Cheap Amazon Deals for $3 or Less

Amazon Prime offers its members a number of benefits including fast, free shipping on millions of household items. This collection showcases over 75 products that are available on Amazon Prime for $3 or less!

Products $3 or Less on Amazon Prime with Free Prime shipping

Products $3 or Less on Amazon Prime with Free Prime shipping

Take your choice of fun accessories, fitness products, household cleaning products, pet treats, and much more for only 3 dollars each. Enjoy!


Great Amazon Prime Products for $3 or Less

This collection of products can help you to get the most out of your shopping experience on Amazon by finding add-on items and small purchases to fill minimum order requirements.


Accessories for $3 and Under

These fashion and accessory finds for $3 or less on Amazon provide lots of fun for a small investment.


Touchscreen Gloves

These gloves are perfect for commuters who want to stay connected while also keeping their hands warm.


Reading Glasses

Keep a set of “cheaters” around to ensure that everyone is able to read the fine print.


Neck Gaiters

These neck gaiters feature trendy designs and can be worn in a variety of ways.


Silicone Rings

Silicone wedding bands are a safer choice for those with active lifestyles where traditional metal rings could pose a safety hazard.


Bra Extenders

Bra extenders can help achieve a better bra fit with existing lingerie!


Canvas Tote Bags

This mini cotton bag measures 12″ x 5.9″ and is perfect for small items.


AirPods Cases

Keep track of AirPods with one of these stylish Airpod cases!


Door Openers

These clever keychains are smart tools designed to let you open doors and press buttons without having to physically touch items with your hands.


Fitness Products for $3 or Less

Grab these great fitness products on Amazon to add variety, style, and safety to workouts — all for 3 dollars or less!


Resistance Bands

These strength training resistance bands provide a great anaerobic workout and are small enough to travel almost anywhere.


Jump Ropes

These affordable jump ropes provide and a great workout and take up very little space in a gym bag.


Night Safety Bands

Make items and people more visible at night with these reflective lighted safety bands.


Safety Vest

Make people more visible with a brightly-colored safety vest.


Terrycloth Headband

Keep sweat and hair off of your face with this iconic terrycloth headband from Wilson.


Kitchen and Dining Products for $3 and Under

These food and drink products for $3 and under are useful both at home and on the go! All items include free shipping for Amazon Prime members.


Personal Water Filter

Enjoy cleaner water anywhere with a portable personal water filtering straw!


Stainless Straws

These reusable straws are eco-friendly and will last for years!


Ice Cube Trays

These ice cube trays make ice in various sizes for the perfect touch to summer drinks.


Bottle Openers

Choose a cute themed bottle opener to make opening bottles a lot more fun.


Storage Containers

These food storage containers are BPA-free and include a separate compartment for easy meal prep!


Multi-purpose Clips

These versatile clip sets can be used to seal bags in the kitchen or help with other jobs around the house.


Felt Coasters

Protect furniture with classic felt coasters in a dark gray color that fits with any décor.


Skincare and Beauty for $3 or Less

Enjoy glamour and beauty on a budget with Amazon makeup and skincare products for $3 or less. Each product includes free Prime shipping for Amazon Prime members!


Facial Mask Brushes

These silicone facial mask brushes are the perfect way to apply modern facial treatment masks.


Facial Sheet Masks

Select one of these highly-rated treatment masks for a spa-like indulgence at home.


Facial Cleansers

These silicone facial cleansers feature bristles that are soft on the skin and help to gently exfoliate the skin while cleansing.


Lip Balms

Choose a moisturizing lip balm with your choice of formula and an amazing scent!


False Eyelashes

Get glammed up with your favorite style of false eyelashes.


Eyelash Adhesive

Secure eyelashes with this highly-rated adhesive that has over 70,000 reviews!


Haircare Products for $3 or Less

Browse affordable haircare products on Amazon and with these haircare products priced at $3 or less.



Choose a highly-rated shampoo to keep locks looking healthy.


2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

These multitaskers make haircare quick, easy, and affordable!


Himalaya Hair Care

Treat hair with one of these conditioning products.


Gentle Edges Brush

The Camryn’s BFF Gentle Edges Brush features 100% pure boar soft bristles and has over 60,000 reviews!


Health & Personal Care Products for $3 or Less

Feel and look your best with affordable health and personal care products from Amazon for $3 or less.


