63 of the Best Gift Ideas Under $10

With the holidays approaching there are some gifts that are more challenging to get than others.

For instance, many holiday parties include a secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. These events require everyone to bring a wrapped present (within a certain budget) and then play a game where each person takes turns choosing either an unwrapped gift or stealing someone else’s opened gift. The events are most fun when there are a few items that people want to steal. However, with such a wide group of people, what inexpensive gift ideas are best?

$10 Amazon Prime Gifts 2021

$10 Amazon Prime Gifts 2021

These items are organized by category and can help you find all kinds of great gifts for under $10!

Whether you need gifts for men under $10, gifts for women under $10, or another very specific group, These gifts are versatile enough to be appreciated by a wide group of people and with all gifts less than $10 each they are all bound to fit into your holiday party budget and anywhere you need cheap Christmas gift ideas!

Amazon Prime Gifts Under $10

Note that prices are set by independent retailers and may change at any time. At time of publication, all items were priced below $10.


Accessory gifts under $10

These great accessory gifts are easy wins and all have a low price tag and fast, free prime shipping!


Folding Purse Hooks

This set of purse hooks will ensure that you don’t need to put your purse on the ground, rather you’ll be able to discreetly hang it from the side of the table with one of these cute designs! They fold up into little discs for travel and unfold quickly for use when you are out.


Socks with the Perfect Amount of Padding

Pamper your feet with ultra-comfortable socks made by Thorlos. Multiple styles are available for a variety of sports and situations. Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee!


Wolf Retro Blue Enamel Belt Buckle For Men

Tap into his animal side with this blue enamel wolf belt buckle for men. Note that this is for the belt buckle only (belt is not included).


Craft gifts under $10

These craft gifts will engage the creative brain and are all priced less than $10!


Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes

These scratch art notecards allow you to put a colorful, artistic spin on everyday notes!


Embroidery Kits

Enjoy an intro to embroidery with these adorable all-inclusive kits. Over 10 designs to choose from!


Game gifts under $10

Encourage a little friendly competition with these games gifts for less than $10 (plus free prime shipping)!


Competitive Games

These highly-rated games encourage friendly competition and include old classics and newer games too!


Challenging Puzzle Games

Keep the mental gears running at full speed with these challenging puzzles and personal challenge games. Fun for all ages!


UNO Game Tins

Protect these classic game sets in a tin to keeps cards protected when not in use. Choose from classic UNO or try the new UNO FLIP! version.


Gourmet gifts under $10

Try sharing these gourmet gifts under $10 at parties throughout the holiday season to thank your most fabulous hosts! Plus, for more great ideas check out the post Best Housewarming Gifts and Host Gifts / Hostess Gifts.


French Press Coffee Maker

Enjoy the rich taste of fresh coffee in this unique double-walled glass french press.


Mike’s Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey is both sweet and spicy goodness that Gluten-Free & Paleo diets can enjoy too!


Silicone Tea Infusers

Enjoy countless varieties of loose leaf teas (or blend your own) with these highly rated silicone tea infusers.


Tortuga Rum Cakes

One of the dreamiest things about the Caribbean is their moist and delicious rum cakes. Enjoy a well-known TORTUGA rum cake in one of many flavors including Caribbean Banana Rum!


Household gifts under $10

These great Home gifts are all priced under $10 and include fast, free prime shipping!


Organic Wool Dryer Balls

These organic wool dryer balls reduce wrinkles and shorten dryer time – definitely a win-win scenario!


Decorative Glass Magnets

Keep important items attached with magnets or simply enjoy the designs on these glass magnets sets in a wide variety of vivid designs and beautiful colors!


Field Notes Sets

Find out why Field Notes fans are uber-devoted to these understated notebooks. These 3-pack sets include 48-pages of graph paper per book.


Fiskars Scissors

Choose a pair of Fiskars brand scissors and discover why these BIFL items consistently receive perfect 5-star reviews from thousands of happy customers! *Buy-it-for-life


Foldable Cloth Storage Boxes

These foldable cloth storage boxes help to stylishly corral and organize your items in your closets and drawers.


Small Step Stools

These portable stepstools are sturdy enough to support both kids and most adults. Lightweight design features slip-resistant rubber dots in your choice of 2 colors.


