Pairing Chocolates

These Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates include 24 pieces of specially crafted pralines to pair with white wines and red wines for an exceptional gourmet experience!


Wine Tasting Aroma Sets

These wine tasting tools include bottled aromas that are commonly found in wines and help wine lovers train their sense of smell to identify the aromas found in high-quality wines.


Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kits

Wine lovers will enjoy testing their sense of smell against this wine aroma kit that includes a board game to make learning more fun!


Wine Enjoyment Gifts

Make sure they have everything they need to enjoy every last drop of wine with these great wine gift ideas. These make great wine Christmas gifts and also work well for other special occasions.


Wine Glass Markers

Another great way to make sure that everyone can ID their glass is with these versatile glass markers that write directly on wine glasses, bottles, plates, and more!


Wine Glass Charms

One of the most classic wine accessory gifts is a chic set of wine glass charms that ensures everyone can identify their glass!


Wine Glass Covers

Keep debris out of drinks with a simple glass cover in a variety of styles.


Wine Sulfite and Tannin Removers

These miracle products help reduce histamines, sulfites, and tannins in wines without altering the flavor! Thousands of 5-star reviews!


Hangover Prevention and Hydration

Make sure the next day is as enjoyable as the night before with these highly-rated recovery products that can help ease the symptoms of over-indulging.


Wine Aerators

Wine aerators are top wine gifts and come in lots of shapes and sizes designed to save time by instantly “opening up” the full flavor of wines.


Wine Decanters

A wine decanter is both functional as a way to enhance the flavor of wine and also a stunning work of art that looks beautiful even when not in use.


Wine Glass Chillers

These innovative glass holders keep wine glasses cooled when they are not in use. Works with a variety of glass designs.


3-in-1 Wine Chillers

These versatile wine chillers help to cool a bottle of wine, plus the innovative designs include a pourer that aerates wine as it’s poured.


Wine Chilling Buckets

Just add ice to these stylish wine chilling buckets to keep wines cooled to a refreshing temperature even on warm days.


Wine Cooling Devices

Make certain that wine stays at the perfect temperature with a smart wine chiller device that does not require adding ice to the bucket!


Wine Opener Gifts

Take the work out of opening a bottle of corked wine with a highly-rated wine bottle opener. 


Wine Opening Corkscrews

These multifunctional corkscrews can open wine plus the smart designs also include integrated beer bottle openers too!


Vertical Lever Corkscrews

These manual corkscrews have a vertical lever pull design that opens bottles of wine with ease.


Rechargeable Electric Wine Openers

Open bottles of wine easily with these rechargeable wine openers that remove wine corks from a bottle with the simple push of a button.


Electric Automatic Wine Opener Gift Sets

Easily open bottles of wine with these electric automatic wine opener gift sets.


Fragile Cork Bottle Openers

Fine wine aficionados will appreciate the patented Durand bottle opener which is especially effective at removing compromised and fragile corks from older, high-value wines.


Wine Glass Gifts

Find the right glasses and stemware for any type of wine or occasion with these great selections.


Cooling Wine Glasses

These innovative cooling glasses keep white, rose, and red wines at the perfect temperature for hours.


Silicone Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are made of unbreakable silicone and are perfect for anyone who gets a little clumsy after a glass of wine.


Floating Wine Glasses

A set of wine glasses that float and are shatterproof are perfect for the pool or weekend trips to the lake. Cheers!


Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

These stainless steel wine glasses come in a wide variety of stylish finishes and are naturally more durable than glassware.


Stemless Wine Glasses

Wine lovers are sure to appreciate these stemless glasses that easily fit into a dishwasher for easy cleanup.


Port Wine Glasses

These crystal port wine glasses are the ideal size for serving both fortified wines and aromatic aperitif or digestive cordials.


Crystal Wine Glasses

Delight loved ones with a set of crystal wine glasses that are designed to allow flavors and aromas to be fully enjoyed.