Liquid Hand Soap

Keep germs and viruses away with smart handwashing habits. Make sure to wash with soap for at least 30 seconds for the best results.


Motion Sickness Relief

This portable pack of chewable Dramamine provides relief from the symptoms of motion sickness.


Washable Face Masks

Protect oneself and others from airborne particles with a washable face mask.


Baby Oil

This 3-ounce bottle of the original Johnson’s baby oil is the perfect size for travel.


Silk Sleep Mask

This silk sleep mask is adjustable for maximum comfort during sleep.


Scalp Massagers

These affordable scalp massaging brushes feel surprisingly luxurious!


Foot Cushions

These self-stick foot cushions provide comfort to the balls of the feet. The reusable design can be used over and over.


Pill Organizer

This pill organizer features 7 slots for a week of planning.


Toothbrush Covers

Keep your toothbrush protected at home or on the road with this set of silicone toothbrush covers.


Back Scratcher

This telescoping back scratcher features a bear claw design and helps to scratch hard-to-reach areas.


Deodorant Bar Soap

This set includes 3 bars of classic Irish Spring bar soap.


Back Scrubbers

These back scrubbers make it much easier to wash areas that are normally hard to reach.


Household Products for $3 or Less

Organizing with these Amazon storage products is easy and affordable. Each product is $3 or less and includes free Prime shipping for Amazon Prime members!


Heavy Coat Hook

This hook is a versatile addition around the house that can hold up to 35 pounds of weight.


Split Key Rings

Organize keys with a package of split key rings in assorted sizes.


Over the Door Hook

This hook requires no installation – just hang it at the top of any standard door for extra storage anywhere!


Cable Holders

Keep cords where they are needed with these stick-on cable holders.


Scotch-Brite Cleansers

These popular products from Scotch-Brite can tackle almost any mess in the kitchen, bathroom, and all around the house.


Grease Remover

This Cerama Bryte is designed to easily remove burnt-on grease from ceramic cooktops.


Cleaning Cloths

These reusable cleaning cloths offer sustainable ways to effectively clean the house.


Microfiber Sponges

These microfiber cleaning sponges are great for cleaning kitchens, glass, and more!


Paint Cup

This little paint cup keeps work areas tidy while painting smaller projects and making touch-ups.


Dog Products for $3 or Less

Spoil your favorite canine friends with these affordable dog products for 3 dollars or less on Amazon.


Dental Sticks for Dogs

Keep your dog’s teeth healthy with dental stick treats that they will love!


Mini Tennis Balls

These miniature tennis balls are the perfect size for smaller dogs.


Dog Bandana

Go for over-the-top cuteness with a doggie bandana!


Kid Items for $3 and Under

Make life with kids a little bit easier with these smart kid products all priced at $3 and under!


Blunt Tip Scissors

These scissors for kids are designed with safety in mind and include a blunt tip.


Rest Easy Spoons

These smartly designed spoons have a built-in rest to make sure that the spoon tip stays off of the table.


Office Supplies for $3 and Under

Keep things running smoothly at the office with affordable office supplies from Amazon for $3 or less!


Folder with Prong Fasteners

This 2 pocket folder includes prong fasteners to keep notes contained. Colors will be chosen for you randomly.



Quality Sharpie markers can be counted on for precision permanent writing and drawing.


Ticonderoga Pencils

These classic #2 pencils from Ticonderoga are highly rated and available in packs of different sizes.


Artsy Notebook

This gorgeous Starry Night notebook features 64 blank pages to fill with a personal masterpiece.


Beaded Bookmarks

Stylish bookmarks help keep track of progress in books, cookbooks, magazines, and more.



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  1. Norman says:

    Wow for $3 dollars and under is such a great bargain for these products, this is why amazon seems to be the number one place these days for online shoppers. I believe by shopping with amazon you can make a savings while getting great $3 deals. It is pretty impressive the deals you can get from Amazon, but the variety of $3 items was a surprise!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Norman, It’s always nice to find affordable ways to treat yourself! It’s hard to beat the $3 price that includes free shipping!

  2. Dbrae says:

    Well this is certainly a handy post! Thrift shopping can be fun, and good practice in finding good value for money. When it comes to shopping cheap, I always prefer to know that I am not sacrificing quality for the sake of a low price. Having a guide like this to look things up and compare is very helpful.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Dbrae, Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that this article is a helpful guide to find some nice $3 products on Amazon!

  3. diyerini says:

    This is nice. Cute items for less than $3. The skipping rope especially.