Himalayan Salt Lamps

Enjoy beautiful soft light from these natural Himalayan salt lamps that are said to have therapeutic benefits including purifying and ionizing the air.


Magnifying Glass with Illumination

This magnifying glass includes 2 strengths (3x and 45x) plus a built-in light. The lightweight, handheld magnifying glass is scratch-resistant and comes with a lens cleaning cloth & storage bag.


Cleaning Gel Putty

These popular cleaning gels are easily able to squish into small, hard-to-reach areas of computer keyboards and car dashboards to get them squeaky clean. Reusable products have a long life.


Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

Non-stick silicone baking mats are marked for easy macarons but can be used for any baking project.


Over-the-Door Hanging Organizers

These highly-rated over-the-door hangers are sold as shoe organizers but can be used to store electronics, pantry items, medications, and more! Install one of these handy, slim organizers for smart storage options in a variety of styles and sizes!


Satin Pillowcase Set

This luxurious Queen Satin Pillowcase set is soft to protect your hair and skin while you sleep. Available in multiple colors and sizes.


Silicone Straw Sets

These eco-friendly silicone straws are available in stylish colors, fun styles, and different sizes to fit all your drinks, bottles, cups, and glasses!



Novelty gifts under $10

These Novelty gifts are just plain fun — at under $10 each, they are also all very affordable!


Batman Bat Signals

With these miniature editions of Batman’s Bat-Signal, fans can call upon their favorite superhero! Light-up features project the iconic Batman symbol onto nearby walls and other surfaces.


Bob Ross Bobblehead

This kit includes a 4″ bobblehead figure that plays 10 different wise and witty sayings from the art master himself, Bob Ross. Also includes a mini easel book featuring 30 of Ross’s landscapes.


Bob Ross Talking Keychain

This talking keychain Features six classic Bob Ross phrases to brighten your day. Enjoy favorites including, “Let’s get crazy, what the heck” and “maybe there’s a happy little tree that lives here.”


Infinity Cube Fidget Toy Sensory Tool

This infinity cube fidget toy can be open and adjusted over and over again for no reason other than to fidget with it.


Lucky Cat Items

Keep luck close by with the Maneki Neko “Lucky Cat.” Choose from fun products like stickers, figurines, crafts, clothing, and more!


Fun Note Pads

If the power to get things done lies with a top-notch to-do list, these fun note pads may help to reach new levels of productivity.


Sticky Note Sets

Make sure thoughts and notes are given proper treatment with artsy and fun sticky note sets!


Tea Scented Erasers Set

Sure you can go with regular non-scented erasers, but why would you when these gorgeous little cubes can add the charm of afternoon tea to your desk? These Tea Scented Erasers include green tea, black tea, chamomile, peppermint, and jasmine.


Novelty gag gifts under $10

These Novelty Gag gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression. All are priced under $10 and include fast and free prime shipping for Amazon Prime members!


Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

This fun gag gift of a Bag Of Reindeer Farts is in fact a peppermint Cotton Candy treat. Enjoy the look of surprise when sharing this silly gift.


Rubber Finger Hands

When you really, truly don’t know what to get someone, why not just get something fun and silly? A set of rubber finger hands is certain to be a surprise!


Reversible Sequin Pillow Covers

Put fandom on full display or choose to keep it secret by flipping to the sequin design instead. Available with a variety of celebrities including Harry Styles, Steve Carrell, and Matt LeBlanc.


Squishy Toys

These fun plush toys are fun to look at in any room, but even more fun when they are picked up and given a good squish!


Prank Stickers

Have a little harmless fun with these prank “Voice Activated” and “Motion Activated” stickers. Enjoy watching people try to give voice and motion commands to random gadgets!


Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

I don’t officially have the research, but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible not to smile when looking at this Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy when he’s dancing at your desk!


Personal Care gifts under $10

These Personal Care gift items are handy items for everyone — and each is priced under $10 with free Prime shipping!


Flavored Lip Balms

Changing weather can wreak havoc on the skin — keep lips hydrated with a fun lip balm in a favorite snack flavor.


Gel Moisturizing Spa Socks

Treat feet to an easy moisturizing treatment with these moisturizing spa socks. A special gel lining with essential oils and vitamins is infused into the socks to provide deep moisturization to the feet.