Wine Preserver Gifts

Make sure their favorite wines last as long as possible with a great wine preservation system.


Wine Bottle Stoppers

A wine bottle stopper is a versatile gift that can complement their style while protecting their wine. Use Argon Gas preservers (see below) to extend freshness.


Argon Gas Wine Preservers

Extend the life of open bottles of wine by adding argon gas, which prevents oxygen from mixing with the wine and spoiling it prematurely.


Wine Preserving Decanters

These attractive decanters also preserve wines with an innovative design that keeps air away from the wine and prevents it from oxidizing.


Coravin Wine Preservation Systems

Lovers of fine wines will gush over a receiving a Coravin wine preservation system. Choose a “Pivot” model to preserve fine wines for up to 4 weeks, or select a “Timeless” model to preserve open bottles for 2+ years!


Wine Technology Gifts

Take the love of wine to a new level with the latest technology for wine enjoyment, storage, and more!


Portable Breathalyzers

Wine drinkers will appreciate these portable breathalyzer units that measure blood alcohol content and help them make more informed decisions.

Rapid Drink Coolers

These rapid drink coolers can chill a bottle of wine in only 6 minutes (or a canned drink in 1 minute). Great for surprise gatherings.


Wine Cooling Refrigerators

Wine collectors will appreciate these wine cooling refrigerators that allow them to set the precise temperatures required to fully enjoy their wines.


Wine Cellar System

For the connoisseur with an extensive collection, the eSommelier Private Wine Cellar Management System will organize their wine cellar and help them find the perfect wine in seconds.


Wine Travel Gifts

Make sure that their wine country gifts and newly found bottles of wine travel safely with these smart products.


Travel Bottle Protector

Help them protect their wine purchases with these protective and reusable wine bags.


Insulated Wine Totes

These stylish insulated wine tote bags allow them to bring bottles from their collection to dinner parties, family gatherings, and more!


Wine Purses

These wine purses offer a discreet way to travel with their favorite wines and the hidden spouts make it easy to share with friends.


Wine Bottle Travel Cases

Ensure that each and every bottle purchased on their trip to wine country gets home safely with specially designed wine-carrying luggage.


Wine-Inspired Décor Gifts

Wine Gifts

Wine Gifts


Add the charm of wine country to any space with these wine-inspired décor items.


Wine Glass Neon Lights

These wine glass neon signs both light up a room and add a festive touch to a bar or personal wine cellar.


Wine Cork Holders

Display the corks from memorable bottles of wine that were received as gifts or from special occasions and events with these decorative cork keepers.


Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are made from recycled wine bottles and come in different sizes and colors to suit any outdoor space.


Wine Barrel Head Lazy Susans

Add an authentic touch of wine country to a wine cellar or dining room with functional lazy susans that are made from wine barrel heads.


Wine Cork Stools

These oversized wine cork stools add a fun touch of style to any wine lover’s home!


Tabletop Wine Storage Racks

These wine storage racks require no installation and keep favorite bottles right where they are needed most.


Wall-Mounted Wine Storage Racks

Display and store a collection of favorite wines with these wall-mounted wine storage racks.


Wine Barrel Coffee Tables

These stylish wine barrel coffee tables make the perfect addition to the home of wine lovers.


Wine Barrel Cabinets

Store wine and other essentials in style in these wine barrel cabinets that are made from repurposed wine barrels!


Rolling Bar Carts

These stylish bar carts keep bottles, glasses, and accessories in one place and can easily be rolled to wherever they are needed most!


Wine Barrel Lighting Fixtures

Choose hanging pendants or stylish sconces to add elements of wine country to home décor.


Wine-Themed Beauty Gifts

These topical beauty treatments make unique gifts wine lovers and are the perfect complement to a great glass of wine.


Wine Soaps

Keep germs at bay with these soaps that feature the rich scents of popular red and white wines.


Wine Facial Sheet Masks

Enjoy spa treatments at home with these highly-rated red wine facial treatment masks.


