The Coolest Gift Ideas Under $15 That They Will Absolutely Adore!

Make a big impact with just $15 with these cool gifts available on Amazon Prime.

Last-minute shoppers can still take advantage of these fun gifts thanks to fast, free shipping from Amazon Prime. Each of these affordable gifts includes free Prime shipping for Amazon Prime members so they are sure to arrive quickly. Save yourself even more time by mailing gifts directly to their recipients!

Gifts $15 and Under on Amazon Prime 2021

Gifts $15 and Under on Amazon Prime 2021

Whether shopping for someone that you know very well, someone who still remains mysterious, or for an anonymous white elephant party gift, these gift ideas are stylish, fun, and useful too!


Gifts Under $15 with Prime Shipping

Note that all prices are set by independent retailers and may change at any time. At the time of publication, all items were priced at $15 or less.


Tech gifts under $15

Make sure their technology game is solid with affordable Amazon Prime tech gifts that include fast, free Amazon Prime shipping!


Adjustable Reading Lights

This rechargeable book light has 3 levels of brightness to give just the right amount of light. Flexible neck points light right where it is needed most.


Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Keep devices fully charged with a wireless charger that makes recharging your devices a breeze! This fast wireless charging pad is compatible with iPhones, Samsungs, AirPods Pro & more!


Handheld Vacuums

These handheld vacuums are small enough to get into hard-to-reach spaces and portable enough to take everywhere! Great for cars and electronics.


Lens Cleaning Wipes

These individually wrapped lens cleaning wipes have long been an essential item for photographers and wearers of eyeglasses, but they are currently also gaining popularity among users of smart devices like tablets and smartphones. Convenient packets can be used anywhere to remove dirt.


Multitool Pens

These stylus pen multi-tools combine the most reached-for tools into a portable package. Stash these in the car, desk, etc to have handy access to functions including touchscreen stylus, ballpoint pen, 4″ ruler, level, and screwdrivers.


Pocket Multitools

These handheld multi-tools offer assistance with a wide variety of tasks and don’t take up much space in a bag or glove box.


Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass

Not only is this acorn-shaped Bluetooth speaker absolutely adorable, but it is also waterproof, has enhanced bass, and has a built-in microphone. Enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime with this mini Bluetooth speaker!


Programmable USB LED Fan

This fun LED fan has a gooseneck and plugs into a USB port on a PC. Program the LEDs to read a custom message while the fan provides a gentle breeze.


Robot Headphone Splitters

This adorable robot headphone splitter almost looks like it’s enjoying the music too!


Backlight Kit

This TV backlight kit will elevate the night-time binge-watching experience into gorgeous theater displays! Choose a soothing color to softly light up the area behind the TV. Easy installation to back of TV with 2-sided tape.


Travel gifts under $15

Enjoy the journey on holiday trips with these Travel gifts under $15 — all include free Prime shipping!


Car Essential Oil Diffuser

These aromatherapy essential oil diffusers are designed to fit onto the heating and air conditioning vents in the car. They come with 12 felt pads in a variety of colors to be used with any essential oil.


Plush Squirrel Travel Neck Pillow

Traveling for the holidays may involve crowds, traffic, and middle seats on an airplane, but this cute squirrel shaped travel pillow will help make even the worst seat a little bit better.


Stackable Bento Lunch Box

This BPA-free stackable lunch box Includes 2 stackable containers and built-in plastic silverware. Multiple colors available.


Jewelry Organizers

These jewelry organizers keep treasured items protected from the elements and ensure that accessories are easy to find when needed while traveling!


Game gifts under $15

Whether they’d prefer a classic game or something a little bit newer, these great games are less than $15 and include fast free shipping!


Boggle Classic

Enjoy the classic head-to-head Boggle word search game with this portable set. Play solo or with other players.



Create beautifully lit custom displays with the updated classic toy Lite-Brite! The new screen is bigger and brighter for even more impressive light fun. Refill packs also available.


TENZI Dice Game

This original version of the fun dice game is something that players can easily learn and works well for players of any age! Gather the whole family including grandparents and kids and enjoy the fast paced, unique fun of TENZI!


Gourmet gifts under $15

Taste is a very subjective thing, but these gourmet treats under $15 might just be the perfect find for foodie friends and family! Plus, for more great ideas check out the post Best Housewarming Gifts and Host Gifts / Hostess Gifts.


Coffee Shots

These ready-to-drink FORTO coffee shots have 200mg of caffeine in each 2-ounce shot. Enjoy a variety of flavors in these high caffeine cold brew shots that are great for people on the go!


Drip-Free Oil Dispenser

This glass olive oil dispenser has a modern, drip-free design, and is marked for easy measurements on one side.


Spicy Jelly Beans

These spicy jelly beans promise to pack an extreme level of heat and are definitely not for everyone. But for those who put hot sauce on everything, these might be new favorite treats!


One Pound Bag of Cereal Marshmallows

There are some people who equally enjoy both the marshmallow bits and the rest of the cereal too. However this bag is for anyone who steals the marshmallows from the box.


The. Best. Gummi. Bears.

Priced at under $3 per pound, these delicious Albanese 12 Flavor Gummi Bears are an absolute steal! The 5 lb bag includes 12 flavors of the juiciest, most tender gummies in Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple, and Lemon.


Accessory gifts under $15

One can never have too many fun accessories, and especially when they are all priced under $15 with fast free prime shipping!


Wavy Arms Dude Socks

Have a little fun with fashion in these knee-high socks that pay homage to everyone’s favorite roadside marketer. Throw your hands in the air and kick your feet back with these wild and crazy guys!