    • Alyce says:

      Hi diyerini, It’s great to have this handy list of $3 Amazon addons for those times when it’s needed!

  4. Geoff says:

    I think this is a great post.  When I am buying Christmas and birthday presents, I love to buy lots of little things to go along with the main presents.  This means the receiver has loads of things to unwrap and hopefully they are excited and feel really loved.

    This is the perfect place to find these items, as it is the cost rather the items I am considering when making these types of purchases, so to have them all in one place is just fabulous.

    This was a very clever move to advertise so many in one place.


    • Alyce says:

      Hi Geoff, These small purchases are especially great for Christmas presents when you need some fun stocking stuffers!

  5. Justin says:

    I really like the list of products that are shown on your page. One I read about but was still not so sure I would purchase it was the silicone straw. I don’t see how you could keep it really clean. I also wondered what is the face mask that is shown for ? I would think it would be similar to giving yourself a facial. The one think I do wonder though is concerning the minimum number of items, I guess that’s kind of where the catch comes in. The price is so low that to make up for it, the volume of the amount bought must increase ?  

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Justin, The featured $3 items are part of Amazon Prime, which is a service that can be subscribed to either monthly or annually. For Amazon Prime members, there is no minimum purchase needed to get the free shipping, but… lately, Amazon has been offering faster shipping for orders with a minimum threshold, so it could be worth it to some members to add a couple of dollars to their cart in order to get faster shipping. 

      Shoppers who are not Amazon Prime members may need to make a minimum purchase, and these low-priced Amazon items can help to boost the cart total. 

      If you’d like to try out the Amazon Prime program, click here for a free 30-day trial.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi, some great ideas here on how to find the best deals on Amazon,  but I also liked some of your other content on recycling and how to cash in on unwanted items etc. The loyalty programs are popular now especially with employers as they really do offer staff some good deals and discounts. Keep up the good work!

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Dan, Thanks so much for browsing the website and for your kind words about the content! I hope you found some useful things today!

  7. Sutherland says:

    Being someone who shops amazon online very often I found this very very helpful. Not only was I pleased with the amazing prices being just 3 dollars and less but the fact that there was such a wide variety of products available for multiple purposes made it so much better. It’s so much better to save a few dollars whenever we can. Thank you!!

  8. Jerry McCoy says:

    One can certainly find a variety of deals if they know where to look. I had no idea that Amazon Prime offered this type of service to Prime members. This seems to be a fairly complete list of addon items under $3. Is there also a list of bundles under $5? All of these items add value to a customer’s experience when shopping Amazon. You have created a great service by showing that you can have a greater shopping experience for only a few dollars more.


  9. Chris says:

    Wow!  I love this site and I also love shopping on Amazon.  I think the UPS truck is here a few times a week.  I like how you detailed all the different things under $3.00.  From fitness equipment, eating and drinking supplies, food storage to beauty supplies.  This is great for someone who doesn’t want to search for deals!  You have them all right here!  

    • Alyce says:

      Hi Chris, It can certainly be frustrating to search for Amazon items at a certain price point. I’m happy to hear that you also find it easier to browse a list of $3 products on Amazon. Enjoy!

  10. NoBossExperience says:

    This post is so original. I’m particularly interested in the cheap fitness equipment section. Some of those items are very effective yet at $3 or less they are not expensive at all. The strength training bands are an excellent example of those type of products. I have never bought a smartphone armband case before, but for only $3 it feels like now is the right time.

  11. Misael H says:

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many things on Amazon under 3 dollars! Thank you so much for providing detail on each of these because you might think that there wouldn’t be that much detail provided for one of these items because there are so many and they are so cheap but really some people like myself need the detail like you have expanded here. Thank you for this

    • Alyce says:

      You are most welcome Misael! I hope you found the detail you needed to add some great $3 add-on Amazon items to your cart!

  12. Nuttanee says:

    Thank you for sharing these amazing deals on Amazon! I have to say that the reading glasses is the hit for me. My husband just kept breaking them and I also keep losing them so this is a great deal for us! I also love the no touch door opener, this will be a perfect gift for me to give to other people as well. Thanks again! 

  13. AL. S. says:

    This is a great compilation of three dollar or less deals. My wife would be be very interested in this page. She is a huge Amazon deals shopper. Especially in the makeup products. Do you have any pages like this that specifically focuses on the makeup deals? I see a few deals here that I think she may be interested in.

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