Amazon Prime offers its members a number of benefits including fast, free shipping on millions of household items. This collection showcases over 75 products that are available on Amazon Prime for $3 or less!

Cheap Amazon Products for $3 or Less with Free Prime Shipping
Cheap Amazon Products for $3 or Less with Free Prime Shipping

Take your choice of fun accessories, fitness products, household cleaning products, pet treats, and much more for only 3 dollars each. Enjoy!


75+ Amazon Prime Products for $3 or Less

This collection of products can help you to get the most out of your shopping experience on Amazon by finding add-on items and small purchases to fill minimum order requirements.


Amazon Accessories for $3 and Under

These fashion finds for $3 or less on Amazon provide lots of fun for a small investment.


Knit Touchscreen Gloves

These gloves are perfect for commuters who want to stay connected while also keeping their hands warm. Available in multiple colors.


Reading Glasses

Keep a set of “cheaters” around to ensure that you’re always able to read the fine print on things. Multiple colors are available.


Bohemia Beaded Bracelet

Beaded bracelet has multiple strands and is available in 2 different styles.


Washable Neck Gaiter

This washable neck gaiter features a wolf design and can be worn multiple ways.


Silicone Wedding Band

Silicone wedding bands are a safer choice for those with active lifestyles where traditional metal rings could pose a safety hazard.


Bra Extenders

These packs of bra extenders can help achieve a better bra fit! Available in multiple colors.


Natural Cotton Bag

This mini cotton bag measures 12″ x 5.9″ and is perfect for small items.


AirPods Case

Keep track of AirPods with one of these stylish Airpod cases!


No Touch Door Openers

These clever keychains are smart tools designed to let you open doors and press buttons without having to physically touch items with your hands.



Cheap Fitness on Amazon for $3 or Less

These fitness-related products add variety, style, and safety to workouts — all for 3 dollars or less!


Fitness Sliders

These fun fitness accessories help build balance and can be used on either side. Kids LOVE them!


Smartphone Armband Case

This armband case is made of lightweight, soft neoprene and features a reflective strip for added safety at night.


Adjustable Jump Rope

This adjustable jump rope features a tangle-resistant rope and ball-bearing handles.


Strength Training Bands

These strength training bands are 6″ wide by 78″ long and are made using premium natural latex.


Reflective Arm Band

Make yourself more visible at night with this reflective armband.


Safety Vest

Make yourself more visible with an orange-colored safety vest with green prismatic stripes.


Terrycloth Headband

Keep sweat and hair off of your face with this iconic terrycloth headband from Wilson.



Food & Drink Products on Amazon for $3 and Under

These food and drink products for $3 and under are useful both at home and on the go! All items include free shipping for Amazon Prime members.


Silicone Collapsible Funnels

These silicone funnels are heat and cold resistant and fold for easy storage! Available in multiple colors.


Bottle Openers

Choose a cute themed bottle opener to make opening bottles a lot more fun.


Wine Aerating Pourer

This unique wine pourer is designed to aerate wine as it is poured.


Reusable Straws

Collapsible and Reusable Straw With Hot Pink Travel Case


Ice Cube Tray with Lid

This silicone ice cube tray makes 37 cubes and the flexible design makes it easy to pop the cubes out when needed.


Bags of Candy

Indulge in your favorite candy including affordable classics like SweeTARTS and Nerds.


Beeswax wrap

These eco-friendly food wrappers can be reused over and over again.


Divided Food Storage

These food storage containers are BPA-free and include a separate compartment for easy meal prep!


Bag Sealing Clips

This set of bag sealing clips helps keep food fresh with a fun nod to playtime with plastic bricks.


Parchment Paper Sheets

These convenient sheets of parchment paper are sized perfectly for easy baking.



Hair & Nail Products on Amazon for $3 or Less

Browse cheap hair products on Amazon and sample the latest trends in nail styles with these Amazon products for $3 or less.


Garnier Fructis Shampoos

Choose one of these full-size Garnier shampoos that is ideal for your hair type.


Himalaya Hair Care

Treat hair with one of these conditioning products.


Emery Boards with Nail Art Dust Brush

Have fun with mani-pedis with this set that includes emery boards and a nail art dust brush.



Amazon Makeup & Amazon Skincare for $3 or Less

Enjoy glamour and beauty on a budget with Amazon makeup and skincare products for $3 or less. Each product includes free Prime shipping for Amazon Prime members!


Mask Brush Set

This set includes 2 silicone face mask brushes and a tweezer-style blackhead remover.


Facial Treatment Masks

Select one of these highly-rated treatment masks for a spa-like indulgence at home.


Silicone Facial Cleansers

These silicone brushes feature bristles that are soft on the skin and help to gently exfoliate the skin while washing.


Lip Balms

Choose a moisturizing lip balm with your choice of formula and an amazing scent!


Universal Formula Brow Pencil

This brow pencil by ELF is an easy way to tame brows and the clear color ensures that it will work with any look.


Eyelash Adhesive

This highly-rated eyelash adhesive is an affordable choice that has over 44,000 reviews!


False Eyelashes

Get glammed up with your favorite style of false eyelashes.



Amazon Health Products for $3 and Under

Take care of yourself and your loved ones with affordable Amazon health products.