Muscle Roller Stick

This popular and highly-rated muscle roller helps ease muscle soreness and aid in recovery. Try this muscle roller massage stick tool to reduce stiffness and pain from exercise like running and strength training.


Electronic Facial Cleansing Brushes

These electronic waterproof facial cleansing brushes are effective for deep cleansing and makeup removal. Available in different styles and colors.


Personal Tech gifts under $10

These Personal Tech gifts are both affordable (all are priced under $10 with fast free prime shipping) and will help elevate the tech experience!


Adjustable Phone Stand

This stand is sturdy enough to hold a phone or tablet with ease. Two separate pivot points ensure the perfect angle for viewing and/or charging.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Filter out blue light with these specially made blue light blocking glasses. Benefits may include protecting from long-term electronic device exposure while also improving sleep.


Smartphone Camera Lens Set

This set of clip-on camera lenses allows for more interesting photos with cell phones and tablets. Take photos with wide-angle, zoom, and macro lenses.


Clip-on Selfie Light

These adjustable clip-on selfie lights ensure well-lit photos even when using “selfie” mode!


Smartphone Mini Fans

These tiny fans plug directly into your smart device and can rotate up to 180 degrees to provide a gentle, quiet breeze.


Wireless Mouse

Find more zen on workdays with a cordless mouse for the computer. Eliminate the unnecessary tethering from plugging in. Choose a silent wireless mouse model for an even more peaceful environment.


Travel gifts under $10

Get more out of holiday trips with these Travel gifts — all nicely priced under $10 with fast free prime shipping!


Airplane Device Holder

This innovative phone and tablet holder has been specially designed for air travel and made to easily fold in a number of ways to hold your device in a comfortable spot for long term viewing. Compact and lightweight item fits easily into your carry-on bag!


Soy Candle Sets

These colorful soy candle sets provide a nice fragrance and cheery look to any environment. Decorative tin containers make them the perfect choice for travel.


Activity Notepads

These on-the-go activity notepads provide easy-to-carry offline options to entertain the kids. Perfect for “no-electronics” environments!


Travel Shoe Bags

Keep clothing organized and clean with a practical set of shoe travel bags. Great for use when traveling and for protected storage at home too!


Variety of Gifts - Gifts Under $10

Variety of Gifts All Priced Under $10

For or additional gift ideas, check out these recent posts:


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What gifts would you most like to receive from this list? Do you have additional gift ideas to share?

44 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    We live in such a fast world that I forgot that the holiday season is around the corner! Thank you for this reminder. Great to know there is such a wide variety of gifts you can give without damaging your pockets. At this price, you can afford to gift several people. At least for them to know you have them in mind.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Steve, it’s amazing how the gesture of a small, affordable gift can leave such a large impression on a person. As you point out, people like to know that you have them in mind. 🙂

  2. cathy says:

    Timing is perfect for these gifts. I am in the process now of deciding holiday gifts for my clients, but have a very limited budget. The gifts under $10 look so much more expensive and doesn’t label me as a cheapskate. The fact you took the time to separate them by category is a huge help, my thanks.

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks for sharing Cathy! I’m happy to hear that having these gift ideas grouped by type has helped to make your gift shopping easy!

  3. Page says:

    With Christmas right around the corner, this article is a great read!! It’s crazy to realize the great presents you can still purchase for under 10$. When it comes to Secret Santa at the office or home this is a great article for when the limit on the present is just 10$ In the past, it always seem to be the lower-priced gifts that people cherish the most. Thank you for sharing these wonderful finds!

  4. Danijel says:

    I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. A great choice as always, I already bought some of the products you recommended under $5 and now I also see some gifts I could prepare for my closest ones. Thanks for sharing it, I can’t wait to see more of gifts! Cheers, Daniel

  5. Anthony Hu says:

    Thank you for your post. It is a timely article. Soon is the party season. I know there are several parties we are going to have secret Santa. As usual, I do the purchases during Black Friday.

    Thanks to your suggestions, I have a strong list this year. It is going to be an easy shopping season for me. I find that Catch Phrase Game is nice. My grand son is 10 years old and this could be one of the perfect gift for him. Right now it is half price and I may buy it now, instead of waiting till Black Friday.