Infuser Bottles

Add vitamins and flavor to your daily water with these infuser water bottles that come in a dozen different colors. This 32 oz. bottles feature a flip-top lid, dual handgrips, and a free recipe ebook.


Long Warm Scarf

These oversized winter shawls come in multiple designs and colors that go with a variety of personal styles. Versatile length can be used as a wrap or as a scarf.


Grippy Lounge Socks

These lounge socks include grippers on the soles to promote stability while lounging around the house.


Tiered Tassel Earrings

These festive earrings are fun and flirty enough for summer and festive enough for the holidays. Choose from over 20 great colors of these highly-rated earrings!


Craft gifts under $15

Nurture a creative spark with these affordable craft gifts with fast free shipping!


Music Box Kits

This “Make Your Own Music Box Kit” has everything needed to create a music box. The music box can play any song by punching holes in the provided paper strips.


Precision Tweezer Sets

This set of precision tweezers includes 10 pieces of stainless steel tweezers that can handle all kinds of jobs! Use this unique set for crafts, jewelry, electronics, and more! Note that these are not designed for use as beauty tweezers.


Home gifts under $15

The little things that make a house feel like home include these quirky finds that speak to a person’s light-hearted nature. The great prices under $15 and fast free prime shipping make these top contenders for everyone on the gift list!


Animal Bathroom Organizers

These animals hang out in the bathroom (or elsewhere) and keep small items contained. Cuteness overload!


Plant Watering Birds

These bird-shaped plant self-waterers are an easy way to make sure that plants get the water they need. Just fill the bird-shaped globes with water and place the spiked end in the dirt. Plants are slowly watered until the water is gone.


Cactus Shaped Coasters Set

Combine fun and function with this pot of 6 cactus coasters. Individual coasters are round but form a cactus when assembled for display.


Mesh Clothes Hanging Dryer

This 3-tier mesh clothes hanging dryer hangs anywhere and allows delicate garments to gently air-dry.


Pet Hair Remover

Pets are a big part of the family, but can, unfortunately, leave lots of fur flying around the house during certain times of the year. Lightly sweep the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover over carpets and couches to remove stubborn pet hair.


Strong Magnetic Twist Ties

Organize stuff with these versatile and colorful magnetic cord wraps. Use solely as a twist tie, magnet, or find unique solutions by using them as both a magnet and a twist tie!


Bullet Journal Method

This New York Times bestseller helps build a system to Track the Past, Order the Present, and Design the Future.


Velcro Wrap Ties

This pack of the original VELCRO brand wrap ties will get a handle on all the cords that are currently a tangled mess in the back of a drawer. Easy to use and reuse over and over again!


Wine Glass Marker Pens

The pens help to identify wine or beer glasses at events, but there are many more creative uses for these pens! Available in multiple color combinations for writing that easily washes off of glasses, leftover containers, windows, mirrors, and more!


Tuned Chime

The ORIGINAL Zenergy is a musically tuned chime that only needs a single gentle tap to emit a soothing, long-lasting tone that gently fades away. Includes a lifetime tuning guarantee.


Novelty gifts under $15

These Novelty gifts are quirky, fun, affordable, and make great gifts for a wide variety of people.


Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

Why buy another pair of ordinary slippers for the holidays this year when microfiber dusting slippers exist? These slippers clean the floor while simply walking around — meaning at least one chore can be checked off of the list!


Mini Zen Boards

These mini zen boards offer a portable version of the larger-sized zen boards. Add water to the brush to draw a temporary image on the surface. As the water slowly evaporates the image fades away until you are left with a blank slate to redesign.


Campfire Plant Holder

An air plant or succulent is already a sweet way to brighten up a dull desk or space. However, the plants are taken to a new level of coolness in this ceramic mini air plant / succulent holder that looks like a campfire.


Neon Signs

Add a ton of personality to a space with a neon light sign. These lamps come in over a dozen designs and are operated either by battery or USB.


Optical Illusion Ball

This desktop toy is a simple spinning ball that appears to twirl into infinity. Small size fits in even the smallest of cubicle spaces.


Turntable Tape Dispenser

Anything that can bring a smile to an office environment is a definite win. This record player tape dispenser is refillable and has a weighted base for easy dispensing.


Animal Pen Case

This adorable black cat case is made of silicone and is the perfect way to carry pens, brushes, and more. Press down on the bottom to easily transform the travel case into a desktop pen stand. Other animals available include dogs, pandas, and bears.


Personal Care gifts under $15

These Personal Care gift items are handy items for everyone — fast free shipping means that gifting is made quick and easy!


Facial Spray Duo

Get an instant refresh and give your skin a quick treat with Mario Badescu facial sprays. This set includes a duo of two different soothing formulas.


Marvis Flavor Set

Marvis toothpaste takes the daily toothbrushing routine to a luxe level with flavors that seem almost decadent. Try three of their minty flavors in this kit that includes Classic, Whitening, and Cinnamon.


Massage Octopus

This vibrating scalp and neck massager has multiple points to help ease tight muscles and relieve tension. Battery operated.


Towel Makeup Remover

The Nano Towel makeup remover is a facial washcloth that removes cosmetics quickly and without chemicals. Great for sensitive skin.


Mini Humidifiers

These desktop-sized humidifiers are the perfect size to keep the air comfortable while working at a desk. Multiple fun designs are available.


Gift Wrapped in Denim with Blue Ribbon

Gift Wrapped in Denim with Blue Ribbon

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Which of these fun gifts would you most like for someone to purchase for you?

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