Wine-Inspired Hair Treatments

Treat hair with shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatments inspired by either red wine, white wine, or rose wine.


Wine Bottle Shaped Lip Color Sets

These lip colors come in tubes that are shaped like wine bottles and include six shades that will remind them of their favorite wines.


Wine Stain Removers

Prevent and/or remove wine stains from setting in with these highly-rated red wine stain removers.


Wine-Themed Novelty Gifts

Wine is all about having fun – these novelty wine gifts are sure to delight!


Wine Glass-Shaped Paper Clips

Office supplies are a little more fun with these wine glass-shaped paper clips that remind them that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!


Wine Themed Umbrellas

Make a rainy day instantly better with wine — or at the least make sure they stay dry with this fun wine-themed umbrella.


Wine Lover Slippers

Gift them a fresh set of cozy slippers to enjoy at the end of the day with their favorite glass of vino!


Wine Glass Holders

Let them take their glass of wine to their favorite room of the house with these fun wine glass holders!


Bring Wine Socks

These cheeky socks will make sure that they are comfy, cozy, and perhaps ready for another glass of wine!


Wine-Themed Jewelry

These wine-themed earrings and bracelets let them show off their style and their love of wine at the same time!



Champagne Gift Ideas

Finally, surprise champagne lovers with one of these great gifts that will help them to enjoy their bubbles even more!


Champagne Gift Baskets

The biggest celebrations in life are made for celebrating with a champagne toast. Send them wine country gift baskets with champagne that includes sweet or savory treats to enjoy along with the bubbles!

Champagne Gift Basket

Help them celebrate in style with a Champagne Gift Basket!


Champagne Bubbles Candy

Whether or not it is possible to have a glass of the real thing, these champagne candies will add a festive finish to any meal.


Champagne Flavored Jelly Beans

Taste the festive flavor of champagnes and sparkling roses with these gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans.


Books About Champagne

Learn more about the fascinating world of champagne with a book that explores the history, region, and style of the world’s most festive drink!


Champagne Openers

These champagne openers secure the cork while opening to reduce the chance of injury from flying corks.


Champagne Sabers

Elevate the popping of bottles with a beautiful champagne saber to open bottles in classic style!


Crystal Champagne Glasses

No matter if they enjoy sipping bubbles from a flute, trumpet, or coupe, a set of crystal champagne glasses will be welcome additions to all the best celebrations!


Edible Glitter Garnishes

Take champagnes and cocktails to another level of fun with edible glitter in over a dozen colors!


Mimosa Bar Sets

Allow guests to craft their own mimosas with these mimosa bar sets that include bottles for juice and bowls for garnishes!


Champagne Guns

Snap one of these “guns” on a bottle of bubbly to instantly turn it into a spray gun of champagne!


Champagne Shooter Glasses

These unique glasses are for the crazy occasions when drinks seem more silly than savored. Glass holders are sold separately.


Champagne Bottle Stoppers

The carbonation in champagne requires a sturdier and specially designed stopper to ensure that it stays sealed. These highly-rated champagne stoppers can help keep an opened bottle fresh for later enjoyment.


Champagne Preservation Systems

Fans of sparkling wines will love the Perlage System that preserves opened bottles of champagne for weeks (or even months) and can add fizz back after they have gone completely flat. That’s definitely something to celebrate!


Wine-Related Travel

Surprise a wine lover with a trip to the iconic wine country of Napa Valley in California and sample wines from dozens of award-winning wineries! Stay for a weekend or opt to see more during a week-long stay.

Enter your travel dates into the interactive lodging map above to see current rates for stays in Napa, California.



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Wine Lovers Gifts and

Wine Lovers Gifts and Present Ideas


Wine Lovers Gift Ideas

Wine Lovers Gift Ideas

These unique gift ideas for wine lovers should help you find great gift options to delight your friends and family. For additional gift inspiration and ideas, check out these posts:


What are your ideas for the best wine gifts to give? What are the top gifts wine lovers and the best wine-related gifts on your list?