Motion Sickness Relief

This portable pack of chewable Dramamine provides relief from the symptoms of motion sickness.


Washable Face Masks

Protect yourself and others from airborne particles with a washable face mask.



Amazon Personal Care Products for $3 or Less

Feel and look your best with these affordable personal care products from Amazon for $3 or less.


Scalp Massage Brushes

These affordable scalp brushes feel surprisingly luxurious!


Foot Cushions

These self-stick foot cushions provide comfort to the ball of the foot. Reusable design can be used over and over.


Pill Organizer

This pill organizer features 7 slots for a week of planning.


Sleep Mask

These molded eye masks provide extra comfort and a dark environment for peaceful sleeping.


Back Scratcher

This telescoping back scratcher features a bear claw design and helps to scratch hard to reach areas.


Deodorant Bar Soap

This set includes 3 bars of classic Irish Spring bar soap.


Back Scrubbers

Choose either a silicone or natural cotton fiber version of these back scrubbers.


Slant Tweezers

These slant tweezers from ELF provide an easy angle for removing stubborn unwanted hairs.



Amazon Storage & Organization Products for $3 or Less

Organizing with these Amazon storage products is easy and affordable. Each product is $3 or less and includes free Prime shipping for Amazon Prime members!


Storage Strap

Keep cords contained with ease with a convenient storage strap.


Heavy Coat Hook

This hook is a versatile addition around the house that can hold up to 35 pounds of weight.


Storage with Adjustable Dividers

This storage case is perfect for small items and can be configured to have between 5 and 9 separate compartments.


Foldable Fabric Box

This cute storage box measures 22″ x 15″ x 13″ and is perfect for organizing and containing household items like magazines, books, remotes, and more!


Storage Valet Tray

This felt storage tray is perfect for traveling and keeps all your important items in one place.


Over the Door Hook

This hook requires no installation – just hang it at the top of any standard door for extra storage anywhere!


Cable Holders

Keep your cords where they are needed with these stick-on cable holders.


Absorbent Felt Coasters

Protect your furniture with these classic felt coasters in a dark gray color that fits with any décor.



Amazon Cleaning Supplies for $3 or Less

These household cleaning products are each $3 or less and arrive with fast, free shipping for Amazon prime members.


Scotch-Brite Cleansers

These popular products from Scotch-Brite can tackle almost any mess in the kitchen, bathroom, and all around the house.


Grease Remover

This Cerama Bryte is designed to easily remove burnt-on grease from ceramic cooktops.


Cleaning Cloths

These cleaning cloths offer sustainable ways to effectively clean the house with superior products.


Mop Pad

This washable mop head measures 12.4″ x 5.1″.


Microfiber Cleaning Sponges

These microfiber cleaning sponges are great for cleaning kitchens, glass, and more!



Amazon Hobby Items for $3 and Under

These hobby and crafting items are $3 or less on Amazon and include free Prime shipping.


Paint Cup

This little paint cup is the perfect size for painting smaller projects and making touch-ups.


Guitar Capo

This guitar capo is an affordable way to quickly switch up the tone of your songs.


Plastic Crafting Tweezers

This set of plastic tweezers are perfect for projects like quilling and scrapbooking.



Dog Products on Amazon for $3 or Less

Spoil your favorite canine friends with these affordable dog products for 3 dollars or less on Amazon.


Dental Sticks for Dogs

Keep your dog’s teeth healthy with dental stick treats that they will love!


Dog Bandana Set

Go for over-the-top cuteness with this set of doggie bandanas!



Amazon Office Supplies for $3 and Under

Keep things running smoothly at the office with affordable office supplies from Amazon for $3 or less!



This bright red marker has an extra-fine tip for precision writing and drawing.


Ticonderoga Pencils

These classic #2 pencils from Ticonderoga are highly-rated and available in packs of different sizes.


Starry Night Notebook

This gorgeous notebook features 64 blank pages to fill with your own personal masterpiece.


Notebook Paper

This paper is ruled and includes 3 hole punching for easy addition to any notebook. Choose standard white paper or brightly colored “astrobrights” paper.


Printed Mouse Pads

These colorful mousepads bring a welcome dose of color to indoor office spaces.


Chalk Marker

This chisel tip chalk marker makes it easy to label and write on chalkboard surfaces.


Beaded Bookmarks

Stylish bookmarks help keep track of progress in books, cookbooks, magazines, and more.



Kid Items on Amazon for $3 and Under

Make life with kids a little bit easier with these smart kid products all priced at $3 and under!


Animal Paw Socks

These animal paw socks are sized for kids and ready to inspire hours of silly play.


Sticker Packs

Choose from different varieties of sticker packs to personalize water bottles, laptops, and more.


Rest Easy Spoons

These smartly designed spoons have a built-in rest to make sure that the spoon tip stays off of the table.


Training Bowl

This suction bowl helps toddlers who are still training to eat on their own.



Amazon Travel Products for $3 and Under

Travel like a pro with these essential travel items from Amazon for $3 or less.


Toothbrush Covers

Keep your toothbrush protected at home or on the road with this set of silicone toothbrush covers.


Luggage Tag

An adorable luggage tag helps to ID bags when far away from home.


Eyeglass Pouch

This eyeglass pouch can protect your glasses when not in use and the microfiber material will also clean any smudges.


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