    It is kind of you spending time summarizing the information and sharing it with us.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Anthony, Shopping on Black Friday is a bit of a hassle but you can usually find some great deals if you are willing to navigate through the crowds. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season this year!!

  6. Bella says:

    How unimaginable it is to have a secret that any gift I would be giving out this Christmas period would be strictly a product from the selection up here. The options are just too massive and great. As massive as the list is, though it is running me down, I read evey bit of information on each gift and I know exactly what value they all have. Tha ks for being there with all these cost-saving ideas. Thumbs up to you

  7. Rose says:

    Yeah I did this best rewards program last year christmas and this is where i got my home gifts with a free shipping price wow! Isn’t  this amazing I dont belived with such small amount money I could got those kind of gifts then the Christmas was one of a kind for me and my family and also I have a friend who got travelling gifts  also she enjoyed it alot this platform it’s so nice to be on thanks for the post .

  8. Shifts says:

    Hi there. $10 seems like a little amount of money to get a gift of high quality, a gift that will be accepted and one that will be appreciated.

    Considering the game gifts under $10 with free Prime shipping, I really love the Catch Phrase Game. I have not used it before but from what I read I love it. Good for the brains. It’s such a perfect gift for 9 USD and 99 Cents.

    • Alyce says:

      That Catch Phrase games has a lot of positive reviews which makes me think it appeals to a wide variety of people. That is definitely a great deal on a gift!

  9. Rodarrick says:

    The idea of craft gifts make sense to me. Since craft would not be easily forgotten or let go due to the fact that get are not like any kind if disposables. They are well made and also very valuable to see here. Thank you so much for sharing all these here. I really appreciate this and also would love to get the zodiac signs craft to gift out. Thsnks

  10. JAX says:

    This is great! I am worried about what gifts I want to buy for my daughter. There are a lot of things here that I need. You have put a lot of links, which is really convenient to buy. The list is very rich and you must spend a lot of time to prepare it. Thank you very much!

  11. Son says:

    There’s so many different options for gifts it’s kind of hard to decide. Maybe instead of getting someone a single $10 gift I could get them 2 different things for $20. If you think about it that would be even better because usually people just get one thing, now they’re getting two. The scented candles and foot warmers are both interesting and my wife would like that, they were much cheaper than I expected. No wonder people shop on Amazon all the time. 

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Son, Amazon definitely makes it easy to buy gifts from them with their low prices and fast shipping (great for last minute shoppers!).

  12. Kara says:

    I am so incredibly happy that I came across your post today. I have always been a huge bargain Christmas shopper due to lack of funds. Well, this year, I have the funds to spend a little more but I am still wanting to be smart about it and not go overboard. So, I have been doing a lot of research on the best lesser-priced gift items and this was exactly what I needed!! I can’t wait to come back on payday and get my Christmas shopping completely wiped out!

    Thank you for taking the time to create this post, I am thankful you shared it!

  13. Luiz says:

    Wow, that is an amazing list, thanks a lot for preparing this!

    It helped me a lot on picking couple of choices not only for secret santa, or family xmas gifts, but even for myself! Stuff that I had in mind sometimes to buy but I always keep forgetting about them! 

    Some of the items listed I have, and I can tell you, they are AMAZING, like the glowy flash for selfies in the dark, so useful and awesome!

    Keep up the good work, I will keep reading them! 

    • Alyce says:

      Thanks so much Luiz – these items work great both as gifts for other people and as items that are an affordable way to treat yourself!

  14. John says:

    Oh, well, this is very good because I have a sister who wants to get some gifts to some of her students who would be graduating very soon but she doesn’t want to make any serious financial commitments. It will be very nice for her to see this posts with the cheap gift ideas that also come with prime delivery. Nice one!

  15. Igor says:

    Hi Alyce!

    Congrats! Very nice site and compilation of Amazon’s very affordable products. There are some that I like a lot. It is interesting to see that it is possible to get some really useful products for a very good price!

    Wish you much success with it.

    I think that the only issue could be the transportation and delivery cost for the overseas orders due to high delivery costs. However, the choice is there!

    Thanks for the info.

    Best regards,

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Igor, This list is focused on the US market, but with any luck you can find similar vendors and deals in your location as well. 