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  1. Anusuya says:

    What an amazing collection of pleasurable and widely recognized gift for significant (or non-significant) occasion!

    I was curious to see the love for wine. Here you go. 31% of US adults drink wine. The United States consumes the largest volume of wine of any country, at 33 million hectoliters in 2020. 

    Sure people who love and drink wine will definitely appreciate your collection of gifts to choose. You got a big store to help people for  Christmas, wedding, New Years Eve and New Year. Hats off to you.

    I do have couple of wine bottles gifted to me and not sure how to use them. I don’t drink and hate to giveaway a gift.

    Does this hangover powder help people drinking a lot of alcohol?

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Anusuya, Thanks for sharing those stats. Very interesting info about wine! 

      I understand the hesitation to giveaway a gift, but If you don’t drink, then I think it’s fine to give your bottles of wine to someone who will enjoy them. We can’t help that sometimes we receive gifts that we won’t use. We shouldn’t feel obligated to keep something that we simply don’t want or will not use.

  2. Hari S Nair says:

    Thank you for providing us with such a great list of wine-based items. It is my sister’s birthday in a month and she and her husband are fond of wine. I want to gift her something which they can use frequently and I think Cooper rapid drink cooler will be a great option. Thank you for the list.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Hari, I have had to get creative in the past to try to chill a bottle of wine quickly (with supercooled salt water), but it’s much more simple and more convenient to use the Cooper rapid drink cooler. Cheers!

  3. Anastazja says:

    We have several family members who are true wine enthusiasts.  One is even a professional wine broker.  Your article is a fantastic resource for Christmas and birthday gifts.  The gift categories are so varied that giving wine related gifts several times will not get boring.  Personally, I am  intrigued by the wine recipe books.  However, I think that the wine games and books about wine will also make great gifts.  This is a page that needs to be bookmarked for future reference.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Anastazja, as a wine lover, I would imagine that it must be fantastic to have a family member who is a wine broker! I’m so happy to hear that you found some fun gifts for wine lovers. Thank you for the bookmark!

  4. Johnny says:

    There is a whole world behind wine, I really didn’t know there were so many objects that could relate to it! I haven’t even heard of wine soap before reading this article, I think it would make a really great gift, and a very original one!
    A book wine is also a great option for someone that is really interested in the world of wine.
    Thank you so much for this selection of gifts, they are really amazing.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Johnny, We know a lot of wine lovers, from casual fans to those with full wine cellars at home. It’s great to have some unique gift ideas for wine lovers of all types!

  5. chinthaka says:

    The article contains a wide variety of information about the topic of wine. So I also love to get more knowledge about wine. If you can suggest being the most ideal beginner book read to get more ideas about wines it will be a great help for me.

    recipes, games, books about wines are absolutely new and curious concepts to test as a beginner and a wine lover. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas. Love a lot about the niche you have selected. keep it up good work ahead.

    • Alyce says:

      Hello, to learn more about wine, check out the books featured at the beginning of the article. They offer a great intro to wine appreciation. 

  6. John says:

    Everyone loves good wine on the occasion of good holidays, and until I found your site didn’t even know where to start to find a good bottle of wine or to go with my meals. I like everything on your list like the rechargeable electric model corkscrew. It’s time to add them to my Amazon Favorites List! Thank you for the article. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi John, With all the great wine available, it can be challenging to confidently pair a wine with a meal. I tend to stick to versatile favorites (balanced red wines and dry sparkling white wines) when I’m at home or rely on expert sommelier recommendations when dining out. 

  7. Luke Moretti says:

    So many good products here I am not sure if I was in an information site or a store…

    Everyone loves a good wine with a good occasion, I don’t even know where to start in finding a good bottle or which ones will work with which meal.