  16. Henderson says:

    Always happy to see gift ideas and this one are the very budget friendly ones. In my home, we have so much on our budget this end of the year and we have become so accustomed to getting gifts for people every year. You have given a range of gifts that will fit in our budget perfectly. I will very much like to make use of the information here to get the best cheap gifts. I will show this to the rest of the family. Thank you!

  17. Wildecoll says:

    I must say that you’ve done a great job in compiling this 63 gifts ideas under $10, it’s will be helpful to have an information like this at hand whenever you want to gift someone and you don’t really want to spend much because you’re low on cash. Getting something reasonable at a reasonable and cheap price is really a good idea, thank you for posting this article.

  18. KingAndrea says:

    It’s really true that limited cash can make it really difficult to decide what gifts to get doe our loved ones, but with this list that contains of about 63 best gifts under $10, it’ll be easy to choose a preferred gift and also be able to get it at a very pocket friendly price. This will be of immense help to me, its getting really close to Christmas and I’ll need to get gifts for my relatives, I guess I won’t spend much now. Thanks.

    • Alyce says:

      I happy to learn that you found some great cheap Christmas gift ideas in this post. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

  19. Stanley says:

    Yes, it is that time of the year. Exchanging gifts parties. I must say kudos for a fantastic lists and there are so many choices, you will find something here for sure. My choice is either something evergreen, meaning useful for everyone or has a novelty effect so it is a nice surprise. I like the foldable purse hook, the origami mind bender puzzle, double wall French press, Himalayan salt lamp and Tetris heat changing coffee mug. You can probably guess I am a coffee person…

  20. Christine says:

    I have to ask, what’s a white elephant gift exchange? I have never heard of that 😉 

    Folding purse hooks are a great gift idea, for me! I am paranoid about my purse in public places and I always keep it close to me. In a restaurant it is always on my lap. So, a purse hook would be a nice thing to have. And I can’t think of anything better for the winter than thick padded socks! And at such a great price!

    The gourmet gifts also look wonderful, I like the silicone tea infusers and the run cake. Perhaps I should pass on your site to y colleagues, and hope they get me some of these things for the Christmas party 😉 I have never seen a Himalayan salt lamp for under 10 dollars, so I’m really happy I found all these amazing deals on your website! Maybe I’ll get the Himalaya Salt lamp. The bag of reindeer farts cotton candy made me laugh, what a great idea! Kids would love that! And foot warming heated slippers … oh my, I’m going to bookmark your site, to take another look later on. 

    Awesome gift ideas!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Christine, Thanks for the bookmark. The “white elephant” party is just as described where people take turns selecting unopened gifts or stealing the opened gifts. It’s a fun game but requires everyone to bring a wrapped gift that is kind of generic in nature (not too feminine or masculine for instance). 

  21. Scott Hinkle says:

    Thank you for this great list of affordable gifts.

    I have to admit, I’m not a big spender during the holidays, not because I’m cheap but because I don’t buy much for people.  Call me busy, lazy, whatever; I just don’t do it.

    This list may have me gifting a bit more this year.  I already know about 4 people that can use the purse hangers and I’m loving the Tortuga cakes, although I’ll probably end up buying a couple just for me, LOL.

    My mother-in-law keeps taking my scissors so maybe I’ll get her a couple of pairs of the Fiskers scissors as a subtle hint.  The folding step-stool would be good for getting her in and out of our truck too.

    Thanks again for providing this list of practical and affordable gifts.


    • Alyce says:

      Hi Scott, I’m so glad to read that you found so many affordable gifts that will be perfect for your family and friends!

  22. Jannette says:

    This is a good list of gift ideas all under $10. The gifts listed can be stocking stuffers that are my favorite part of Christmas holiday and its fun. Kids think Christmas is about all the big presents under the tree when you can pack a stocking with more smaller gifts that are fun and excited. Hope you get potential shoppers looking for lower cost gifts this season.

  23. Travis says:

    I am so glad I came across this site! We have a white elephant party every year at work and I’m always stressing about what to get and stay within the budget. There are so many ideas here, I’m sure anybody could fund what they are looking for here. I am going to share this with my friends and family, I know I’m not the only one that struggles with gift giving ideas this time of year. Thank you for the help! 

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