    My partner worked in a wine store and I thought I would have learned something from her during her time there but I guess I was wrong lol.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Luke, some people can devote a lifetime to the study and appreciation of wine, but most of us just try to find something we like at a good value. Don’t overthink it, just pay attention to what you like and enjoy your selections. Cheers!

  8. Jannette says:

    These are some awesome gift ideas for the wine lovers in my Family. I always put together a gift basket for my family members for Christmas & Valentine’s. I especially like the Vinglace Wine Chiller as it comes in a variety of colors. The Rose Gold  & Rose are great colors for my Valentines’ baskets. Thanks for your help with these awesome wine gift ideas. 

  9. Caleb says:

    It looks like you really put a lot of time into researching all of these products. I didn’t realize how many types of gifts there are available for wine enthusiasts. I would like to know more about the science behind how some of these products actually conserve the taste of the wine after being opened. Anyways, this gives me some great ideas for my wife. She enjoys white wine more than anything. Thank you!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Caleb, as a wine lover myself, it was a lot of fun researching this article! 🙂

      Most wine preservation systems work by preventing the wine from oxidizing by limiting it’s exposure to the oxygen in the air. As you have noticed, there are a lot of different ways to achieve this. 


  10. bethebest#128 says:

    I appreciate your blog post. I love the niche-specificity. Overall, I think you will win countless wine lovers and enthusiasts because of the short and sweet tone you possess. You have a talent for turning something complex into a simple execution.

    In other words, instead of forcing your readers to read long paragraph chunks, you segment your work into more digestible content. Also, you have options available for all wine lovers, broadening your appeal. Overall, your article is fine wine!!

  11. Jenny says:

    What a great post to stumble on! I absolutely love wine, and this has given me some ideas for xmas presents for my friends.

    I especially like the wine pairing chocolates for myself, I bet that would be a lovely night in, and the hangover prevention powder is something that i could do with, I never knew you could buy something like this to ease hangover symptoms. I just take a couple of painkillers before I go to bed after drinking, but these powders sound good too.

    I love everything on your list, time to add them to my Amazon wish list!

    Thanks for the xmas gift inspiration!

  12. Ian says:

    What a great idea! My wife and I love receiving wine related gifts. We were particularly excited when the silicone wine glasses first came out because stemware just does not travel well. I appreciate you putting together such a comprehensive guide to shopping for the Wino on our holiday list. I was particularly intrigued by the wine barrel wall sconces. I may have to add those to my list for the den.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Ian! I’m so glad that you found some unique wine gift ideas! The sconces would add a nice touch to the home of a couple of wine lovers like yourselves. Cheers!

  13. Daniel Tshiyole says:

    I’ve never really been a wine guy. I mean I drunk wine but I do not know much about it. My partner knows a lot when it comes to wine so I will most certainly refer this article to her. I’m sure that she will appreciate it. I have also learnt a thing or two just by reading this article 

  14. Steve says:

    As an avid wine lover and Christmas just around the corner this is something I am printing out and leaving on the fridge door. I like a “chabli” in the white department and a sauvignon blanc in the red with meat meals. I have made beer before but never wine, so was intrigued to see if you had any wine kits, I couldn’t see any. But still loved the wide array of products you have put together. I love the wine traveling kits and the rapid coolers. I have purchased several corkscrews etc and never found one to my satisfaction. What would you recommend? If I could get a truly good one I would pay up to $100 for it. 


    • Alyce says:

      Hi Steve! There are some wine-making kits out there, but you are right, they are not on the list. I know a lot of wine lovers, but I have not met anyone who has attempted making their own wines. Sounds like fun though!

      Opening wine can be tricky and a great corkscrew is a solid investment. Our favorite corkscrew is a rechargeable electric model like the ones listed in the article – it’s amazing how easy opening a bottle of wine is with these devices! Fortunately, you won’t have to spend your $100 budget on the opener so you’ll have plenty of money left over to spend on wine!

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